Stellabelle's Steemfest2 Entry- My Pledge For Positive Social Change.

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Thank you @stellabelle for the opportunity.

Creating Positive Social Change is in my DNA, a mind set with or without steemit. But just think what we could achieve if most people on steemit had the mindset to do this.

This is where I can help by creating opportunities, confidence, social responsibility and hospitality.

Social and personal development is my thing, since being a troubled teenager, I have wanted to help others and build a better society and my life aim is to help others to get to where they need to be. I believe everyone should have an opportunity to become something.

I am dyslexic and although it shouldn't be a 'thing' it gets in the way but I do not let it stop me. In fact I see it as my way of adding extra spice to my writing!

The steemit platform offers so much for the creative person and can o so much for charity and social entrepreneurship.

I have a lot of ideas for this that would involve sponsorship, local giving and marketing. I have raised 1000's for charities over the years and this platform is a golden opportunity to raise more.

I want to pay it forward and encourage others to do the same.

I also have ideas for the resteeming element of Steemit as I have been following the trends with this It could do so much more.

Anyway below is my attempt at a video so you can learn a bit about my background. I'm not great at this sort of thing I must say...

You can see more about my little enterprises at

Thanks in advance for anyone who is brave enough to watch haha.

Edited: As missed out...

Air fare (Approx £120) Luton Uk to Portugal

Petrol to airport & Parking (£10)

Food £100

Hotel £200

Total £430

I'm estimating based on current flight information etc. Happy to share with people to reduce costs!

Thank you again....

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I am totally for your vision @sarahewaring! We need to cultivate our physical and digital communities for the better. I am currently working with stateless refugees/orphans here in Malaysia.

· that is worth a full upvote. Keep up the good work

That's right, don't let that put you down. There are many dyslexic people that went on to become very successful entrepreneurs. One of the most famous one is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple.


Great example...thanks!


No problem !

Good luck sarah!

I see you have the @blocktrades seal of approval!! BOOM! haha


I know I am very lucky...thank you @blocktrades !

Great video and hope you get to steemfest. Resteemed


Thank you my dear!

Congrats, you receive an upvote from @blocktrades, help you to bring his brother to give upvote.


Thank you

Nice video summarizing a lot about you.
It is an awesome video.
I have checked your site and wow it is impressive what you have done until now.
I have to show people who have not visited the website this wealth of experience you have here.
This is taken from her website.

I have previously spent 15 years working in the voluntary sector, supporting groups and individuals in enterprise and community development, and as a result of building relationships I have developed a good client base and have coached individuals since 2010. I have learnt alot about people over the years and have worked one to one with LITERALLY hundreds of people.

Guys you have to visit her website to find out more about incredible Sarah.
Go go girl,you deserve to go to SteemFest2,wish you the best.


That is marvelous! Thank you very much.

I have wanted to help others and build a better society and my life aim is to help others to get to where they need to be.

great aim.
Your post has touched my mind.
Thank you for your great sharing.


Great mentality.

very nice post, thx for sharing!

Its not a drawback...its a strength. You came this far definitely you can go furher.


Oh yes, I have alot of determination haha


Will see u succeed! Cheers.

I believe everyone should have an opportunity to become something.

That's a noble attitude, @sarahewaring

All the very best for the contest, Blogginggoddess


Thank you :-)


You're welcome, @sarahewaring


Thank you, @splendorhub
Followed you, Nora

I'm amazed of how you initiate your life purpose, continue helping and steemit is the best community and platform to help us reach our goals.


Thank you :-)

What a wonderful post. I have this urge as well for positive social change, especially on how people sees people with disabilities in the society. I have made a post about it here and how steemit can be a platform to solve it.


Hi, I've just seen your wonderful post. WEll done for opening the eyes of people who may not see the benefits of this.

Very nice work my friend. your eyes are absolutely magical, in that picture by the way! :D great job on the video too. I am so glad your friend talked you into joining steemit! followed and upvoted.


Hi Sarah... can I found you on Discord for something about this contest? I want to ask some thing to you that I have seen strange in here... Thanks!


Im sorry I am not on discord...what do you mean?

Good work.keep going.
Upvoted and followed.
Please upvote and follow.

good article

best of luck!

Great Post Thank You for sharing

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thats wonderful

nice post and pic..
good work keep it up..
upvoted and followed ... :)

exellent view kindly fellow me