Reflections on SteemFest

28일 전

SteemFest4 has drawn to a close. Last night, a dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya River:





Later, closing drinks at @roelandp’s impressive hotel suite:




Everyone who attended SteemFest knows that @roelandp put in an immense amount of work organizing the event. @firepower and other volunteers kept things running smoothly.


With @buzz.lightyear and @roadscape

If you have not yet watched the livestreams of presentations posted by @steemfest, do yourself a favor and check them out. And know that @roadscape’s presentation electrified attendees. People could talk of little else. He impressed me as a deep thinker and someone who’s going to do great things for Steem.

SteemFest3 in Krakow had 300+ attendees. I don’t know the final count for Bangkok’s SteemFest4, but the consensus is something around 120. Not bad at all considering that Bangkok was a long haul for many of us and the fact that we are deep in a Crypto Winter.

Folks here were very excited for the long-term prospects of the Steem blockchain. @buttcoin’s enthusiasm was infectious (he’s also got a presentation that was live-streamed):


Many have already left Bangkok; I happen to be staying two more days, to revisit a few places and check out a few more before I leave.

The Thai people are a pleasure to be among. This really is The Land of Smiles. But I won’t miss Bangkok’s smog. It didn’t have much effect on me the first few days but cumulatively is taking its toll on my lungs.

If at all possible, I’d love to go to SteemFest5. It may or may not happen, but if I can pull it off, I hope my wife (@ducksaplenty) would be able to attend, finances and work schedule permitting. I’ve missed her greatly.

I would like to thank all of the Steemians here who welcomed an introverted and socially awkward misfit. You guys rock!

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I love seeing the pictures and hearing about everyone's experiences!

Looks like an absolutely awesome trip. So glad you've had a great time!

I recognize some of the friends I made last year in your pictures, including @detlev, @anomadsoul and of course @roelandp, all truly awesome, giving, making-it-happen people! Hey, maybe next year it will be in the U.S. Wouldn't that be amazing? I definitely want to get to Steemfest 5!


A SteemFest in America would be great but not sure it’ll happen. There are more than a few Steemians who can’t get visas to enter the U.S. But I have no idea if @roelandp has even started to think about SteemFest5; he’s been a busy guy.


Ah, that makes sense! Well a girl can dream.

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Smog seems to be part of the SteemFest afterparty, as many of us had to recover for a few weeks after... throat wise :D But mentally too, damn, I was sooo buzzed and also sooo tired after! I’m so happy you got to join, postponing your retirement to be able to go and after your recent family worries... It seems to me you totally deserved it and are happy you went :D Enjoy those last two days! Great time to have some social time in smaller groups of Steemians as well that might still wander around ;-) Cheers!

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It was really nice to have met you at SF4!

I think the mutual scanning and proof of Hug got everyone really warmed up with the (hot climate) atmosphere (as well)

Hope that we all can attend SF5.
I remembered roadscape mentioned on the boat that he really hope there will be a SF5

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