Steemfest talks at the Grand Postal Building

2개월 전

Hello again!

After beating two teams in bowling last night, we eventually ended up losing to the team Germany.

Today we are atrending talks at the Grand Postal Building of Bangkok.

First we have @howo discussing the benefits of downvoting in fighting steem abuse on the blockchain.

He also introduced a new tool for submitting ideas on the blockchain, called the Steem Proposal system.


The next talk is about the hivemind, and thw future of the Steem platform by @roadscape.


He introduced us into a new community on the upcoming communities tool hivemind; Steemfest 4, which we are all to be beta testers of in the closed beta.


Next talk is Mr. @Buttcoins, a hostel owner from Guatemala taking about the non-techie point of view.


His talk is frankly pretty refreshing, I recommend all crypto skeptics watch it from the streams.

I'll go now, but I'll be back.

See you soon!

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I am from China, the founder of WhereIN, I am very glad to meet you.

来自于 [WhereIn Android] (

Nice to meet you!
Here's some !BEER for you... 🍻

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Thank you, I like beer.

I did love @buttcoins presentation too :D

buttcoins rocking it there : )

Thanks for the update!



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Hey @gamer00, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Never met @roadscape but the other too are great. Catch some drinks with them if you can :)

Thanks for sharing!

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