Steem Fest Hangover and Memories

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It's been almost 36 hours that I am back from Steem Fest and I am still drooling over the last few days that went by attending the Fest. My Husband has been telling me looks like you are drunk with SteemFest memories...hahaha...I guess he is right.

So this is my final post on Steem Fest where I want to mention all the little tit bits of the Fest and the amazing overall experience of the Fest, the local city experience, the night life experience, the sight seeing around and the shopping experience.

Take a look at all the Steem Fest goodies that I collected in the 4 days. The little badges, Tshirts, Stickers, Fan, My badge, Splinterlands card, Steem Fest band, I so much love all of them and going to treasure them.

Bangkok is a very vibrant place, over crowded and full of night life and shopping malls. It just does not get over. I visited the Siam Mall and there were some multiple Siam Malls which were all connected to each other internally. So you keep going from one to another. No amount of money is enough in this place if you intend to shop, cause it spoils you with choices. The best part about this place is that it offers you a varied range in prices. The Siam Malls had all the luxury brands where as the Platinum Mall that I visited was on the cheaper side and had more of local brands which were also of good quality. So you can shop as per what your pocket allows and not feel disappointed.

The other thing is the local food, there are these small road side dining places all over the city and a variety of food. Though I did not try any because of my fussy eating habits but I did enjoy having a look around and take a glimpse of many unusual foods that I was only reading and watching it on TV. This again was a good experience for me.

I can never imagine myself eating any of this :-)

The ultimate that I came across, a crocodile barbeque

Some art work that caught my eye at one of the mall, very fascinating.

I love the color composition of this art work.

When I looked at this picture I had a very unusual feeling, it was like calling me. I must have kept looking at it for not less then 10 minutes for sure. I felt very intrigued and it was strongly pulling me to it. The photograph does no justice to the real picture.

A very gentle and a heart warming dance performance at the Boat cruise.

I am a Lord Ganesha believer and anywhere I see Ganesha there is a little spark within me. This was at the hotel lobby.

Finally I get to eat some Indian typical me.

Spending time with my Indian friends at one of the Clubs. Every night we explored a new place. The first night we visited the Khaosum lane, where there were open clubs on both sides of the lanes. The place was packed and it was filled up with eating joints, tattoo studios, massage parlours, shopping stuff and what not. Another night we visited the club where there were ladyboy shows. And the last night we visited the Pat Pong street, where again there were clubs and a night market.

So finally the closure to Steem Fest with wonderful memories to cherish on and looking forward to the next one.

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Steem Fest 4 Closing Dinner and Grand Finale 💖💖🎉💃🥂
"Steem Fest 4 so far........continues"
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Indeed was a great memory which I call it a lifetime memory! It was great meeting you at the steemfest and hope to see you next year! For now, steem on!!


Same here @joannewong, nice meeting you and a wonderful experience :-)

it's great steemfest memories


Indeed, thank you

sounds like you had a great time! that's so cool you got to go :) i think the street food looks interesting, haha, but your indian meal looks tastier :)


Oh yes @mountainjewel I really had an amazing time, The food...hahaha.....I guess wherever you go after sometime you start craving for your local home food.

It was a pleasure to know you! That crocodile bbq fascinates me! I hope to see you on the next SF! 😀