Sorry for being offline for a while!

11개월 전

Sorry about not making posts in a while! (I'm really not sure how long it's been to be honest.) I am making this post to see how all of you have been and thank you for the support in the past. I really hope I post more often! I have been playing ROBLOX for quite a while and talking to my friends on discord!

These are pictures of the Dinosaur, our very own inflatable Dinosaur costume that dad had for some pictures for #spud4steem competition.

The photos are made just for Steemit (Well, posting.)
(I am in the costume and my dad is right next to me)

(Then that's me standing there) - see my foot :)

Anyways, I better get to bed! Cya later!

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too much roblox is bad for you ☠☠