2019 Steemfest ticket contest

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Tell me about yourself, what you have done for Steem, and why you would like a free ticket. The two best answers will win. Comment votes don't determine the winner but may influence the judging. Once again, @acidyo will help with the judging and I will make the final decisions. My decisions are final and arbitrary.


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I am sorry but due to family issues, I will not be able to go should I win the ticket. I am taking myself out of the running for the ticket. Great Luck to all!!

Stardate 2017-09-25, 15:10.

Life as I knew it changed.

Talked into joining Steem(it) by my son @Ecoinstant and friend @Simgirl I made my account just to get them to get off my back about how great they thought I would do at blogging. How good it would be for me to join the future of things to come.

Never having written anything or done any videos I sat quietly in a corner and watched those around me making tons on their posts. I read and commented on a lot of posts. My posts lacking in every way.

@Mariannewest, who I had met through my son, decided to start up her daily Freewrite prompt which is now on day 696. The rules were simple. Nothing you wrote was incorrect. It's pretty hard to say you can not do something when the rules stated that nothing you did could be considered wrong. I started on day five. My life changed that day again.

From doing the freewwrites, and the community that surrounded it, I learned to trust in myself when it came to writing and trying new ideas. All the stories that had always been in my head finally found an outlet on Steem(it).

I have health issues. I am home alone a lot. Hubby works extra hard because I now can not. I went from being very active in the real world to being alone almost overnight. Connecting with creative people in real-time, on the blockchain, gave me new life and hope.

I was very happy. I was still in my tiny corner making pennies when Steem was at 5.00$ but it was never about the money. I always saw Steem(it) as a long savings plan. I had to be careful and still do how much energy I use each day.

Many days I overdo it because of Steem(it). I now know how to edit videos. I have written poems. Children's stories are one of my favorite things to write. I never would have tried any of these things if not for being talked into joining Steem.

I was on the platform for six months before I finally went down the Discord rabbit hole. I am very happy I waited that long.

Once on Discord, I went to look for a group to join where I could follow the rules. I'm not good at following anyone or anything. It took a lot of digging and I finally found a Steem(it) Discord group I felt I could belong to and not break their rules. I finally found a group to join. Their main rule was to Be Yourself. I am very good at being me. It's all I know how to be. I then wrote out the application to join @thealliance. Best decision ever!

Once I became part of @TheAlliance I was lucky enough to meet people like @Enginewitty, @Shadowspub, @Guiltyparties,@Inthenow, and so many others. I was surrounded by people that were themselves but also hold themselves to a high standard when it came to Steem(it).

I am still very active in The Alliance Discord server to this day.

I like to think I have brought laughter and joy to many people on Steem. I like to think that I have offered help to many when needed most. I am a positive person and try my best to always see and show both sides to a story.

I am just me. A normal Steemian. A person that shares the joy of what I love to do with many by bringing laughter along with me where ever I go.

To bring a smile, laugh or chuckle to someone's face is the reason I am still on Steem. Can Steem survive without me? of course. Can I survive without Steem? Hard to answer that question.

I like to think when people hear the name @Snook they think of happy things. Things that make them smile.

I have met a few other Steemians in person. The latest such meeting was in Colorado at The Alliance Block Party. It was so much fun to finally meet and hug everyone in person. To find out everyone in person was as wonderful as they were on the blockchain.

To be able to meet a larger group of Steemians would be so much fun. I love the sharing of ideas and learning when Steemians gather in one place. There is an energy about it that goes beyond description.

This is my story.
Thank You so much for taking me down memory lane and letting me tell my story.

Much happiness to you!


You got my vote!


Thank You!!! <3


Humble and always up for a good laugh, I call her my sister. She's as genuine online as she is in person and anyone with the chance to meet her, even if for a cup of coffee, should take the opportunity.


Thank you!!! you guys are making me cry with all your wonderful words.


Snook's an amazing woman and didn't do herself justice. She's part of more community projects and pro-Steem endeavors than anyone else and it's been an honor to work with her on DLine and other ventures.


Thank you for your wonderful comment. You humble me!

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Sorry to hear about your family issues. Hope everything works out.

I am a travelling fly fisherman who once sold the rights to his left shoe for a chance to marry the daughter of a wealthy family from Oregon. We divorced two weeks later and I had to walk away half barefoot with only the remaining clothes on my back; no pants. That was the day I met Leroy. Leroy taught me about the importance of using bullshit to get the things you need most out of life. Since then, that's all I've done.

As for what I've done for STEEM: Three days ago I found myself on a roof both drunk and tripping on acid. I told all of the zoo animals boarding a spaceship to explain why STEEM is incredible to their king, once they arrive back at home. Three agreed and two asked for my autograph. We can expect an entire planet from parts unknown to now be interested in our most wonderful currency of the crypto. You're welcome.

I'd like a free ticket because a free ticket is better than a ticket one must pay for.
Disclaimer: This comment is not serious and I do not expect to win a damn thing.


You win in my book 🙂 Do you have any room left in that spaceship? Maybe come get me so I can go to steemfest? Dont be a dick, just say yes. mmkay, thankssss...

oh and very nice initiative Smooth! ❤️


Hahah.. Hilarious.😁 😁

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This guy is funny. Give him a fucking ticket. Or a cookie.


I can't accept a ticket this year. I just wanted to joke around.


Haha. Have fun on Steemfest. If i voted and had a say you would go 100%.


I'm not able to fly around the world this year. Just wanted to entertain you folks with some BS.

i dont need the ticket, but a ... smooth idea!

They call me Witty. For good reason. I'm fairly quick on my feet and can take up a full hour's ranting on a talk show. @shadowspub can attest to that. I'm a struggling father of 9 (yes 9, Brady Bunch over here) and do what I can. I see STEEM as a multi-generational castle for which I'm laying the foundation now for my future descendants. In all reality, I would need more than just a free ticket. With the price of STEEM, I have had to pick up an extra part time job just to pay for my witness and not have it cut in to our budget. That may disqualify me, but maybe more people would want me at SF4.

What I've done for STEEM? I am heavy on retention. I form personal relationships with people beyond just a voting circle. I created a family on here called @thealliance. I've helped to organize half a dozen small meetups myself across the United States, most recently - The Block Party.

I was one of the winners that got a full ride last year to SF3. As @roelandp's voice became hoarse, I stepped up and took over emceeing at the Bowling Alley and locked it down on stage for the Night of Steem. He said he'd have me back, but haven't heard from him yet. Kind of sad about that. But I got to meet some interesting people like @anomadsoul, @gtg, @justineh and hundreds of others I could add to take up a huge list.

I mainly just came over here to support @snook. I think she should win and everyone in the world should know her. She's amazing beyond what words can describe.

  • Witty out

well darn it! You just made me cry!
Can we both win tickets and you can make sure I don't die? :D
You are my little brother so you would have to protect me!! It's what little brother do! HUGS


Well, there are two! Not meaning to make you tear up, just being honest! LOL you have to tell em if you win, you can't go without me for that very reason! He's obviously reading this though so, now he knows BWAHAHAHAHAHAA!


it would be perfect. we come from close to the same area, already know we travel well together....I would feel safer..and you could fix my phone and tablet again LOLLL Win! Win! plus I could do a live 'pants show' or an 'improv story' I have been known to be funny :D

I suppose you can say that I found my purpose with Steem when I came to the realization of what a flag is.

At this point, Steem was becoming overwhelmed with scamming sons of guns and I decided I would not stand idly by.

I noticed a thread that @timcliff started about making " downvoting great again" and suggested the notion of incentivized flags which he was in support of.

As a result @steemflagrewards was born and has been growing ever since. I never fancied myself as a developer but I was certainly an automation advocate in my field so I figured out how to make it work.

SFR became an open source project with global collaboration from users like @flugschwein and @crokkon and we developed together the innovation that we use today to tackle the problem of abuse on the Steem blockchain.

I would be lying to you if I told you that I know now what I know back then as surely I did not. SFR became the catalyst for my learning how to interface with the Steem blockchain programmatically.

My interest was serving the peculiar group of people I ran with. People that favored manual curation. People that despised manipulative self-voting, circlejerking and collusive voting arrangements made under the table (bid bots).

I defied these things but, in doing so, I became somewhat of an outsider. Still yet, I was not alone and here I am today. I represent a different train of thought here.

One that rejects the status quo (perhaps former) of voting as a commodity and accepts voting as an agent of appraising network value.

I have observed you for a while @smooth and I don't know if we are of one accord but I can say you have done a lot of things I respect.

I am a very sociable person but I am not sure I really care to meet half the people at Steemfest... But I reckon I would probably enjoy meeting you for what it's worth.

Thanks for running this contest and giving others an opportunity to be a part of Steem Fest.

Update: Feel like a jerk. Totally forgot to mention collaboration with @reazuliqbal without whom we would not have the SFR voting bot or flag trail..Thanks a lot, good buddy!


Hiya @smooth, my steem.chat user is the same. I shoot you DM. Thanks for this opportunity!

Curated @trafalgar and his EIP and kept spamming about it until it got through. Would like a free ticket for all the headache I got out of it.


Jokes aside, he poured his blood, sweat and tears into this blockchain, fought a lot harder for the EIP than me because I'm a lazy cunt and got his name dragged through the mud all the same even though he didn't self vote half as much.

All his fucking friends completely alienated him, nowadays he's too depressed to even post and all he has to show for it is me giving him shit and poking fun of him in chat now and then.

I know it's meant to be for smaller steemians, but if seriously no one else wants the other ticket, you should consider him. He actually would go. Or at least give this man some love lol. He doesn't deserve all the bullshit like I probably do. The man's a much kinder soul and didn't cope with the drama as well.



I talked to Kevin before and he certainly put on pushing through EIP. He probably cares Steem more than anyone I know from the platform. I’m so touched by how he wants Steem to be a better place.


All his fucking friends completely alienated him

Not all! Or wait, maybe I wasn't considered a friend :'( nvm then move on


#teammalaysia always will love Kevin. He is family to us although we don't get to hang out often. 🙂

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Send this man to SteemFest. No one currently active on Steem has the best interests of the platform in mind with no ulterior motive as much as Kevin, and few have done as much for the social and curation aspects of the platform. It'll be a shame to not have him at SteemFest.

Also, thank you @smooth for the initiative.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, @smooth. I really appreciate this chance to reflect.

About Me

I’m a 60 year old disabled lady, I have been a nomad (real, not digital) since birth, and currently reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the last year. I was supposed to be dead before 20 with a genetic heart condition and my risky life.

I was morbidly obese for most of my life until the age of 50 and then lost weight and became healthy. My genetic heart condition no longer registers on the machines, but now I have other health problems to deal with.

fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg

When I lost “half my size” I lost everything else and my life has become new. I did not even have a fb account before this time. But after writing and publishing some books that did not sell, my new work became online - trying to help other people lose weight like I did. But they are all still fat and that job is very depressing.

I got to STEEM in June 2017 in my attempts to reach out to more people about weight loss. I soon saw the potential here, and have been at it ever since. STEEM was my introduction to crypto and I actually avoided coming here for months after friends from other platforms started bugging me to try.

I did not want to learn about this new form of money then, but since I live off of it now, I sing a different tune. I love my STEEM life, my STEEM family, and will do anything I can to help us all succeed.

What I have done for STEEM

I work on three blogs here. I normally post 2-4 posts on each blog each day, cycling through the noted dApps below.


  • esteem - freewrite
  • busy - Minnow Tips
  • nTopaz - Photography
  • travelfeed - coming as soon as I figure it out


  • esteem- food and ccc posts
  • tasteem - restaurant reviews
  • dlike - sharing health news


  • esteem - dApp and gaming reviews
  • dpoll- dApp, token, lifestyle and STEEM questions
  • busy – Tribe and Token Information

Between these three blogs, I write over 400 comments a week for various reasons. Everything I do is to survive myself so I can help other small fish survive too. Sometimes it is hard to keep up, but I am grateful for every message I get.

I am an accountant in my training and work experience and started writing minnow tips for myself as soon as I got here. This was to try to make sense of things in 2017. Now in 2019, STEEM is more complicated by far.

When you are new to STEEM, it is very easy to post here and never get attention until you leave in disgust. It is also not that much harder to post more effectively, get attention, and find your place. But how do you figure out what is effective and what is not? Any redfish/minnow I can get to has a chance if they work hard in the right ways.

I started here by recruiting other content creators to STEEM, but out of 20+ I convinced to try, none of them stayed. So other than some Twitter and fb promotion, I focus my efforts on helping the people that ARE here and already working to succeed.

Generally I work with people over 45 rep and over 100 sp. If they take my advice, they do better than they were doing and can thrive.

I write minnow tips, test dApps - help people find their way. My most recent foray is into the world of tokens and tribes and trying to make sense of this new world.

Post fork, I have been begging little people to keep trying. Many have refused and quit. When they saw the 50 cents they used to get on posts turn into 10 cents and their 1 cent vote go back to zero, it was too discouraging.

One of my strategies is to enter contests and challenges. I tell little fish not to post to no one. Instead post to established daily and weekly events and make your content fit. This is a way to make friends, get your message out, and be seen.

I enter many contests a week myself and this is how I know how many little people are gone. The contests are empty now. I am winning contests a lot more than I did in the past. I try to win 10 SBI shares each week between my 3 blogs. Last week I won 24. When there are 3 prizes and 3 entries, we all win except the minnows who swam out the door.

I am also a @freewritehouse encourager. Each week, I read all the Sunday freewrites, post comments to them, and encourage the bloggers to enter the Monday contest by dropping the prompt. I used to have 20-25 freewriters to encourage each each week. This week I had 10.

So I keep helping those little people that remain. I try to help them see ways to succeed in our new paradigm. I see great possibilities in NewSTEEM and some good results already. I am continuing to be an optimist.

Why I would like a free ticket

I will be in Bangkok at the time of STEEMFest no matter what. The dates of the Fest coincide with the dates I need to leave Malaysia for a new 90 Day Tourist Visa and Bangkok is the cheapest place for me to go. I would have been there anyway, so this is a nice coincidence for me.

I live off STEEM and STEEM related money and have been since Dec 2017. This provides a very comfortable life of poverty in SE Asia, but in no way can I afford the conference fee unless I win one, get better votes on my posts, or STEEM moons.

I will stay in a hostel that will run $40 for Nov 4-12. My flights are less than $70 and my food cost will be negligible. The conference fee is more than all of those things put together, and I will not be able to pay it as things stand now. The fee at its lowest is also 2.5 times my monthly rent.

I already have plans of what I will do during conference hours if I do not obtain a ticket. I plan to be the “reporter on the scene” and publish posts about what is going on. There are a number of events being scheduled outside of the official conference events by my various STEEM groups and I will attend those.

I will also be going to Chiang Mai, Thailand for the week after STEEMFest. This is for an initiative by the people at travelfeed.io on STEEM. All travel, food, and hostel costs for that week will run me about $80, and I feel this is a good investment of time and money.

I’m taking this step because I believe in the excellent travelfeed dApp and especially the people behind it. They are organizing this trip to recruit digital nomads from the large Chiang Mai community in hopes some of them will start to post with us.

Despite my earlier failures with recruiting, I feel this plan has a good chance of succeeding and will join in the effort. If a crazy old lady like me can succeed on STEEM, I hope some of the great talent up in CM will give it a try too.

Once again, thank you for this contest, @smooth. I will be so grateful to win if I do. But if it comes down to a choice between me and my great friend Terry @surpassinggoogle, please give the ticket to him.

I will be there anyway, and Terry is coming from the Philippines and invited to speak at the conference if he can get there. The cost for him is much higher than for me, and I know he struggles now.

I have known Terry for many years on social media before STEEM. He has helped me in many ways when times were good for him. I sincerely hope we will be able to finally meet so I can thank him in person.

I'm Aaron from #teammalaysia, been in the steem community well over 2 years now, primarily doing some simple design works for @qurator, setting up new local meetups scenes (>20 of them) here in Malaysia, helping out events organize (bringing new people to Steemit) by any TeamMalaysia Steemians as much as possible, welcoming any international Steemians who were in Malaysia or planned to visit in Malaysia (@nomadicsoul, @macchiata, @waybeyondpadthai, @scrooger, @teamsteem, @joythewanderer, @travelwithus, @goodwithtravels, @fitinfun @livinguktaiwan, @jrvacation, @yasminep, @fararizky, @akbarrafs, @firepower, @shenoy, @varunpinto, @sjennon and the list really goes on 😱) . Giving them a recommendation on places to visit, local food tours to try upon.

I would like a free ticket because I really wanted to know more a lot more new peoples that I haven't yet meet, meet back some friendly faces previously on SF3 and contribute back to the community with ideas or collaboration 😊.

Financially is slight tight this year hence might not make it to SF4 unless there's a chance to win a free ticket which would be more than enough! Thanks for reading 🙏🏻😊 Have a nice weekend ahead!


I’ve met Aaron a couple of times and he is so nice and kind. He organises a lot of meetups, all the Steemians that went to KL meetups can agree with me that it was fun.


Looks like I missed this comment 😅, more places to explore 🙌🏻 on next round.

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I really hope you get this and make it to Steemfest.. It was really nice meeting you and your family in Malaysia as well as in Europe last time around..


Hey @varunpinto, hope to see you too in SF... let’s see how @acidyo decide upon that haha..

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Hi @smooth

I am a simple man who has been in steemit for 2 years. I have done many things for steemit especially giving him a lot of publicity in the university where I am a professor. Many of these students thank me today for what steemit is for them, it has changed their lives, I spend it helping others but I don't make it public,
I think that what we do with the right hand, the left hand should not be found. So I don't publish my social works.

Of course I would like to go to that great event but there is a lot of economic need that a trip of that magnitude represents for my family.

I congratulate you for this great opportunity that you are contributing.

I send you a strong and very fraternal hug from Venezuela a country that fights for its freedom.


If you get there, I'd be delighted to meet you! :)


Hi Dear @gamer00

My great friend, Jaro, I think it would be a great honor to be able to meet him .. and shake his hand ..

I wish i could go,.


Are you going to be there?


Yes, and I'm taking Leo there with me. We'll be spending ten days in Bangkok.


Wow @gamer00, I find it very fascinating, I'm glad for Leo, he must be very excited ..

I have a great desire to go, however I think that is very difficult. especially as I commented on the economic side, which I do not have ..

It will be in a next Steemfest, that we cannot know, it is difficult for me to win, HAhaha

I will be very aware of your posts after that event.
I know he will take his camera and publish many photos ..

Another question, our friend @markkujantunen will attend that event.


I'd like to nominate @ats-david. He recently survived a hurricane while dealing with mira or survived mira while dealing with a hurricane. He is a great guy and lent me 80 SBD for burning purposes. He also has this unwavering dedication to Steem which borders on derangement despite every possible discouraging obstacle in his way. Should @ats-david decline, my second choice would be @schattenjaeger. He's excellent at Mega Man and has better hair than Ned ever had.


I’d love to meet ATS as well, I voted for him I hope he won’t eat my grandchildren.


I HEARTILY agree on ALL points!!


Never knew ats david was not an anonymous account

I also think he cares about Steem a lot and was among the first to strongly oppose the flaws of the old economic system


I'd second ATS. I've always liked his brutal honesty, and he has always done much for the platform, even if people are too late to listen.


I'm planning to go BKK but whether I make it to #steemfest is a question mark? The tickets are cheap even for someone not consider a minnow. Been out of a job that pays fiat currency for more than a year until last month certainly makes it not easy as I cannot be leaving my lady at home though I could say steemit was probably one of the thing that was keeping me sane during that period. I'm just a guy go by my logic of... I See👀. I Shoot📷. I Steemit♨️.
I grab the chance to meet couple of chance to meet steemians when they were in Singapore but missed a couple of others:

📷Along to meet @lisadang… | 去见@lisadang一时。。。
📷 Steemit Meetup SBG | Steemit 博主见面 😎
Aside from the irregular and random things I post, there are two regular weekly things I do for .... oh I cannot really remember but...
  1. Show 3D contest - which happens every week and closes on Wed night. You just need to guess 3 digits to win the liquid payout from the post. Even I participate. :-)
  2. #BeautifulSunday challenge - where people get to share about something on #BeautifulSunday. It's a lot of work to got through all the post and consolidate the list of posts with statistics. LOL. I choose 3 posts with low payout and power up the owner accounts a bit.
Seriously, of course getting a tickets means to meet a lot more interesting users of the platform and not just to as them.COOL 😎Am I cool or what? 我够“酷”吗😎?

Ace is one of the most active and supportive curators on Steem community. When I first joined Steem, I remember he's the only one that comments on my posts. He's made 49472 posts in the past years and he's not a bot ^^


Are you telling me to change the profile pic? 😎

  1. Full time photographer for almost 12 years
  2. I speak 5 languages and once traveled to all 50 states during 14 months working on a couple books traveling in a 1963 airstream which i'm still in most of the time.
  3. I travel a ton but spend most of my time in one of the most beautiful states: Utah.
  4. I helped start SteemPeak and PeakMonsters and presently work about a bit over half time on these projects
  5. I've thought about going to SteemFest but the 25-30hr flights are intimidatingly long and expensive and i'd want to spend time doing pictures around the country if I went so it's a big time commitment... after poland I drove around all the surrounding countries for a week. I can't just go for a conference I have to take pictures.
  6. Mostly I'd want a ticket IF I were giving a presentation either about future of steempeak or about what big time influencers are looking for... both of which I feel like i understand well and I guess would give me an excuse to talk to all the youtubers i know. Or maybe if i were there doing pictures or something.
  7. So honestly unless there is some sense of purpose in me going to help steem or steempeak I may not be the best fit... so i guess i better see if there is a reason for me to go, it was fun going last year because the whole team was from europe and was there. With a ticket then it'd help defray the cost of going to the other side of the world.

My name is Wes, and I am just a guy with a camera taking pictures. I am part of the #creativecoin and the #photostreem teams here on the blockchain. I already have my Steemfest tickets and will be attending this year with my wife @faitherz33, but I just wanted to give my support to @snook. She has been an inspiration to me over my time here on Steemit and was the one person that got me writing and opening up here on the platform. She has done a lot for so many people here and has always given support to people and encouraged them to stick with it. She really deserves to experience the awesomeness of Steemfest.


She has been an inspiration to me over my time here on Steemit and was the one person that got me writing and opening up here on the platform.

That is all I needed to hear/read. I am so happy you found the real you after you got here!!! Thank you for your very kind words. They really mean the world to me!! and you know I am always here if you ever need me!! Never forget that!! HUGE HUGS

Hi @Smooth!

I'm a photographer. I once posted 365 fresh consecutive photos daily under the tags #onephotoeveryday and #threesixtyfive on Steem. Not sure if that counts as a service to Steem, but I would like to think that the people reading my posts liked what I did.

I also got my two boys into Steem Monsters. 🤣 They've also streamed a few times on Vimm.tv and its predecessor.

Anyhow, me and my elder son Leo (@daabi2006) are coming to the SteemFest, and while I've already stumbled into roadblocks trying to buy tickets and flights and hotel rooms by using crypto only, I think I will succeed eventually. (Bitpay, the payment processor for SteemFEST, doesn't work with Trezor, so a workaround is in order... but I am not sure why the Bitcoin flight booking sites have an age limit for children to be below 12, when the airline in question sells children's tickets for those under 15. 🤔)

I also haven't made up my mind if I should book the hotel for a whole 10 days, or book a cheaper one for the rest of our holiday.

Anyhow... come hell or high water, we'll be coming. ✈️

We (@kobold-djawa and I) already have bought our tickets, but I really appreciate your initiative, @smooth! I hope some smaller users may win. :)

My name is terry and my username is @surpassinggoogle on steemit and across the internet. I live in the Philippines and i love steem.

I joined steem organically via the search engines in my journey to surpassinggoogle. I joined steemit, the second time that i found it organically via google search. The name 'surpassinggoogle' has grand significance. It involves removing 'all barriers to entry' from everything good, so that everything good becomes available to every(any)one. It involves abating half-humanism and hand-to-mouthism and fixing the rarity in the 'great men' industry.
When i arrived on steem thus, it became about 'surpassinggoogle with steem'.

What I Have Done For Steem?

I will make use of bullet points in this segment to keep it short. To lay the basis, i will like to quickly say that i have been on steem for more than 3 years, i have stayed and i have loved it till date. Too, i joined steem organically via the search engines and started out as a novice to cryptocurrency and tech-related stuff. Among other things, steem has constituted to me, a CCTV into the truest state of the world and i have done my 'most learning' here on steem. Steem has been in much of my stories and histories and core paradigm on 'surpassinggoogle' is 'steem growth'.
This being said, here are some of the things that i have done here on steem to help it grow:

  • I have helped with many communities affairs and i have created many communities.
  • I have a discord community of steemians with more than 5000 steemians.
  • I have done a lot of curation.
  • I have helped many to join and love steem.
  • I have started several successful tags. A more recent tag called #ulog has been used by 5700 steemians and emanated more than 20k posts and 179k comments in its first 4 months. The latest stat can be found here!
  • I have instigated several steemit meetups and participated.
  • I have created several successful tags and contests. The first edition of the #untalented contest had more than 1000 posts entries and the announcement post had more than 1000 comments. #steemgigs is among the oldest tag related to the now steem interface called 'steemgigs.org'.
  • I have helped inspire a large population from the Philippines and other nations/locations to love steem. There are thousands of steemians from the Philippines.
  • I have ran the 'steemgigs' witness for more than a year, whether bulls or bears and used to offer an RPC public node for steem.
  • I have created several down-to-earth innovations that all steem-based. Due to my limitations when it comes to tech and funding, 'development' have been slow but i have kept pushing and have most of them at an 'alpha stage'. Then, i was able to create an enterprise called macrohard, that intends to create a programming language that everyone can code in and helps non-dev project owners better built projects. Some of my projects that are in motion are ulogs.org, marlians.com, steemgigs.org, teardrops.network
  • I created an SMT called 'Teardrops', that will reward 'proof of tears' (a 'mining the human' reward model).
  • To inspire many, i have stayed on steem, whether bulls or bears. I have been on steem for more than 3 years and my very first power-down started after 2 years, after my mum died and i started to live with my dad who has several illnesses. I witnessed steem at 8USD and till it got to 1USD without powering down, in a bid to inspire other to measure steem success in terms of humans as oppose to bulls or bears.
  • etc.

Why I Want To Go To Steemfest4?

I am on the list of speakers at STEEMFEST4.

Steem is special to me. I have been on it, stayed on it, seen its stories and histories and 'i am surpassing google with steem'.

I have been on steem for more than 3-years. My affection towards steem is the same as it was on the first day; my affection towards steem is ginormous!

I have seen what steem represents, where it can head and how i can help and i have become also about these things.

Among other amazing things, to me, steem constituted 'a CCTV in the truest state of the world' and upon it, i accomplished my 'most learning'. I sat on it and paid attention to 'life and humans', evolving the 'vision within the dream (surpassing google)' into levels of spanlessness

I have seen many of steem's forks. I have been present its 'ups and downs'. I have been a part of steem. I really love steem.
From a lowly writer, i progressed towards starting the 'steemgigs' witness, offering a 'full public RPC node' to steem (in the past), overseeing many communities and emanating a number of 'down-to-earth innovations', some of which are enlisted below:

  • marlians.com (SCOT-tribe)
  • ulogs.org
  • steemgigs.org
  • teardrops.network
  • macrohard.pro
  • legit-illiteracy (a school that every(any)one can school in)

Yes, before i found steem, i knew nothing about the cryptosphere, tokeneconomics or technology. Till date, i am a 'legit-illiterate'.

One of my down-to-earth innovations, '#ulog', has been used so far by '5700 steemians'.

Thus, one other valuable reason behind my desire to attend 'STEEMFEST4' is to expand my learning, make connections that can enable my steem-based projects to attain 'full-realization' and to create awareness to the importance of emanating down-to-earth innovations on the steem blockchain.
Many STEEMFEST(s) have gone by me! I didn't attempt to attend SF1 because i was new to steem at the time. I had relished the opportunity of attending SF2 but notice of its location deterred me a bit as i was worried about a visa-denial and overall, i wasn't very-ready at the time.

When i eventually attempted to attend at SF3, i also got news that my mum was dying. After being away from her for 5 years and alone in the Philippines, with the sole intention of bring her 'her first whisper of good news', i got news that she had Leukemia. (We eventually saw for 16-days only and she passed).

If i had succeeded in going to STEEMFEST3, among other things, it would have constituted a 'small healing' but i was denied a visa. After a 30-mins interview, the woman said 'NO'.

Before then i had applied to attend a STEEM-event in USA and i was denied a visa too.

Now, STEEMFEST is in SE-Asia, nearby and visa-free; should i miss it too? If i attended this time, it will be my 'very first rest in life'. Yes, i haven't slept in years!

Besides, all the many steem-related things that i do, i stay at home now with my dad '24/7', who is ill. I live in the Philippines but i rarely see sunlight.

Upon his relocation here, to live with me in the Philippines (after my mum died), he arrived with many illnesses. Shatters me! It shatters me each day as i watch him suffer.

On the day that i heard that STEEMFEST4 was in Thailand, i gave way to un-fell tears. The news was some sort of 'breakthrough' on its own. Months before this venue was established, i had reached out to the STEEMFEST-operations via a chat to push for SF4 to come to the Philippines. Thailand thus, is a win!

This is a very valuable chance to be at STEEMFEST4 and one more reason that i want to go to STEEMFEST.

Being in STEEMFEST4 will help me heal a bit. I have had excruciating pains 'all body long' for years now, lost all ability to relax and i haven't slept for three years. In Thailand, i will seek my 'first two weeks of rest'.

There is more....

There are many steemians that i long to see. Besides Ned himself (if he is present), i will love to meet with a lenghty list of steemians, many of whom i have interacted with over the course of my steemit journey, something that would have been so far-fetched assuming STEEMFEST4 was to be in Europe etc and involving of a visa-application.

All this aside, here is why you may want to help fund my trip...

My first power-down on steem came after more than 2 years of being on steem. It was depressing. Steem wasn't money to me. It represented way more!

Since then my 'STEEM' has exhausted very rapidly. Besides, all the expenses for servers, the 'steemgigs' witness, projects-development, sustenance etc, there has been the 'daily-medicine expenses for my dad and other hospital expenses' and coupled with 'low steem price', my 'valued steem' exhausts so rapidly.

'@surpassinggoogle' account now has a 'minnow' status.

My expenses will not abate any time soon and the date for STEEMFEST4 is still faraway. Recently, i started the marlians.com SCOT-tribe and my expenses related to 'steem growth' continues. (Speaking of 'steem growth', that is one major paradigm of all my aforementioned projects).

There is no doubt that regardless of a 'financial disability', i will push hard to make it to STEEMFEST4 and 'not miss this valuable chance', especially considering that i am among the speakers and that it is in THAILAND but to increase my chances of being present at the event, i have decided to participate in this '#roadtosteemfest' contests.

I am 'your boy Terry and i have highlighted some of the reasons behind 'why I want to go to SteemFest4 and why you may want to support the me'.

Your Boy Terry


Thank you for choosing me last year, best of luck to those putting their name forward.


Actions speak louder than words.

I'm looking forward to @jerrybanfield's next video



... Touché. :-)


Winners announced here



Congratulations @theguruasia, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @smooth!
@smooth got 6 TRDO & @theguruasia got 4 TRDO!

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I haven’t done more than anyone in this community but I was there during 2 years and interacted with a lot of cool Steemians and communities.
I don’t want to participate but to thank you 🙏 for this opportunity you will give one Steemians.
Best, @vlemon

Bringing in new members since 2018. But its really really difficult to convince them to stay. Here in Africa, many join steemit for the money, and when they get downvoted instead, they flee. Even my colleagues who are good writers and Msc students powered down and left😟 cus STEEM price keeps dropping.

I don't wanna win the ticket, I'm having exams then, even if i win, I won't go to the event. Nice initiative✌💙 @smooth. Looking forward to see who wins

Pero es realmente muy difícil convencerlos de que se queden. Aquí en África, muchos se unen a Steemit por el dinero, y cuando se les rechaza, huyen. Incluso mis colegas que son buenos escritores y estudiantes de maestría se desconectaron y dejaron que el precio STEEM siga bajando.

No quiero ganar el boleto, entonces tengo exámenes, incluso si gano, no iré al evento. Buena iniciativa ✌💙 [@smooth] (https://steemit.com/@smooth). Estoy ansioso por ver quién gana

自2018年以来引入新成员。但真的很难说服他们留下来。 在非洲,许多人加入了steemit以获取资金,当他们获得投票时,他们会逃离。 即使我的同事们都是优秀的作家和Msc学生也已经停电并且离开了STEEM的价格不断下降。

我不想赢这张票,那时我正在考试,即使我赢了,我也不会去参加比赛。 好主意✌💙[@smooth](https://steemit.com/@smooth)。 期待看谁赢

Seit 2018 neue Mitglieder gewinnen. Aber es ist wirklich sehr schwierig, sie davon zu überzeugen, zu bleiben. Hier in Afrika machen viele mit, um Geld zu verdienen, und wenn sie stattdessen abgewertet werden, fliehen sie. Sogar meine Kollegen, die gute Schriftsteller und Msc-Studenten sind, sind abgeschaltet und haben den STEEM-Preis immer weiter gesunken.

Ich will das Ticket nicht gewinnen, dann mache ich Prüfungen, auch wenn ich gewinne, gehe ich nicht zum Event. Nice initiative✌💙 [@smooth] (https://steemit.com/@smooth). Ich freue mich darauf zu sehen, wer gewinnt

Thanks for doing this and sponsoring SF again, @smooth! Hope you find two deserving ones!

  ·  2년 전

Pensar en viajar a STEEM Fest es el sueño de cualquier steemians.
En dos años en la cadena de bloques deSTEEM lo que he hecho por ella:
Promover STEEM y traer nuevos usuarios. Este fue un trabajo realizado en conjunto con @danielvehe. Usando otras redes sociales.

Creamos la comunidad @rutablockchain para promover formalmente la cadena de bloques de STEEM. Realizamos MeetUp con steemians en varios estados de Venezuela.

Con entrevistas en la Radio y otros medios digitales hemos dado a conocer STEEM.

También impulsando la adopción de STEEM como medio de pagos; además del uso de las DAAPs

Todo esto realizado con @rutablockchain un proyecto en el que confío y dedico tiempo para que crezca y continuemos promocionando STEEM.

Ir a Tailandia y participar en el STEEM Fest y poder llevar información y vídeos de cada momentos que se viva allá.... sería alucinante. Y mostrar a la comunidad hispana que hay muchos usuarios que están dando todo por STEEM.

Estoy muy lejos de ir, pero deseo el mayor de los Éxitos para este STEEM FEST....



Thinking about traveling to STEEM Fest is the dream of any steemians.
In two years on the STEEM chain blocking what I've done for her:
Promote STEEM and bring new users. This was a joint work with @danielvehe. Using other social networks.

We created the @rutablockchain community to formally promote the STEEM blockchain. We made MeetUp with steemians in several states of Venezuela.

With interviews on Radio and other digital media we have made STEEM known.

Also promoting the adoption of STEEM as a means of payment; in addition to the use of DAAPs.

All this done with @rutablockchain a project in which I trust and dedicate time to grow and continue promoting STEEM.

Go to Thailand and participate in the STEEM Fest and be able to take information and videos of every moment you live there .... would be amazing. And show the Hispanic community that there are many users who are giving everything for STEEM.

I am very far from going, but I wish the greatest success for this STEEM FEST....

Proof of burn

2 days ago 0.000 SBD, 209.377 STEEM and 209.401 STEEM POWER for smooth/2019-steemfest-ticket-contest


My dream is to go live in the Philippines

I am still HERE! 🌱

Posted using Partiko iOS

I won't be able to go to the event, but would be great if you can consider sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for this contest. I really hope he could go to Steemfest.

He has contributed a lot to Steemit and has helped a lot of communities especially us Filipinos.. :)

He's trying to join roadtosteemfest contest, but I hope he can have more chances.. hihi~

Have a great day!



I think he is already going.. He is one of the speakers eh

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In his post, https://steemit.com/roadtosteemfest/@surpassinggoogle/roadtosteemfest-why-do-i-want-to-go-to-steemfest-help-me-fund-my-trip, he mentioned:

My expenses will not abate any time soon and the date for STEEMFEST4 is still faraway. Recently, i started the marlians.com SCOT-tribe and my expenses related to 'steem growth' continues. (Speaking of 'steem growth', that is one major paradigm of all my aforementioned projects).

There is no doubt that regardless of a 'financial disability', i will push hard to make it to STEEMFEST4 and 'not miss this valuable chance', especially considering that i am among the speakers and that it is in THAILAND but to increase my chances of being present at the event, i have decided to participate in this '#roadtosteemfest' contests.

He's not sure about going to SteemFest yet because of financial reasons despite being a speaker, so I'm really hoping he could go. ^^


He got invited to speak, @bitrocker2020, not funded for the trip. He gets 1000 votes and $2-5 on each post now.

I'm just going to fly to BKK and drink Chang outside of the official steem events and throw flags at people that I feel like throwing flags at.. I'll also be passing out stickers that say "I followed you" it won't be creepy at all because I'll be wearing a mask and I'm going to hire some helpers so that nobody will know who the real skramatters is..


😅😂 That'll be something

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I am a dialysis patient trying to uplift my life and others around me by using steem as my tool for such a purpose. I participate in STEEM power-up day because I believe that everyone should power-up steem more to support its price. @smooth

~Smartsteem Curation Team

@smooth, Hi!

Wow, just learned about this AMAZING giveaway and while it was 8 days ago, I hope it's not too late to toss my hat into the ring. :D

Who am I?

I am a simple guy who enjoys long walks on the beach and circus! I started and ran a Circus company in Atlanta GA for the last 12 years. For the last 2, a Circus School where I was the director. I sorta sold it a month back... I say sorta, as the person who bought it does not have any money and could not pay me, so I took what was left of my "life" savings and put it into steem. Powered it all up!

My current plan is to travel the world for a year or more working at locations in exchange for food and shelterl prehaps some money here and there until I hope, one day, funds from the sale come in or steem moons to $10 a coin. As I travel, I will be taking photos, blogging, and I hope to get more people onto the steem blockchain, people in places that may not know about Steem and who could benefit from it. (* It surprises me more people don't use steem as a way to build wealth).

I am leaving from JFK to Vietnam on the 17th of this month, so in about 3 days. The bank account is hovering at about $175 so it will be a groovy adventure of seeing just how far I can go.

Why do I want a ticket?

Opportunity. I believe in Steem and have invested sorta all I got into it! I welcome the chance to meet the developers, hear about the future of Steem, meet others who help make this place epic and add my voice to the community. Also as of today, unless I power down, I just don't have the funds for this ticket, I will be in Vietnam and that is a short(ish) treck to Bangkok, so if the opportunity comes up, I will go! There are also a bunch of hostels I can exchange work for stay at as well, so just need to find a way to cover the ticket.

Speaking of covering the ticket cost...

Happy to Barter

Not just asking for a handout, but lets exchange!
If you are interested in barter, I can be your personal photographer for a day at the fest, or at an event or your booth (if you have one), perhaps follow you around and capture your day. Or, teach you how to 3 ball juggle and do a handstand, or give you and your friends a class on simple self-defense techniques (I use to teach martial arts in Atlanta as well) want to learn how to break someone's arm? I can help!


I do know that there are people on steem that have a lot less then I do. People and communities struggling to make it by and in a lot of ways, I have it good. If you give this ticket to someone else, sweet! I am happy to hear that :D If you feel I may be a good person to connect with and you pick me, epic! Let's get a Bintang in Bangkok and dream big about actions we can take to promote, grow, and flourish under #NewSteem

I hope to go to SteemFest one day, but with 3 young kids it is hard to make happen right now :(

Good luck to you guys though, and I look forward to seeing what everyone says!

@smooth, please don't treat this one as an entry. Just want to ask you a question in regards to sending rewards to @null. Sorry if I only found this as being the right place to do it.

> 100% of rewards on from this post (including SP, which I will cover with my own liquid STEEM) will be sent to @null.

be the same as...

to set the post beneficiaries to 100% on @null?

For consideration, the reason I am asking is not that I don't believe you will do it or not, its because I really like the feature, and I am trying to understand if this is what it means in terms of what is being done in the code.


Ignore, I found the answer. Forgot SP can't be transferred.

Thanks for the post.

Best communication service / tool #NewSTEEM!
  • Tried mIRC back in 1995.
  • Initiated as Internet #geek in 1998 with my first personal Pentium computer.
  • 2009 registered my first facebook account out of enthusiasm (deleted myself over 5 times).
  • 2012 sold my first 20 out of 50 #bitcoins for $5 each, played with the rest 30 of them anywhere ~ experimenting...
  • 2017 joined #STEEM because of the #gridcoin #community ~ #altcoins became interesting.
    Hoping for my 6 raffle tickets from @actifit @blocktrades #contest to participate honestly, although I'm not sure wanna win a ticket to #SteemFest, because I'm not clear if I'm ready to hitchhike outside of Europe ~ never been out there...

i am a youtuber on malaysia numismatic . hoping to share here all about malaysia numismatic history.

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I think this guy deserves both tickets


LOL, I will give him one too.

Discovered and tirelessly supported two outstanding content creators @traf and @raindrop over the past year and a half

Going to Steemfest would be a dream come true for me as I would be able to meet all the other Steemians attending, and both of them seem really nice! Alas, I won't be able to go because I have a cat, no friends without allergies and my neighbors hate me.


woah how did you find them? better yet, how did all other curators not after a year!!

Wanna join @ocd as a curator? You've got what it takes!


I don't think @ocd meets my impeccable curation standards unfortunately