SteemFest 4 - Event Day 2 picture update

2년 전

Good morning from Koh Larn.. Sorry, dealing with bad network and terrible Wifi.. Hence, picture updates are slow.. Kindly bear with me for few more days and everything will be up in time..

Day 2 Steemfest was the beginning of all Presentations.. Had a slow start for the day as the Grab Car took ages to pick us up from the venue and then we were stuck at traffic.. But we somehow managed to reach on time and set up the registration desk.. 

@roelandp gave a good introductory speech and as usual impressed us all with his choice of traditional clothing.. He is and will always be a star..

LOL!! He is so going to kill me for uploading this picture..

Anyway, the conference began with the amazing @arcange announcing his competition open for "proof of hug".. Obviously, this time there was no Steem as giveaways.. But was fun nevertheless..

Most of us waited for @steeminc to take the stage and make the new announcements.. It was nice to finally meet @elipowell..

The day went really well and brought a lot of positives for us Steem Survivors and I really hope it's just progress from here..

Following are few of my favourite pictures of the conference and the link to download all the pictures is below it..

The beautiful wife of @andrarchy..

The team that works behind with @poezio..

My most favourite muse, @vaelriey, from the past 3 years (Psst. She finally spoke to me this year) :P

And here is the link to Day 2 pictures (This also will be up only for a month):

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Awww I was too shy back then 😂


Hahahahaha.. Nice to know that ur no longer shy :)

It's not only you who are fond of @vaelriey, our little @steem-queen is very fond of her too. She is even taking her in her dream hahaha.
Nice photos btw, You did a great job..thank you.


Awwww! Hope she's doing well now! She has a lot of cute photos by Varun as well!


oh wow.. this is interesting..

I was drinking coffee



I happen to bring this ecobag with me


I was drinking coke :P

Great photos man, keep them coming!


thank you

What's up with little Jana over there lol


She was having fun in her own way :)

Great shots dude!!
Keep them coming 👊


Thank you