Thanks for adopting my coaster at SteemFest

19일 전

When I came over to Thailand two weeks ago for Steemfest I came armed with some hand made little gifts. These were coasters that I'd been making in the past few months. I really enjoyed giving them out and here are some of the happy moments, particularly for myself knowing that part of me has followed you back home to all over the world.

First of all are my @LadiesOfAsia besties @elizacheng, @travelgirl and @wanderein. I'm so happy to met @travelgirl and @wanderein at last and @elizacheng again.

I was very glad to meet some folks from Team UK, @goblinknackers, @revisesociology and @rycharde. And of course @slobberchops, I don't know why I don't have a photo of you and my coaster. Maybe I was a bit shy to ask people for a photo on the first evening. In the collage is also @naineztengra currently living in Dubai.

There are many techies working behind the scene on Steemit everyday, bringing us many new tools and interfaces. Here are a few of them. @iguiza123 from Wherein, @stoodkev from Steemplus, @jpphotography from Travelfeed and @jarvie from Steempeak. Thank you guys for everything you do for the chain.

Another group of people that deserve a big shout out on Steemit are the witness. Here are a few that adopted one of my coaster. @arcange, @howo from Steempress, @blocktrades, @awesomianist from Coingecko and @gtg.

Team Malaysia came out in full force. Here's a few of them @littlenewthings, @kaerperdiem, @khimgoh and @buzz.lightyear. Also in the collage are @oleg326756 currently working in Estonia, and @joythewanderer who's always wandering around the world.

On bowling night, our team @LadiesOfAsia played against Team Japan. Here are a few from the team, @hidemi, @yoshiko and @kanakomochi. It was a pleasure meeting you Team Japan we had some great fun that evening.

With Steemit being a global community, I met boys and girls from all over the world during Steemfest. Such as @sjennon and @kobold-djawa both from Germany, and @fitinfun currently residing in Malaysia. From the boys side there was @eturnerx from New Zealand, @shintakai from Japan, @cryotospa from Bulgaria and @for91days from Spain when he isn't off to one of his 91 days trips.


One thing that I was quite surprised was how a family thing Steemit was. Many came to @stemfest with their other half and many even bought their kids along. Some of the lovely couples I met included @world-trav-pro and @miss-travel-pro, @derangevision and @faitherz33, and @ace108 and @sg1 with her spanking new account.

There were some other people that I didn't get round to get a photo when I gave them a coaster. They include @misslasvegas, @Crimsonclad, @vaelriey, @Vesytz, @Roelandp, @lizanomadsoul, @martibis, @Slobberchops, and @waybeyondpadthai.

Thanks to those who have adopted my coaster, and hopefully I haven't missed anyone off the list. I hope it is serving you well and has found a little spot on your coffee table at home or next to your workplace. I would love to see a proof-of-use in their new home so I can add it to my collection

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Oh no!!!!! Did I miss you? I'm so sorry 😥😥😥 Coz I gave one to most of the Team Malaysia girls during opening drinks I thought I'd covered you as well ....


No worry @livinguktaiwan, there's is always next time😊😊



I simmmpplllyyyyy loveeeddd mine! Now averytime I seat to weite with my coffee i'll remember you!


It was great finally meeting you and thanks for taking us out !

I'm so amazed with your beautiful coaster! They look really beautiful and so professionally made! So blessed and fortunate to have adopted one from you!


Thank you Jess! I hope it will keep your tea/coffee safe 🙂

  ·  19일 전

I'm a little disappointed that I'm not among your @LadiesOfAsia besties ;-)))


I was thinking whether to include you as a Ladies Of Asia bestie or an important witness. Actually I think you should have your own special category Honoury LadiesOfAsia Witness 😊

Hi @livinguktaiwan, a modest tip of appreciation:

Thanks for the coaster! I have always wanted a coaster for myself and now I got a pretty one! 😉


So glad to hear that !!


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Thanks for the gifts.


You're welcome! Hopefully get to see you and @sg1 again!

Thanks for the coaster! It's going to my office when I finally go back to work.


Ohhh! It gets to sit inside a uni? How lovely !!

We indeed miss the chance to exchange one of this coasters.

Anyway, here is a bit of !BEER from me to you.


Thanks for all the beers, I must get some coasters over to you one day

Hey @livinguktaiwan, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

I’m still laughing at jarvie’s picture hahah


A great photographer who is a great poser as well 😄

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@livinguktaiwan, I have my (one of a kind) coaster in the office now, thank you very much.


Awhh!! I'm so chuffed to see it in another home. Thank you for the photo @goblinknackers!!!

I am happily taking mine to work tomorrow, after recovering from major jet lag (so so glad I didn't feel this way in Thailand) Thank you for spreading your beautiful art across the world!!


Your welcome @faitherz33, it my honour for my coaster to follow you back to Utah. I hear its very beautiful there.

Wonderful posting sir

That's a very sweet gift @livinguktaiwan. I will keep it safely. Thanx for giving me one.💗💗


You're welcome, I hope it serves you well 😊

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Thanks a lot for your gift, it safely came back to Taiwan! <3


Yah!! I will come down to visit it, I mean you sometime 😊


Anytime ;)

It must've been a joy handing these out! Keep one reserved for me for when we do meet, so sorry I wasn't in Bangkok to meet you - I saw your face in many pictures :D


Was so gutted you couldn't be there. I will definitely be making more as I didn't have enough to go around. Hopefully will see you next year !


Sorry for the late reply, but just wanted to say: YES! I'm there next year. Can't miss another edition of SteemFest :-)

I did get oneeee 💙💙💙


And I forgot to take a photo!! Hope you're having a great time in San Fran.


Hahaha there's always next time :D Hope you have already a good rest in Taiwan. I so wanna be back for some Lu rou fan in Beitou. If I ever be back we sure gotta hang out properly in your cityyyy :D Please Show me all the good food :D

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Love my blue coaster. Thank so much! <3