Steemfest 3 Video Test + dTube Test " To the moon - Cruising together ... Forever..... "

3년 전

So this is my first dTube post, while we all now what is the situation with crypto and steem today as a motivation to go forward as a community I post this little video which I've done in Krakow at SF3 and most likely will be in official SF3 aftermovie...

I've used Black Magic URSA 4.6k - yeah whoever seen me at SF you right it's dude with huge camera....

So message for today " Cruising together ... Forever..... "

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  ·  3년 전

Man, I love your style! Even those 10 seconds were enough to interest me. Now I can't wait for the official movie;)

Any clues on the release date?


It takes time... I've got lots of other stuff to do before i release it... Last year was end of February, this year I hope to finish it earlier

  ·  3년 전

I see.. Okay, good luck! Will be waiting for it;)

I believe!!!! x

  ·  3년 전

Looking forward for the SF3 aftermovie!

Awesome... can't wait for the SF3 video, will be a really nice treat whenever you're ready to release it :)

Also we're doing a London meetup soon man, you and mr buzz should come down and join us!

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Seeing you once a year is way than enough ! :) Hahaha.... But now.. Seriously tell me when you plan this, would be fun to see familiar faces. I may be able to come... Are you on Discord?


Hahahah ouch So who are you again?? :P

We're thinking Friday 14th Dec at the moment!! And yes I am on Discord, let's talk more there :)