What the future holds for Steem | An honest, non shilly social analysis after Steem Fest

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A post put up by @anomadsoul which motivates me to write my version of it.

During Steem Fest I got to meet a lot of people, spoke about the state of Steem but honestly no one could really give a clear picture as to what will be the future of Steem. Where will Steem price be in the next one year. No one can predict the future of Steem, not even the Steem Inc. leaders. Although one thing is for sure all the necessary corrective actions are being taken to bring back Steem into a favorable position and everyone is in a hope that these actions will bring good results for Steem and will see Steem prices once again moving upwards.

But as of now if there is going to be any change? The answer is No.
All this is a future vision and a lot is also dependent on the overall Crypto Market. Specially on the price of Bitcoin. We have been in the bear market for more than a year and half and again here there are many predictions on when the market will change, but again no one can say for sure when the market will turn. If we get into another bear market then again it would be another year and a half approximately that we will be in it and not see any much change.
In such a scenario no matter what actions are being taken on Steem we may still not see much change in the price of Steem and will have to live with the current state of Steem.
But yes with all the corrective actions we can atleast not let Steem dwindle down further.

All the speculations around Steem prices that people make are revolving more or less around the price of Bitcoin, and the year 2020 is very crucial for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin block halving which is planned for May 2020 will give us a fair idea of in which direction are we exactly heading to, and with this if Steem sustains it's current levels we will also get an idea on the future of Steem.

With a vision for Steem how can we Steemians contribute?
Well I am not a technical person so I really do not have much say on that part, but in a simple lay man's term if I need to action then it would be the following:

  • Attract more people to Steem
  • Keep creating content on Steem platform
  • Community building and participation
  • A fair curation to retain the minnows and grow them

A lot of other actions can be taken, but as a I said these are just some for a lay person like me to move ahead with towards my contribution to growing of Steem.

A lot of Steemians have lost confidence in Steem and that needs to be brought back. Sometime back there was an initiative started of circulating a Steem Newsletter to email IDs, I received 2 of them but don't receive it any more, so if we are not able to sustain our practices and the efforts are all short term then I am afraid we may not see much of change in the state of Steem.
Retaining Steemians over a longer period of time is the most challenging situation at hand.
The state of Steem is not dependent on 1 or 2 or few people. It is each one's responsibility here on the platform of how they are using this platform. No matter what, I am still very hopeful that Steem will be in a better place in the coming days and years. Next year we may have a better picture and a fair idea as to where we stand. Untill then all we need to do is keep working towards the Steem goals.

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First time someone clearly spoke what I don't want to think.

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Congratulations on having participated in the Steem Fest in Thailand and for sharing your thoughts. I would like to very briefly address in particular two points concerning future contributions you made:

*Attract more people to Steem

*A fair curation to retain the minnows and grow them

First point. Onboarding new members to Steemit has been a persistent problem sich the launch of Steem back in 2016. Various members within the community have suggested numerous proposals to simplify the process as well as third parties that have devised their own schemes in order to grow the user base. Nevertheless, the problem persists. The future of Steem and by extension Steemit Inc. will depent on a well thought out and well executed solution.

Second point. Maintaining and developing the base of Minnows is a another sore point for the platform. Numerous users have expressed thier frustrations about witnessing posts that they have invested time and effort into get buried under an avalanche of other posts and with limited feedback. Hopefully, once communities gets underway after the next hardfork this will become far less of a problem.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences from Steem Fest and good luck!