Back from Steem Fest |The atmosphere of happiness, faith, love and gratitude that we created together! .. Maybe you will see yourself here?



SteemFest has left unforgettable memories of the smiles and eyes of hundreds of people in my heart ...
First I want to thank the people we knew virtually and when we arrived they met us warmly and kindly as longtime friends and helped us enter the family of Steemit! They were @firepower, @anomadsoul and @coruscate. Thank you!
After a short home visit, we with @bugavi went to Hungary and when I got back, I had an unpleasant surprise at home - my little Darynka became ill with a serious illness of measles! And this, perhaps a bit late, I want to share my impressions about the funny and unpleasant moments that were there ... about the very close friends I found there ... And under the terms of the competition, you can write about three, but I found more and I will write later about them!
Funny memories - when we arrived in Krakow and we went to Hotel Qubus for registration at Steem Fest 3 and we were very afraid to go there because we are poorly able to speak English!
Here in this video you see how we came to the Hotel Gubus and Vika sings for bravery before entering the hotel and she is walking near the fountain and we do not dare to go in :)
But when you are afraid of something, but give your hand to God and boldly go forward, He helps you and there are events that are the presence of God in your life!
And suddenly a couple comes up to us, and they ask to take a photo for them ! And these were the ones who spoke Russian and we went together in Gubus and they helped us many times! These were the first participants of SteemFest, whom we met!They were @nigina and @afrosiab.


It was the first night and we did a lot of sephi and we saw famous people and it was cool!


With special warmth, I remember our conversation with a wonderful family @jaki01 and @kobold-djawa and their charming little daughter Kobold


I am also very grateful @gtg for the willingness to always help and his charming wife Barbara for speaking in Polish :) I'm sad that I did not take a photo with you ! Z przyjemnością zorganizuję dla ciebie wycieczkę po naszym mieście, która jest bardzo podobna do Krakowa i wypicie filiżanki kawy we Lwowie!

Another few good words I want to say about the young guy who was around and always helped us find what we were looking for, because he was fluent in Russian! He is an extremely good, talented and generous man! Thank you friend @pjo! I look forward to your story about a trip to the mountains ...
I am happy that Steemit has given me such friends all over the world!


And here are some short videos that reflect the atmosphere of happiness, faith, love and gratitude that we created together!

The nice moment I caught on the second day of SteemFest is a photo of the four-legged Steemian!


The most sad story happened to us when we bought tickets back home on Sunday night November, 11th. And then we realized that this was a mistake, because we were forced to call a taxi and go to the bus at a time when there was a festive supper in a salt mine. And this taxi cost so much that we could sleep for another night in our beautiful apartments and go the next day!


We could not say goodbye to all of you! And now, I and my @bugavi, we want to say - for us, SteemFest 3 was the beginning of a great time in Steemit and of our friendship with you!

@firepower, @anomadsoul, @gtg, @ned, @nanzo-scoop, @blocktrades, @gargon, @rhondak, @jaki01 and @kobold-djawa, @steemmatt, @coruscate, @zlatan-spielberg, @nigina, @afrosiab. @illucifer, @travelgirl, @hashcash, @pjo, @good-karma, @aggroed, @andrarchy, @joythewanderer, @roxane, @rea, @steemcafe, @ytrphoto, @y-o-u-t-h-m-e, @suesa, @reggaemuffin, @waivio, @celestal, @vladivostok, @lizanomadsoul, @nathanmars, @traveller7761, @jayna, @amalinavia, @yidneth, @konstantinabr, @world-travel-pro, @aaronleang, @gillianpearce, @future24, @teodora, @jarvie, @nicholaslive, @tincho, @shogo, @hidemi, @handmade, @varunpinto, @cryptogee, @azes, @jrvacation, @lenka, @jblew, @tarazkp, @peixeboi

We tell you, all the people, whom we met on the SteemFest 3 - We love you!


We wish you success and new meetings!

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courtesy of @afrosiab


Спасибо Zafar!

Hello Olga... it was very nice to meet you both too. ^_^


Thanks for the visit!
Where are you now? What is your weather?


We are in Germany now...back to the daily life 😊.


I thank you for your visit!


I am pleased!

Meeting you and @bugavi was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I think of you both often and hope to stay in touch!


We also remember such a cheerful and positive girl like you @rhondak ! My Viка is happy to have such a friend!

  ·  작년

Wonderful pictures, @olga.maslievich! I will never forget that wonderful event and how much fun it was to get to know people from all over the world!

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Thank you @jayna for your visit! I'm glad that now we have good memories of Krakow!

It was fun, wasn't it :) thanks for the mention and greetings from Spain!


Your fairy-tale image is still in my heart! Thanks for the comment! Spain is a wonderful country and I dream of traveling to the sea there!