Post SteemFestic Blues

9개월 전

Many thanks to @roelandp and all involved parties for this great adventure.

It was the fourth time I had the pleasure to attend the event.

We have without doubt a great technology that powers up our blockchain, skilled developers, promising projects, and upcoming new fancy features, and all of this is true and all important...

However, we also have something that we can see in particular during the SteemFest events, namely many awesome, passionate people who choose Steem as their platform.

”All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”
- Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien



To help you wallow in the misery of Post SteemFestic Blues,
here are some songs for you to listen and suffer enjoy
while sitting in a dark corner of an empty room.

Post SteemFestic Blues:

Open playlist in Youtube

Or links to individual songs if you prefer:

”Nothing Else Matters”, Metallica

”When a Blind Man Cries”, Deep Purple

”November Rain”, Guns N’ Roses

”Lonely Day”, System Of A Down

”Sound of Silence”, Disturbed (orig. Simon & Garfunkel)

”Thank You”, Led Zeppelin

”Tales”, Uriah Heep

”Don’t Cry”, Guns N’ Roses

”Everybody Hurts”, R.E.M.

”The Ballad of Casey Deiss”, Shawn Phillips

”Who Wants to Live Forever”, Queen

”Still I’m Sad”, The Yardbirds

”Jenny of Oldstones”, Florence + the Machine

”Ramble On”, Led Zeppelin

Please ignore videos, it’s audio that matters, maybe the quality is not perfect , but YouTube is the easiest way to share those songs with you.

  • Do you know any of them?
  • Have you listened to all of them?
  • Can you, these days, not only hear the music, but also listen to it?

This post has been written for(*) Steemfest 4 community, which was created during SteemFest4 Day 2, after @roadscape announced beta version of Communities.
(*) except I messed up with accounts and posted to unmoderated #steemfest tag
You should.

EDIT: I appreciate your votes, I really do, especially that I don't post frequently, but lets be fair, that's not a great post at all. Not that I want to get downvotes instead, but if I may ask, enjoy the music, leave the comment and if you still have spare vote power, please take your time and try find great content among other SteemFest participants or Steemians in general.

EDIT: Two issues for condenser were identified while writing this post, one good old
External links should opened in new tab/window a.k.a. new tab: to be or not to be. If you want to listen to the playlist, you will move to the YouTube site leaving Steemit site. doesn't suffer from that issue. Interestingly is even smarter here. Not only it opens link in a new tab, but also warns you before leaving site, which serves additional protection against phishing attacks. Same with
Second issue is more tricky, YouTube video fail to embed properly when mixed with markdown and was revealed only because two things happened at once: video ID has _ in name, and I also used _ in following text to write title of a song in italics using markdown.

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Those are some great songs, and I've listened to most of them many times! I remember the SteemFest blues after last year's event—it took me a month to recover. ;) I hope you're enjoying the comforts of home with your lovely sparkling lady. I also hope to make it to SF next year, if I can. Would be great to see you again. I'll bring my dragon, of course.


Yes I do :-) Would be great to see you and your dragon again :-) Start planning now, it's much easier to prepare if you have almost whole year for that :-)


Indeed. Much of it depends on the location, but here's hoping it works out! :)


Unless it's really, really close, it doesn't change that much. Prepare for the worst case and then be relieved that it's not that bad ;-)


sadly sometimes you cannot simply plan so much ahead, but if ever happening @katrina_ariel dragons and my fufunchis will party for sure.


Only a month? :)

I too am planning to make Steem Fest 5, hope to see you again!


Yes! That would be great. And, you know, it might've been more than a month. But it was worth it!

The post SteemFest blues are real! I like that playlist - I know almost all of the songs on it. Hard to pick a favourite.

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Try to catch up with those you haven't heard before :-)

What an eclectic selection of masterpieces :) I chose Queen and will probably visit 4/5 more.

Yes, FIMO, but number 5 is looking good.

Downvoted because of disagreements on Rewards. 1 picture and a few sentences, plus a few video links. Don't take it personally, you are one of my favourite witnesses, and it stays that way ;-)


Well, one of those sentences is actually about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have to admit Wizard, that I really like your taste in music.


I have to admit
Wizard, that I really like
Your taste in music.

                 - thevil

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

cheers buddy .. great to have met up wif you at SF4 ! Till we meet next at SF5 !!

At this point of time thank goodness because I have to rush back into Christmas production mood this blue feeling can be shoved aside during weekends....

But I still caught myself scrolling back at the simple booth link and looked at all the animated fun we had when I couldn't sleep.

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Ohhhh. This is a brutal reproduction list :P

Really wish I would have spent more time to get to know you at steemfest! Would have liked to have talked to you about my some of my family history and politics. Really sad that I missed last year's fest in Poland. Look forward to talking to you more, next year for sure!


Great playlist list! I am certainly feeling the blues here.

I remember the steemfest blues and the steemfest "flu" after last year event, this year it was just to far reach for me both physically and economically though I kind of regretted as the thai team had promised some special coffee sackets hahah XD with yummy flavours. i confess I don't know all the songs, and some of the songs I know only in their original versions.

I will be home tomorrow, I hope they won't make me sadder as I sort out all my SF images. Thanks for making the playlist.

Hey @gtg, next time we meet we have to speak a bit more about music as I like a lot of this stuff very much.

Greetz from Aachen and hope to see you soon again. Sure, there comes a !BEER from me as well.

One day, @gtg, I'd love to attend Steemfest (maybe, if it's held in the US, in Florida or DC where I divide my time).

Do you think @roelandp might be interested in organizing a poetry reading or literary discussion as part of the festival?

Cheers, Yahia


I don't know.
I really enjoyed @poezio's performance last time.
SteemFest however is @roelandp's child and everything is up to him.

By the way, I don't think that waiting for SteemFest to come to you is a viable strategy. If you want it, come and enjoy :-)


Haha, as a penniless poet, I'm not at liberty to go everywhere I'd like to :)

If SteemFest wants me, I'm happy to be invited (@roelandp) -- I've gladly accepted speaking engagements throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East:

Off to check out, @poezio's work; thanks, for the tip _/|\_


It doesn't work that way.


No worries :)

All the songs are good. There were three songs I didn't know.
Thank you for the souvenir. I love it so I went back to Japan and ate it with my family. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

Casually debugging steemit. lol

Thanks for sharing all the nice music. I do agree with your comment at the bottom of your post, the one you edited into your article. I'll for sure not downvote you - my powers are not that great anyway - But I'm wondering why curator groups are upvoting this article with quite some power, whilst not upvoting higher quality posts. Sure, you may be doing great things for Steemit - I believe you are one of our witnesses from day one - and that may also be rewarded. Anyways, thanks for your additional comment; That shows you are a sincere person.


Some are upvoting because they share the mood after the SteemFest, but many, most likely just because it's easier to vote for author who is maybe not greatest, but at least not bad, than spend time searching for unknown authors with their yet undiscovered content.

Surprisingly my post about special discounted flights didn't get that much of attention even though it took me a month to prepare deals and a had potential of giving thousands of dollars of savings.

Main issue? Content discovery. Communities might help with that. We will see.


Yeah, I noticed myself posts that cost tremendous amount of time and energy to create, can receive little attention while the 'easy' posts get more, much more attention. Strange how the world works. It tells me that social media and rewards are not linked to what work is put into it, but what triggers the people to open and read/view. Most of us (at Steemit but also in all the other social media) are interested in quick to read content of any kind. That in itself is not a problem, but when adding currency revenues to the mix, it becomes a bit of a pain to see quick content getting high rewards.

Communities may be a solution, I dont know. I think with communities we have to stop using Steem as a reward, since when it stays linked, votes will be (partiallY) based on the underlying Steem value given (and received for that matter).

I also think we need more curator groups, more or less moderating the content. We have a few curator groups at the moment, and the numbers are growing a bit with some of the higher SP holders giving their powers to these groups. But I must say, it seems a few curators are part of more than a few curator groups, telling me not so many people want to be curator for these groups and/or these people found a way to maximise their own income. It is the later that is the issue when money is involved.

I actually think Steem blockchain shall allow 'removing' of accounts and content... But now I'm getting completely of topic here...sorry about that :)


It's noting bad to keep STEEM as a reward for communities (sole, or in addition to their own tokens) as long as community will keep their efforts to "e-Steem-ate" value of a content and won't hesitate to use downvotes, as an important tool to adjusting potential reward.


Please explain why you downvoted my posts 🤔

As you told me on the first night, 'songs written from before I was born'.., this list looks rather like that unless your looking good for someone in their forties!

I do remember screeching out November Rain in my car years ago.., trying to sound like Axel.

I have to mostly agree with your sentiment, though you should consider Porcupine Tree.. this one from 2006.

I'm surprised Radiohead didn't get in that list of misery, they're famous for it!

This is all more reminiscent for me than sad; it's essentially what I grew up on in a nutshell


I know, right? I just used that as an excuse to share good music :-)

Next Steemfest in Minas Tirith? ;)

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I'm afraid that it wouldn't be easy to get visa for most of you ;-)

Fun fact:

J.R.R. Tolkien equated the latitude of the city with that of Florence (43° 47' N)

Also, take a look at Le Mont-Saint-Michel.


Finally someone Who has properly read the Book!

I know most of them, I miss two... But I've repaired!😀
Great choices...Metallica, Guns, SOAD, Deep purlple.... WOW!!
I usually listen music, don't like to only hear... I love music, I also sing in a band, so it's a really great part of my life!
Enjoy the SteemFest!!✌️

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Nice playlist!
I know all of them :)
System of a down - Lonely day.... my favorite.

I know some of the songs
I know all of the artists
I also know you are a rock fan by the playlist....
And oh what a sad playlist it is too
It was good meeting you and hope to see you again next year :)

fits in your line!! (damn I am jetlagged AF)


Those youngsters? ;-)

Entering in the blues today. It's Monday and I unpacked my summer clothes while outside winter is showing up... I especially enjoy how the playlist starts with "Nothing else matters" and now with "R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts". I know these two well

Great songs, even though some of them would make the post Steemfestic blues worse, and I want to avoid that =D


That's the idea.
Suffer! ;-)


Evil Gandalf! :o

I'm new to steemit. So far I've seen a lot of posts from a lot of people. This first post was very nice to me. My friend @gtg i love it

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Those are some great tunes! Was so much fun hanging out with you again Gandolf! Gaby misses you.....and so do I! Hope you are doing well. -Dan


Doing well... well... kind of -3C (26F) ;-)
Gaby? Where are you? You were supposed to start posting :-P
Also, guys, come to Steem.Chat :-)


Ouch, don't miss that weather at all. Where I am from in Albany New York it's exactly the same temperature as there in Poland where you are.

We are in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phagnan. We are here until January 2nd, then we think we'll head over to Vietnam but it's not 100% definite just yet.

I messaged you on steemit chat as well :)

Hi...I don't know any of those songs, I'm a 90's kid...but I appreciate the sentiment. Thanks for all your steemit work...hope to meet you at the next steemfest

great music

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Disagreement on rewards, that was there mostly because @upmewhale and @appreciator.


Hello someone told me you can give some light to my problem. In my short post is more info


What's wrong with my posts I looked at yours and the rewards are a joke 🤔 edit if they choose to upvote my posts what right do you have to downvote things like this will be the death of steemit

very beautiful picture...

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Very nice that post

!Beer please!

wuao excellent post friend, congratulations thanks for sharing, I follow you.

Hey @gtg, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!