Women's Football Championship

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It happened that we watch the matches of 2022 UEFA European Women's Football Championship.


I haven't watched all of them, only some so far. As well as parts of some others.
I am interested in observing the female participants in these teams - what kind of women would be involved in this "male" sport. Well, at least that's how we're used to perceiving it.


Some of them are very beautiful, real ladies, though not in manners. Most have tattoos on their bodies - as is typical for male footballers. Their mannerisms are also quite masculine, they spit on the pitch as well as swear, just like the male footballers.
But like I said, some of them are quite beautiful and that contrast is so interesting to observe.


And it's not just that. They play very well. And they seem to play this man's sport better than men.
Or ok, better than the Bulgarian male footballers.

I don't know why I personally never paid attention to the women's teams of this sport. I didn't even think that they exist, that they have championships, just like the men's teams.

Because watching these women is a real pleasure.
Yes, for men it probably is in principle, but I speak from my point of view.


I've told you that one of the things I respect most in people is a job well done, when a person does their job well. And these women do. And watching such a game is a pleasure.
They are much more dedicated to the game, more demanding, they try harder, they are uncompromising.


They "fight" with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism, which could hardly be noticed in men's teams.


Besides, there is a defender in the Austrian team who is of Bulgarian origin. Her parents are Bulgarian and she seems to be one of the best players in the team.
And I was again amazed at how a person who has such a background but has no contact with the destructive environment of this country succeeds in life. Because only outside, abroad, and in the absence of any contact with this country and its people, can a person really achieve something in his life.

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Good post 🌱

Because only outside, abroad, and in the absence of any contact with this country and its people, can a person really achieve something in his life.

This is very hard.
Too hard.


I can imagine how it sounds - very terrible 😅 But this is a well-known truth for everyone... a very long and complicated history of all kinds of interrelationships and interdependencies...


I have to admit not living there by myself and not knowing your experiences.
What sounded so terrible was and is: the inclusion of all persons. Is it really true that no one has to be excluded? Remember the legend of Sodom and Gomorrha before answering, remember Abrams arguing for a few people to be considered.

Meanwhile and for my own part I am not happy with the politics in my German country. I'd rather leave this sphere. But where to go to? Isn't it the same or worse all over the world? Paternalism or totalitarism? Ideologised "elites" hungry for power which push others to their preferred directions? Making the gaps between poor and rich deeper and deeper? Including wars - own ones or others - to reach their goals?


I'll tell you my theory, and I hope this would answer your question. Because I too was asking it often before.
There is one test, which I actually haven't done yet, as I know it is a bit difficult to send the samples, and of course, it is not cheap at all. It's about the DNA test, which can reveal your true origin. Not your passport origin, so to say, but what DNA and blood you have in your veins.

The true origin - this is my explanation on why and when people could feel awesome in one country. Of course, along many other factors and circumstances. It's not just that. But I think this is the most important thing - if you find and live in the right place, in the country where you belong, you will be happy, no matter what - no matter what the politic system is, the government, how poor this country is and so on.

As for the first part of your comment - it is really funny, that everyone admits some very unpleasant facts about the country where I live and moreover, about the people living there. You know, you can even hear it on TV in some broadcasts or shows, because it is sad, but it is true, as terrible as it may sound to outsiders.
But you know what - there are already many Germans and many English people, living here and they seem to be happy. They adore our culture, are fascinated by the life here and I truly believe this is because of their DNA 😁 There couldn't be any other reasons for that 😂


This DNA-Theory of yours is interesting and as you said it would be possible to falsify it if there were people to pay the necessary studies.
But at first glance it seems not plausible. How should this be possible that those Germans or Englishmen you spoke of were DNA-Bulgarians?
And further on - my own DNA, from which planet could it be while I'm no longer satisfied with this Earth? And how could DNA-Theory explain the fact that I was very much in love with planet Earth when I was a young boy but no more today?
What about your DNA - is it related to Belgium?

In short I think it's not a biological issue but rather a sociological one.

But I really appreciated your theory, no doubt. ;-)


Ha ha, I was just trying to help 😂 Do you think one comment could explain everything? I just have this information from people who had already did it and were afterwards amazed with the results which explained to them everything inexplicable before.
Anyway. I don't know where I'm coming from. It's definitely not from here, as even Bulgarians often think I'm a foreigner and try to speak with me in English the moment they see me 🤣 In other countries, they spoke to me in German, so it's really difficult to say where I could really be coming from 😁
This with the lack of satisfaction with Earth is a very deep topic. I just prefer to laugh instead. It's easier.


Ha ha, I was just trying to help 😂

I know! My reply should not have sounded as if I would not appreciate your theory and by the same time see your twinkling.

Do you think one comment could explain everything?

Why not?
E=mc² seems to explain everything (for some people, Einstein himself excluded).

I just have this information from people who had already did it and were afterwards amazed with the results which explained to them everything inexplicable before.

What did they? DNA-comparisons?

...which explained to them everything inexplicable before.

But not to me!
To explain "everything" by biology is called biologism. This is a kind of materialism. But I'm almost sure you know.

And last not least let's laugh wherever possible.