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I think the next SteemFest will be held in Tel Aviv because:

  1. Eurovision
  2. Cheap flights from Europe but not in Europe
  3. Fantastic beaches and nightlife
  4. Active Israeli Steem community

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I think Steemfest will be in Andorra as I have spotted a pattern in the locations. The first letters of Amsterdam, Lisbon and Krakow could be spelling out alkaline, so the next should start with A. Andorra is a tax haven, which may appeal to the whales and I expect @roelandp has a secret base in a mountain there.

I think the next SteemFest will be in Amsterdam because there's a few too many A in your post... and I couldn't think of another city with A ...

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Adelaide, Australia


Aldinga, Aldgate or Athelstone?


hopefully not Athelstone , always nice to go home to some piece and quiet. Party in Aldinga sounds better )


Amsterdam has already been taken for first edition of SteemFest.
And, as far as I know, they have a red district there. Not really the same color as this year.

  ·  2년 전

I think SteemFest 4 will be held in wherever because I'll do my best to go there anyway :-)


See you in Bangkok. I already ordered poker for dummies to win this thing this time 😂😂

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Never heard of this city/country. Finding "Wherever", another hunt?

I think Steemfest4 will be in Phuket because @roelandp had posted a beach pic a while ago with steemfest as hashtag and I think i tracked him down to Thailand ;) - phuket would be the easiest airport to get to also from international flights being at the beach and as we have a lot of active users based in Asia it would make sense.

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You were really close to the correct answer @lizanomadsoul 😉


I had a feeling ;) - Im looking forward to see you there!

I see this at your footer!
Should I think that this is where it will be? Uhm... I would love to visit Japan! Oh, please! Steem! Steem, please rise above $1... Rise all the way up!
So my guess is Tokyo, Japan because @arcange shows us this badge and it syncs with what I had in my mind!

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Tokyo is an amazing city, but also one of the most expensive cities on earth. We'd need Steem to go to $10,- to get there @elizacheng ;)


I would love to visit Japan too. Tho, I'm not sure I will be able to, take a ride with Love Taxis, the cab company with a Heart. Maybe I should ask Marie.

I think it will be Jaipur, because it is known as the Pink City))


I think SteemFest 4 will be held in Bangkok because BKK is always fun!


Nice work :)

I think the next SteemFest will be held in Hamburg, Germany because the awesome city, the nice and friendly people and of course the geographical position directly in the center of our planet :P



Wow, I didn't know Hamburg was the geographical center of our planet Earth.
Thank you so much for this invaluable information @tibfox. At least I learned something important today.


You are welcome @arcange! Just ask me anything and I will come asap with the absolute correct answer :D



Really? When will the STEEM price be back to $7?

Cheaper Flights?
Cheaper 5 Star Hotel Accomodation?
Cheaper HairCuts?
Cheap withdrawal fees from crypto to fiat, visit the Philippines ;) specifically here in Cebu. I can give you guys a free ride.

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I think it can also be that Steemfest 4 will take place in Cancun because honestly - there are no more beautiful beaches than at the Riviera Maya and as @roelandp posted a beach picture with hashtag steemfest and everybody would love it to take place somewhere warm this year, there wouldn't be a better place to fulfill this wishes.

I think the next SteemFest 4 will be held in Seoul because I•Seoul•U.

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It can be Yerevan. The capital of Armenia is called "The pink city" because of the color of the stone used for building.

Let’s hunt! Isn’t fun? Yes it’s fun!!

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I bet it is Bangkok! I'm sure of it. Clue was the logo posted by @arcange in tg chat


Insider information?


Aaaand the winner is!! Haha but you didnt write your clue here. So that means we could still steal the win from you ;) you better be fast muhahaha

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or it can be Toulouse))) Toulouse est la ville rose 😂

I think Steemfest 4 will be in Minneapolis because America.

I think the next Steemfest will be in London because of the convenience for international travel, the cosmopolitan setting, the great holiday opportunity for Steemians and the tech/finance hub that is ever evolving.


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Este año, tan magno espectáculo se llevará a cabo en el continente Asiatico, específicamente Bangkok; Por la exorbitante cantidad de monumentos, templos, excelente comida, extraña diversidad, inmensidad y atrayente vida nocturna, de que dispone la "VENECIA DEL ESTE" para acoger a sus distinguidos participantes.

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I have a question regarding STEEM population which could be relevant to the next location. Is it possible to see a statistics of steem users, and sort by country to see what countries have the most and least steemians.

Also maybe it would be better to organize in a country that has cheap costs for hosting events, food, sleep, space etc.


We have no way to know which country a Steem user is from.

Even if we use data provided by the user in his/her profile, this is unreliable. If you look at mine, hard to tell where I'm really from 😉
Using post's languages will be inaccurate too.

thx 4 the upvote!

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My guess is Koh Samui, Thailand.. Because of this post where @roelandp uses the tags: workholiday holiday asia family steemfest

Koh Samui also has an airport.. and Phuket was already mentioned, so just thought I threw in another guess here..