Taking Steemfest to the top of Polish Tatras (2000+ meters)

2년 전

My trip to Poland didn't end after Steemfest 3. After a week spent in Krakow we decided to visit Polish Tatras and found a nice cozy town Zakopane to stay in near the mountains. We didn't do anything touristy there. We were just relaxing and enjoying the view (gonna share some photos later) until the day before the last one. We then went a little hiking, took a cabin and got close to the highest point in Poland. We then had to hike more than 200 meters more, but I ended up being the only one going to the very top. And I even took a bright and warm piece of Steemfest with me.



And the reason why I have my eyes half closed is because my eyes are too weak for an environment as bright as it was there on top.

Thanks for reading!(;

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Im happy you liked visiting Poland, can't wait to meet you!!!

  ·  2년 전

I really did. I had no idea that such beauty exists that close to my home. Looking forword too see you too!:)

Well done young man !

  ·  2년 전

Thanks !

By the way, it was really cool meeting you at the fest. Hopefully see you again next year ! ;)

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