SteemFest³ - Pictures That Tell A Story


How is it going my Steemian friends! I hope you were able to catch some sleep and continue the ScanFe...SteemFest³! Enjoy the first selection of pictures from the first day. Tag your friends in the comments below.

See you later, Steeminator!
I just realized how bad this one was

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  ·  작년

Thanks for documenting the SteemFest atmosphere! So much energy and high spirits!

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These pics very high resolution, remember do this to see them bigger.

Cool stuff. Have fun.

looks like one big blockbuster event.
great pictures and nice to see @aishwarya and @firepower from India at the fest.

  ·  작년

Everywhere I turn, I see steemfest. The founder of @artzone and @wafrica is there. His name is @surfyogi ☺️

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Awesome man! I wish I could have made it out there!
Have fun!!!!


Yeah its a shame!!! I was looking forward to do some yoga sessions with you man!

@celestal eating? This dude once ate a 1.5kg steak, he's a monster.

Nice photos. Good to see steem fest photos.

great, thanks for the pictures :-) !!!

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Moin moin aus HH ;)

Ich bin gerade dabei, ein kleines Meetup in Hamburg zu organisieren und bin dabei auf deine Gruppe auf gestoßen. Bevor ich eine eigene Gruppe eröffne, wollte ich dich fragen, ob du von bereits laufenden Meetups/Treffen in Hamburg weißt oder ggf sogar welche veranstaltest?

Ansonsten würde ich das Thema ein wenig über Google pushen, weil ich richtig Lust habe, mich mit anderen über Steem(it) auszutauschen ;)

Beste Grüße


Ich organisiere keine Meetups mehr, wir könnten es jedoch gemeinsam wieder machen wenn du Lust hast. Schreib mir eine Mail:

  ·  작년

Hi @timsaid,

love your views and all that great Steemians

you did a great work. Hope you keep doing the brilliant job throughout the fest

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  ·  작년

Thanks for sharing all of these with us who could not be there!

Okay guys so SteemFest is back :)
Well Kudos to the guys working hard for this event to let it happen :)

Thanks for putting these up. Spotted a few peeps I know already.

So many great shots.
A lot of preparation to get steemfest going.
Thanks for sharing

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Really a great event, but I'm sorry all of the steemians are exposed to Kraków's excessive air pollution :P But either way, excellent organisation, fantastic enthusiasm, lots of interesting folks. Impresionante!

Thanks for the provided opportunity to see in person many people from Steemit whom we might usually know only by nicknames and tiny avatar pics! 👏

the whole atmosphere seems to be quite busy and cheerful. 🙌

will keep watching 👁 for newer Updates. 👍

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lets fire things up. niceeee. your good at what your do bro.

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awesome shots, @timsaid!!! Thanks for sharing!

Nice pics , thank's

Great pictures. @TimSaid
You give us a feel for SteemFest3!
Love the flags & merchandise.

Unfortunately, I could not view all of them on an iPhone, iPad or PC, possibly my devices could not take so many images, with such a high resolution.

Correction: all images did load on my iPhone.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Great storytelling, Tim! Love your ability to see the whole picture :-)

Love to see so many happy faces! :)

Thanks for sharing pic from steemfest.meny pictures in Indiana feirpower best of luck.every pic is very nice and beautiful.

Love to see you all have so much fun - but best is the photo of the dog. One wonders what it's thinking seeing these crazy people ;)

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its realy very nice with a supper collection of pic
love u

Steemit festival :) Everyone smiling, and happy! :D Much success, and hoping many great ideas grow in this amazing @steemit Festival! :D

Have fun Steemiants friends! :D

Keep @steemit On!

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