Steemfest 3 Krakow After Movie

2년 전

It took some time to put everything together. Tons of footage total 300gb to put together, my editing suite crashed million times, however after some dedication i've finally finished the project. Obviously I couldn't make it without everyone who visited Poland, @roelandp @firepower crew and @jdbuzz who were helping with B roll and assisting me in Krakow .

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Great compilation video. Brings back good memories.

Truly awesome video! It was great see the fantastic moments from SF3 in it. I can't believe it's almost half a year since the event happened. Thanks for shooting the event and putting this together bro. Cheers to @roelandp for organising it and everyone else who helped us shape this Steem community event together and make it a success!


Yes man, it was a mission to put it together.... Luckily I managed to put it together... Maybe is right time to remind how good steemfest was and perhaps get prepared for another one.

I am glad Alchemia got a mention in there as it was the official unofficial meetup point :)


Yep it's a great spot :)

Wow really cool, I even spotted myself there once or twice. You did manage to capture the cool atmosphere. Cannot wait for the next one

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Damn, I miss it all. So much. Thank you for the awesome vid!

Really nice! You put a lot of work and effort into this video. High quality work 👌🏼


Thank for your comment ! I promise next one will be even better

What a great job, all this people and what a great time we had.

Count on me for the next steemfest, as I love to meet you all again.

Anyway, you deserve a !BEER for this wonderful job!!!

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Thanks mate ! Next time I'm waiting for a beer :)

awesome work raf! As EVER :)


Thanks Mate, come to the next one :)

Damn, what did I miss!!!!

Awesome video @mynewlife! I’m honored to be featured in it. It was a great time hangin’ in Kraków dude. Hope to see you again where ever STEEMFest 4 will be!

I’ll have a mad dog to that!


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Cheers to that :)

So nice to see this video bringing back awesome memories from my third fest meeting all of you beautiful people! Can’t wait for the next one! Well done @mynewlife 🙌💜💫

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Amazing work, @mynewlife. This brings back so many wonderful memories! @katrina-ariel, @yidneth, @steembirds, @coruscate and @nomadicsoul, make sure you check out the scenes of the entertainment night! I even found my own cameo from the night we went bowling.

Wish I found this earlier so I could resteem!


It was lovely to meet you lovely!

300 gb video? You serious? That definitely took a hell lot of effort! I salute your dedication to this project.


Yeah, backing up going through footage etc.... It was a lot of work.... But yeah done and dusted, time to start new projects

A great memory and experience... Meeting with family and friends...

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Awesome video man... 300gb of footage?! Shit! What a massive effort... Thanks for doing all of this!

Great timing too in a way, was about time we reminisced about SF3 again ;)

Hope you're cool, try and come down for one of the next London meetups if you can!!


Well, I'm not in UK anymore..... So would be hard to make it.


Ohhhh really, where are you now?


I'm in Poland

Wow. Excellent video and editing. What camera were you using? The low light performance seems great.

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I've used Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro - low light performance is terrible it goes only up to 800 iso it's a production camera


Very cool. I have read about that camera, I believe Black Magic has a new one coming out soon.

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Love it
So sad that I couldn’t join you

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Looks like it fun. Across the ocean from me so might have to save up for the next time

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So lovely memories.. great job @MyNewLife

All ready for SteemFest4 :D

Wow ! Coooooool @mynewlife thanks for sharing Wonderful Amazing Moments ! ♥♥♥ ♩♬

especially watch 1080p quality very awesome !

one thing we face the ironic situation
dtube upload is much much time consuming and almost impossible ! :(

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Cracking video! looks a great laugh hoping to make four. Just hope the dates and venue are released a bit earlier this year, so it gives time to plan 💯🐒

Do you know if there is an overview of SteemFest 3 After Movies? Otherwise I'd write a contribution and put together a collection of all After Movies.

Ohhh the nostalgia :) I had a great time !

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Wow! Such a wonderful video and very nice article . Really your video is awesome. I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us..
Have a Great Day.

My favorite crypto conference of the year. Steemfest just feels like I am visiting with my family. Steemfest 1, 2 and 3!

Nicely recapped! Was a great fest & you put together a great video here!

wow !!That's a really cool video. My heart is pounding!!! :>

Brings back great memories of Steemfest. Well done

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Waiting for more...

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Well done!!!! Made me more jealous I didn't make it in 2018 but more determined to make it in 2019! Really good job! :)