Gator Season


Alligators need sunlight to power up. They won't move much during charging.

From my experience, if they're well hidden by vegetation near a water source, they backward walk into the water when you get close. (Sometimes this is the only thing that tells you about the close encounter).

Those that don't either stay entirely still (most likely familiar with humans) or they tweak slightly not wanting to retreat and showing they don't mind going for a bite if provoked.

They show very good constraints, even when you're inches from their snout! During mating season like we are now, they're more aggressive and fidget more. This gator adjusted its tail in preparation for locomotion if needed.

As a rule, I don't go deep into gator country anymore. They get bigger and bigger and wilder. If a 12-foot alligator eats an 8-foot alligator why wouldn't they eat me? Especially since I have that good lean dark meat. Do you know what I'm saying? They only have human when they can get away with it I suspect. 😂🤣


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Lol, lean dark meat :D Thanks for being SteemExclusive! See ya later alligator 🐊

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Scary looking how can you click risky.

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Only two more weeks of big power down for me :)

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Easy to be a Steem dolphin. Just keep buying votes.