We Have Arrived | SteemFest 3 | Kraków Poland

3년 전

I am here with @flauwy and @chickencaam. We spent an awesome week in Berlin, Germany and caught an early flight to Poland this morning! Would love to catch up with some Steemians before the conference begins! We are staying at the INX Design Hotel.

See you all very very soon!!

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Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 10.36.54 AM.png

If you're interested in watching the video I put together of our stay in Berlin - please check it out here. The video has a lot of great history, as our amazing tour guide @flauwy was born and raised in Berlin, watching the wall come down at just the age of 8.

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Welcome to Krakow guys!... seeing the video I thought that package was weed! hahaha! And yes..Chemtrails are e-ve-ry-where! Dont even breath!


woooooossshhhhhh* {sound of the largest breath ever taken!} On a blue sky day of course! see you around the block ;)



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oh word... fixed it! Thanks @checky