SteemFest² - Livestreams

3년 전

On 2 & 3 November between 10.00 AM GMT and approx. 17:30 GMT you can tune in to the livestreams of SteemFest in Lisbon:

Check out the schedule via

LiveStreams November 2
Broadcasted from Centro Cultural do Belem

Room 1

Room 2

LiveStreams November 3
Broadcasted from Montes Claros Lisbon Secret Spot

Room 1

Room 2

Ps. the livestreams are run by @shourai, check out his blog for more tech background about livestreams & more

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At a recent conference, one of the things the co-ordinators asked was that everyone bring their unused soaps/shampoos/toiletries from the hotels they were staying in. At the end of the conference, the co-ordinators donated all of the toiletries to a shelter.

So, in the morning, before you leave your hotel to attend the awesomeness that us Steemfest, grab all of your unused toiletries and bring them to the conference.

If you think this is a good idea, then help make it happen.

looks like lot of fun. next year definitely have to be there:)

  ·  3년 전

Thanks sir @roelandp for this live video,now we are all updated because of this video set up!thank you so much sir for providing all of this video for upcoming steemfest2 day1 room1 3 hours to go...wooohh..

Hi @roelandp

I dont really know, has steemfest started already, because i get whole lots of update from you. If so how many days is it going to last?

Awesomeness thanks so much for this @roelandp !! Wish I was there , but this will at least make me feel as though I was !!

Simply AWESOME! 😍

I totally following this every day...

EVERYONE, please share this with other communities! I am going to do my kick on LinkedIn. More audience means a better product.


Truly awesome.. thanks @roelandp for sharing these links....

Livestreams!! Woohoooo!

I am just thinking that the link is set to the dutch time and that in portugal there is one hour difference since I am not seeing anything on the livestream yet

Hey @roelandp best wishes for the Steemfest² enjoy the party and give us the great information and experience you attend there may be in near future in next Steemfest¿ I will join you and meet you.
Thank you friend.

Finally a livestream about steemfest 2 are shared too, this would constitute a very interesting event I think Sir @roelandp, it's been the last few days a lot of the steemian's that gave their enthusiastic about the event, although not able to attend directly, however enthusiastic they pour in the form of writing. Hopefully meet again in the upcoming steemfest event. ;)


Thank you so much for this opportunity! Now I don't feel so lost :) And not have to reread dozens of posts to find relevant information.

cool, what a fun little perv into steem fest. sometimes tech can be a good thing :)

sweeeeet!! thanks for this:)

It would be better if you can add the schedule on this post too.


Click play and you will know when it will go Live


very right @killuminatic,,, It's so exciting here.

This is the next best thing if you can't attent the steemfest. Thanks for sharing will be sharing your post to other steemians as well.

Nice!! Excited to see what's happening there.

Here is an index for the livestreams that will help everyone easily find the talk or speaker they missed. It includes links to the specific time in each video.
Index for SteemFest² Videos

Thank you @roelandp and @shourai for making these videos available for everyone who could not attend.

Hi @roelandp, keep the update flowing..its amazing. I hope you enjoyed yourself as always.
your post is great. Upvoted and following for more, please don't forget to check mine.

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Thanks for sharing this :)

Wow nice venue, i hope i was there

thanks so much for this, really looking forward to watching the talks live!

very handy - well done :-)

Excellent work & great update @roelandp.
Very hopeful us.

Woohoo..cant wait!

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Good jop

i see ya guys working pretty hard just to provide daily bread to some people especially those of us in Africa.

big congrats well deserved.

Upped, resteemed and waiting in front of the TV with popcorn ! :)

Really looking forward to experiencing this getting coach in an hour see you all soon @roelandp


Where are you ? :) see you maybe tomorrow


Haha @mammasitta dam I think I saw you at the hypnosis talk at one point I will have to find you present myself and say hi.


You better find me and give me a big hug 🤗 Hahha

Listening to Live Streaming: 5 SteemFest Program in Lisbon
This is amazing, @roelandp I praise him in earnest

  ·  3년 전

Thank for

Very helpful, for people like me who are not there in Lisbon


Good update waiting patiently for it

It's great to have this set up for all those who could not attend this amazing event mate!
Thanks so much!

Thanks for information..

  ·  3년 전

25 minutes to go!!let's witness the steemfest 2 day 1 room 1

Up already? I'll see you around later. Still buzzing from yesterday


can't sleep :P


Me neither, but you must have a lot more on your mind. Thanks for making this event possible


yes,@steevc,,,,,,,,He has impacted so much in the growth of this community,keep the good work going .

So good to be here!

I'm watching you live now!!! This is awesome mate!
Cheers from Mauritius!

Great job and great updating steemfest2 livestreem

Would be great if we could have the chat option open on the live stream mate!


Thanks so much mate! It's great to have it on, I am enjoying it!

Its so great to have people like you to follow..keep the update flowing..its amazing

Thankyou for sharing

Such a wonderful Steemfest. Thanks for sharing @roelandp.

Thank you!, I wanted to see this.

Good job... good update....

Totally awesome / Great to see / Thank you for the links

i already know this bro.....bcz of you bro.....

thanks for that information bro

thanks for live stream, it feels like I am there ;)

thanks so much for this, really looking forward to watching the talks live!

Very helpful, and useful information about steemit fest 2. And I was looking for something like this

Thx @roelandp . Hope to see Some sessions today.

  ·  3년 전

Thanks also to sir @shourai

There we are! Resteemed man! Loved the first day and the cammo outfit! :)


That outfit was sick as fuck :)))
It was fun, even if they didn't probably notice us.


Shhh! hahaha..


Maybe they just ignored us.
"Potheads, trolling our live" lol :)))

I like how Ned talks frankly. Not this learned by hard salesman blob Im used to that has been heard before somewhere. The only other guy I would think of atm who talks like that, maybe with a little more stutter ;), is Elon Musk

Thank you so Much steemfest love you

That's awesome, i hope i can be a there. Thanks for the video. @roelandp

Hello @roelandp , why not we use @dtube or @dlive for livestreams?

Which one has Ned's presentation in it?

w o w ..g r e a t - p o s t... a m a z i n g - i n f o r m a t i o n...
w e l l - d o n e....

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for sharing this post

The Rocky Mountain Steemit Community wishes everybody fun at SteemFest 2!

awesome this way I can still see the steemfest and might even spot @sjennon ;) hehe

wow. great ..keep going

  ·  3년 전

congratulations to steemians get together, thanks for sharing !

Genial, sera que harán de estas conferencias en Colombia? si alguien sabe que por favor me indique

Very helpful, for people like me who are not there in Lisbon ☺

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Great work team! Way to Steem it! I definitely need to make it to one of these events.

nice videos. informative.

Hi friend very excited to know everything. Thanks, will waiting for the great events.wish you a very very happy every movements. Thanks

We`ll hopefully wait what about in steemfest2 live streams.
Superb job you all of do to community, Steem on..

Its great ! Thanks for live !!

Go steemfest....
Best of luck for winner
Thank's for sharing
@followed and upvoted

Wow I felt like I'm in it. Great speakers and professional smart people out there huh. I'm very glad that everyone enjoyed and learned a lot of stuff in steemfest. I'm hoping to meet you guys on the next steemfest.
I had really fun watching this. Thank you so much for sharing @roelandp :) Cheers!

Congratulations @roelandp!
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Cool, nice post @roelandp
I like, thanks for sharing

Really great!!!!

Hi @roelandp. Please recommend this spot as the next destination of StemFest event > 😀😁😂

Livestreams good foe we...................... i giving every body big and special


I was epic. We played it at the afterparty on friday thanks to @gtg , thank you. Really beautiful, and well done this video! respect!

It is a very good fest♫
I’m @moromaro.
one of japanes we accompanied party yesterday.
I'm glad to see you.
I would like to hold a festival in Japan.
So, please follow me.

you doing us proud @roelandp
we all especially this steemian appreciates all your efforts... i gave you a mention in my post...i hope you dont mind...keep it up!

Thank you for sharing so that people who can't make it to Steemfest can be part of it. :)

Wish I had known! But I can watch the replays now. Thanks for this sir!

i upvote your latest post and follow you upvote my post dear

Livestreams!! good job bro

wish I was there

Very nice👍😁