Steemfest 3 - Krakow - Postcard from Steemfest 3

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I remember there was a lot of rumours where SteemFest 3 going to happen - Some people said Korea other USA, however when I've seen announcement for Krakow I was so excited, I know there was many complains about weather, some people didn't know about existence of this city. For me, personally it was a shock but at the same time I was so glad that as a polish person I will be able to see all people from steem in this beautiful city which is undoubtedly Krakow !

We've been so lucky with the weather, as getting sun at this time in Poland is so rare, also the smog level was so low which made SF perfect !

I really hope that people which attended steemfest 3 fall in love in Krakow and they will be back....

Wondering around to get general vibe of SF was an extremely hard work, I wanted to socialise with people, meet most of you so it's easier for me to do aftermovie at the same time stay professional and execute my ideas. After 5 days I was physically and mentally exhausted however meeting all people, see happy faces, positive energy and most important for me - celebrating 100 years of independence day with people from all over the world in such a special venue was something I will never forget.

SF3 was definitely way different than last year and for that massive kudos to @roelandp ! He is definitely an artist and to pull event like one in Krakow it's a masterpiece ! I'm so glad I could be part of the team for the second time in a row.

Also thank you to all people I've had chance meet and make friends and also to those who I know for a long time - you know who are you anyway !

Anyway my english sucks so instead of writing I will get on with editing aftermovie - long process for me, 300 gb of footage some extremely heavy clips..... For me it's just the start, I hope to create postcard for all of you guys !

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I like the composition along with your postcard!

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It was a pleasure meeting you at SteemFest 3!!

I'm looking forward to the movie. That's a lot of footage to edit! Roeland sure did an amazing job, and I'm so glad I was there to enjoy it with you!

Cannot wait for the movie! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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