The road to Steem Fest - This is my plan!

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My plan how to go on SteemFest4.

A. Find a job in accounting. [Done!]
B. Earn money to pay for everything that I need. [Pending]
C. Buy a ticket for the plane and book hotel. [Planning]
D. Survive the first flight in my life.
E. Don't get lost in Thailand.
F. Meet other Steemians in Bangkok.

Sounds easy?

A. The most difficult point was the first one. I had to find my first job where I could do a student internship. Ye, I'm studying finance and accounting, so I wanted to work in a place where I could use my knowledge and skills.

B. I become a slay, really. I won't be proud of this. 9 or 10 hours is too much when you never work anywhere. It's a reason why I don't have time to make posts on my account. Only this time I believe in words "If you faster start to do something, you will faster do this". It has a better side - one more salary and this point will be done. Yaaay!
In my job with my lead

C. I'm going to SteemFest4 with my boyfriend. He and my friend (I know you both reading this post!) created a list of how to reach Thailand. For us, it's an adventure. In Poland we don't have a direct flight to Bangkok (wait, we have - one from Warsaw, but it isn't my airport), so we'll visit Amsterdam. I need one more salary to buy tickets.

D. Oh geez! I've never flown on a plane! I'm scared and excited! Fast flight to Amsterdam, and after longer to Thailand. I don't know what I should expect. Maybe I'll sleep during the flight? I have to fill this time. Does someone have any idea?

E. This will be my first trip to Asia. I don't know what I can eat there (I know that their cooking is so spiced). I don't know a lot of things. Maybe my English can be low and nobody can understand me... Local know English?

F. Yeah, I started to complete my plan. I believe we meet on SteemFest4! ;)

Hug me during SteemFest if you'll read this post!

@anomadsoul thank you for this contest!

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