After Steemfest Island Chill just ended - Last Man Standing in Koh Chang

2년 전

Magic, universe, unbelievable event.... Well it is just me. Me being me.

I originally didn't even plan to go to Koh Chang for After Steemfest Island Chill.

My one way ticket to Thailand initially I planned to travel around SE Asia, however I land in Koh Chang and I fall in love with this island. I guess my level is expert. There is only one person from our group who originally come here can understand that fully.

We've started in a group of 30 people 6 weeks ago, after a week or so there was just a few people left, than now I'm the only person continue "After Steemfest Island Chill".

I have to admit that technically my chill finished just a couple days when @starkerz left an island, who overtime become and amazing friend. Seriously we share most random stories, even how we met in Lisbon at Steemfest 2 is a begin of an interesting book story. We've got many chapters for that book. Anyway. У меня нет времени.

One thing I can say that Koh Chang is an amazing place. Far away from my home however still feel like home. I've decided to celebrate all those important events, I mean birthday, christmas and New Year.

Well it's way easier to use my language which is photography than my broken english.

It's only me left

So many characters. I just left Steemfest Stamp


Believe me or not - I was on that boat
Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 08.28.57.png

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awesome. wish I could have been there with you! Maybe 2020 will be another steemfest year for me. I love the photo of you and the sinking boats :D x take care my friend! See you next year maybe?

Oh man! You're staying?!? I'm soooo jealous. I wish I was back there right now. But I guess I had to come back here to 'get things done' so I can move on from here. Anyway, enjoy all of your time there. I'm sure you will.

Do you must be home by now! Cover with snow and sitting by the fire place?!

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