My road to Steemfest 4...I mean 5!


Hey guys,

I saw several posts about #roadtosteemfest in my feed, and I have to admit that I am feeling major FOMO!

I did indeed play with the idea of going to Thailand and attending Steemfest 4, but got a reality check and of course it would be crazy to assume that I could manage to go. I mean, imagine the many hours on a plane with a 4 month old baby from Panama to Thailand...and then who would babysit him while everyone is having fun going out and drinking? It's just not reasonable.

My son when I told him we weren't going to Steemfest 4...

Also, I don't have the budget to finance this right now, so I might as well take a cold shower and forget about this. This post is thus not about me going to Steemfest 4, but encouraging people who are still undecided and playing with the idea.

I had the awesome opportunity and privilege to win a ticket to Steemfest 3, and it was such an amazing experience. I will never forget how much fun I had, and all the great people I was fortunate enough to met there. It makes blogging on this platform even more fun, since you know your readers in person. It's a total game changer...and I'm not talking about monetary gains. I mean personal. You get to meet people from all over the globe, and from so many different backgrounds. All have one thing in common: the love for crypto and blogging on Steemit.

Photo credit for these pics goes to @llfarms, as I just noticed that I lost all my pics from Steemfest in my old computer RIP =(



The 2 Eves reunited (@eveuncovered and myself)




Funny enough, in these pics I had just recently found out that I was pregnant and couldn't take advantage of the open bar (major bummer!!!). It was also kind of hard to keep the secret, but some of you (@anomadsoul and @abh12345 saw right through my bullshit about taking antibiotics LOL)

If you have the funds and are still debating whether to go, please take it from me: it's 110% worth it! I have met so many cool people who I would love to visit or have them visit me here in Panama. I'm not going to namedrop here, because I don't want to accidentally forget anyone, but you know who you are =)

If you don't have the funds to go, please don't be afraid to take part in the many contests offered by @blocktrades and @anomadsoul, and others. Winning is definitely possible, because even someone like me who normally never wins anything was able to get a ticket!

@rolandp is doing such a great job and puts so much effort into making this event an unforgettable one, it would be a shame if you missed it! So off you go and participate in the various contests to win your ticket to #steemfest4

So anyways guys, I will surely not see you in Thailand, but I'm positive that I can join the fun again next year, for Steemfest 5 =)

Yours truly,

eve signature.png

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I can totally relate to your son, I’ll be crying the whole week I’m not on Steemfest. These pictures make me miss all of you so much😭❤️

  ·  작년

Oh you’re not going either Eve ? Maybe I’ll feel less lonely 😆. Is anyone from our old crew going this year?

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I assume Eric is going, and I know Celestal will be there, but other than that, I don't know! Rest of us can join in our misery.

Maybe he'll get to go to Steemfest 22. ;) One of these years it would be great to get to go and actually meet some Steemians in person, but Thailand is definitely out of my reach. Maybe next year they'll get just a wee bit closer to my part of the world. I'll enjoy reading all the posts about it like I did last year, though!

  ·  작년

😂 hopefully before 22 hehehe! Yes Thailand sounds amazing but definitely not in my budget right now... oh well c’est la vie

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Haha, I was guess I was thinking of when he'd be old enough to go on his own. ;)

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