Firepower's Steemfest Contest #2 Nomination - @inquiringtimes

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This is my nomination post to send one of our fellow minnows to Steemfest from @firepower's Steemfest Contest #2

While the rest of us in the US were out shooting off fireworks and making general fools of ourselves on the Fourth of July, my nominee for @firepower's second Steemfest ticket giveaway was busy creating his introductory post to Steemit.

In that post he stated the following guideline for his time on Steem:

My intention is to produce well researched, and properly cited blogs on a variety of subjects. My interests range from Esoteric Philosophy, to Social Dynamics, Activism, Physics, Psychology, and more. Not that I have a ton of experience writing, but that’s why I’m here. Writing to Learn, Learning to Write.

And that is just what he did. He produced blogs about Fitness to the power of the Smile

(Image from:

And that is just in his first week.

So there were a couple of these blogs about things from outside of Steem. But then his real calling took shape with the Case of the Bandwidth Bug, and Here.

Yes, @inquiringtimes was finding his stride. That second post, dated 7/19/2017 a mere 15 days after his introductory post, we see the shape of what was to become one of the most promising Steem News sources on the platform. @Newsteem was taking shape.

Amung his passions is promoting the work of others. Even in his first few weeks he had decided to name his own version of Steemians of the week. And he made some good choices:

Later he swapped to a Steemian of the Month and Honored @reggaemuffin In Two Parts

Going through all of his blog posts would take an age, even just in three months worth of blogging, so let's catch up a bit.

Amung the many Steem things he is doing, he is a Greeter and -Radio Communications Staff for The PAL Network - Minnow Support Group.

Image from: Discordiant

But that was just August. September would bring one of his true projects to life, and the one that makes him ultimately deserving to attend Steemfest. Newsteem Came into it's own.

Newsteem aims to be your leading source of information about Steem and the things that are important to you on this platform. While only in it's infancy, the Inquiring Times has found firm footing with a series of posts about protecting the reward pool.

Additional Articles are forthcoming, and who knows what the next topic will be. As Editor in Chief of the Newsteem product, Inquiringtimes has a hand in every post that comes out with the newsteem tag. Inquiringtimes pride is taking the skills of others in the community and highlighting them, making them better, and showing off their skills. To quote him

the further you grow is better for me

That's a mantra, not just something he says in passing.

This post would look a whole lot worse than it does if I had not learned from @inquiringtimes, because he took the time not just to edit my posts, but to show me some of the things I was doing wrong so I could do it better the next time.

He just released Newsteem to the world officially with the News product's
Introductory Post and Released the first collection issue of the Inquiring Times

I don't know about the rest of you minnows, but I for one want someone at Steemfest who is going to report back to the rest of us in the pool what they see and hear. There's no better person to send for this than the founding member of the @newsteem.

Please join me in supporting the nomination of @inquiringtimes in @firepower's Second Send a minnow to Steemfest Contest. You will need to go to the Contest Post and comment and upvote my nomination comment. Firepower will be picking the winner manually, but the more votes and the higher up the comments he shows up, the better his chances.

Additionally, upvoting this post will also support @inquiringtimes. If he is judged to be the winner, then all SBD gained from the post will be sent to him for use on his flights and or hotel expenses. If he is not chosen the winner, then the proceeds of this post will go to the @newsteem account to further his efforts in spreading the news around Steem.

(Image from:@yusaymon

The most important link in this article, The only one you need:
Firepower's Steemfest Ticket Giveaway -

Thanks for being here! Thanks for Considering @inquiringtimes for your support in this challenge!

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Thank you for supporting @inquiringtimes!

I will spread the word as much as possible! tip!


Thank you @reggaemuffin! He is a very worthy dude! I just hope the nomination post did him justice!

Your support is extremely appreciated!!



oh stop!


ok, so I didn't really take this seriously at all when you said you would nominate me. However, I can see there is some strong support. so I'd better come up with a comment on that contest post to show some of what I consider my best work

He is a great guy, working very hard for all who wants it. All you need, is ask and you can consider your request to be done for you! He is the most conscientious person I know, this guy is there for you, always!

@inquiringtimes has helped me a lot since I've met him during the bandwidth fever. If anyone, he deserves a trip to Steem Fest because of his valuable effort for the community including minnows or whales alike.

Hey @mikepm74 , I don't believe we have met up until this point by my name's Frank and I completely agree on your nomination. Your writeup was spot on, well written and it's evident that you put plenty of time in to research the article.
Any of @inquiringtimes 's post normal catch my eye, so when I saw this I had to check it out. I also hadn't heard of this contest and believe it is a great idea to get someone to SteemFest! I'll have to head over and check that out as well. I checked out your profile and saw you're into crypto currency and sports; plus this glowing endorsement of one of my favorite Steemit authors and I figured I couldn't help but give ya my follow. Nice to meet ya, friend.


Good to meet you too @sixersfeds! Thank you for your kind words regarding my post. It isn't hard to say good things about @inquiringtimes. Please do check on that contest post and show him your support there as well. The more people who support him in @firepower's post, the better chance he has of getting selected.

Have a great day! Thanks for coming by!!


"one of my favorite steemian authors". Oh My! @sixersfeds you are kind! I feel so blessed.

i support this nomination 100%


Thank you for showing your support! It means a lot, win or lose!


my voter seems to be borked. I apologize if you get a thousand notices that I voted and unvoted for this comment. Trying to make it not show up as a 0.00! LOL


I love you too @rabbitearedpuppydoge

Awesome! you are a great friend. I upvoted here and will go to the contest post as well. :)


I just post the facts. His work speaks for itself! Thanks for giving him your vote!

Well deserved nomination!


Thanks for the vote of confidence for our friend!

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#bellyrubchallenge WINNER!:)

Yes yes full support on this nomination. Have resteemed (and upvoted)


Thank you @paulag! I know @inquiringtimes appreciates all the support, even if he claims to be unworthy. haha. Appreciate the resteem too! more eyes on the three eyed Steemian!


From @reggaemuffin : If You Like What I Do, Vote Me For Witness :)

Done and Done Chief! Thanks for your support!

This is incredible! @mikepm74


Thanks for the vote for @inquiringtimes!