Vote for the Golden Steem Awards: Ballots are Open

5년 전

Steemit users have nominated their favorite authors on the Best Photography, Best Original Art, Best Original Fiction, Best Life Advice, and Best Undiscovered Author categories.

Now nominations are closed, and it's time to vote to select the top four finalists in each category. Our committee of judges will pick the winner from there, and I'll announce it on Steemfest!

See the announcement, nominations, and full rules here.

To cast a vote, just upvote the appropriate comment below. Cast as many votes as you like.

All the liquid rewards from this post and comments will go to the Awards prize pool.

Help promote the Golden Steem Awards! Resteem, tell your friends, vote, and wait for the results to be announced at Steemfest!

Edit: Voting is closed. Winners will be annouced at Steemfest!

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I love this!
Look at all the recognition for everyone involved!
Thanks for all your time invested into this beneficial explore for the Steemit Community!

Thanks for turning me on to more great Steemit authors. I was surprised to see my post under the Best Life Advice. Very funny seeing how the story involves waking up surrounded by vultures. Good life tip: Don't pass out around vultures, you may become breakfast. I can't wait to read all these posts you shared here. Thank you.


Thank you! You have been nominated, I just put it up here for people to vote. :-)

And yes, the best part is reading all the great stuff people recommended.

Thanks for the contest and vote worthy postings shared here. Namaste :)

I'm a little sad to see no poetry anywhere in this project. There's a lot of great poets here, and poetry is a regular daily feature by a lot of great authors. Well to be fair, @pfunk's "A Trip Through the Park" IS a poem, both visually and literally. Poetry always sneaks in, may as well make a place for it at the table ;)

Otherwise, great list and great nominations. Thanks for exposing the authors in these categories and giving me moar awesome to follow :)


Agreed, there should definitely be more categories.

There is so many extraordinary people with extraordinary talent here on Steemit. I am glad to be a part of it.

Oh wow @burnin you've put a LOT of work into this!

This is very interesting. I hope to make it on here someday. I've a question though. Is this only for those who are "verified" or somehow affiliated with an organization of sorts? I'm not sure I'd fit in with some of these groups. I've nothing against them of course and I do appreciate groups who help push me in the right direction.

All apologies in advance if this was not right forum for my words.


Hi! This was open to anyone, no affiliation necessary. Every nomination was made by other people on the nomination post.


Awesome, good to know. Sounds fair. Thank you for your response. Much respect.

Best Original Art


please skip this author his material is plagarized in its entirety.


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I am strangely missing from these award lists. I give some of the best life advice on SteemIt! ;) And I'm still undiscovered. I only have 81 followers. :(


Everyone was nominated by other users. Surely next time you'll be in!


btw I love your work and your doing amazingly well for only 81 follower. Just look at you rep ^_^


You like me! You really like me! :)

Best Life Advice

Best Undiscovered Author

Best Photography

Best Original Fiction

This is awesome, will be good to see how this turns out at steemfest.