Pamda Bure Exhibition at Yelo House

2개월 전

When I was on Steem Fest 4 in Bangkok and one of the days I visited the Yelo house to enjoyed the Inktober by OCD and Creative coin, I had the opportunity to saw another one exhibition.

It was exhibition of Pamba Bure art - peripatetic BKK-based illustrator, creating outstanding limited-edition arts.

Pamba Bure combines photography, clean lines of illustrations and playful use of colors.

Let me show part of the Pamba Bure art:

Rubber ring



Woman with orange hat

Birds on Holiday

At the swimming pool

Woman with fan

More about artist -

Thank you for stopping by!

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@vesytz, These art pieces are reflecting wonderful and without any doubt these have the Limited Edition essence. Stay blessed.

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Thank you for comment @chireerocks! Stay blessed 🙂

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Welcome and thank you so much.

Awesome. Interesting decision for leaves on the floor !trdo


Really wonderful floor with leaves 🙂👍🍁

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