Evening stroll in Bangkok with Ladies Of Asia and Gandalf the Grey

27일 전

When you're in a foreign city you kinda end up doing random things with odd people. When I mean odd people, I don't mean odd as on odd weird in a bad way, but odd as in people from different countries most that you've never met before. And that's the great thing about SteemFest. Bringing together a Polish dude, and four lasses from Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan on a evening stroll in the city of Bangkok. How much randomer and odder can you get.

Honestly I can't remember how it all started but that doesn't really matter now. The five of us wandered outside from the Steemfest venue for a walk, with no idea where we would go and if we would get lost. We stood at the end of the lane, left or right? Someone said left. Can't remember who. It doesn't matter.

We saw kitty lazing on a motor bike round the corner. @gtg said it was a she as its got three colours. Catshe totally ignored us as we surrounded her oohing and ahhing on how cute she was, and taking photo of her. She was probably thinking stop disturbing me sleeping you bunch of silly people, but was a bit too polite to tell us to go away. By the way, did you know every country calls cats in a different way. In UK we go kitty kitty kitty, for Chinese we go meow meow meow. @wanderein and @gtg said it's something totally different for Philippines and Poland. They did a demo, but Catshe ignored them which is understandable as I doubt she understands Tagalog or Polish.

This is a residential area and everyone had locked up for the evening even though it wasn't even ten yet. That probably worked out well for us, as we could be nosey and look outside peoples houses without being intrusive. My favourite one is the chop shop, well that's what I call it, though I'm sure it's perfectly legit. This is the side of the building, and a mountain high of spare vehicle parts. The mountain continues round the corner of the building all the way across the front. And then you have a little path to access the house. You know when you watch fantasy movies and the sea suddenly opens up a path, this is what it felt like. It was all a bit surreal.


We turned down another little road. I love the organised chaos of the houses here. The two storey buildings looked so pretty under the quiet moonlight. Then there were the bunches of cable running outside across the building. I think they're phone lines. @elizacheng said she's never seen anything like this before.


Of course one cannot go on an random evening walk without taking a wefie. We were walking along the road snapping away with our silly poses, except of course @gtg who was still the cool himself. Suddenly @travelgirl said she noticed a light coming up on my mobile phone screen. It was a motor bike zooming towards us and we all quickly jumped aside. Yeah, we kinda forgot we were on the road and not pavement!!!

After walking for about 20 minutes someone said let's go get some dessert. By that time it was gone 10pm and everywhere was closed. 7-11was our option but the nearest one was about 600m away. We weren't that desperate for dessert so decided to head back to the Steemfest venue. You know the funny thing about the 7-11 is if we had taken a right turn at the beginning instead of a left turn, there was one 3 minutes walk away. Looks like our dessert rendezvous will have to wait till next year.

Finally, I'm gonna leave you with a few more snaps from our walk in Bangkok that evening. Great memories. DSC_5126.JPG



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that was a spontaneous and fun night! 😃

ah... you're still in bangkok! erm... those wires are the electricity!
Enjoy the chaos ;-)


I'm in BKK till Thursday then will head up Chiang Mai for a few more days before I head home.

Ah, now I know , coz many years ago I know Manila used to have a lot of phone cables running across buildings, i thought it was the same here

Oh such fun!

Walking around in a group especially with our mighty wizard @gtg does proof comforting!

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Great memories 😍


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Ah, so finally after all my encounters on Steem.Chat, I've finally got the true face to @gandalf @gtg.

Looks like a lot of fun!
Only thing thats missing are some cold !BEER .

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

The fellowship, without a ring ;D