Second victim of the year..


Steem fest is mañana mañana so all the Steemians seem to get all excited and have their own SF warm up kinda meet ups somewhere around the city of angels tonight. Same here, @elizacheng and I, after chilling at @thirstea for a bit.. we went to do it the way it's supposed to be.. Fancy street food for dinner..

Whoa! How fancy does that sound to you ? 😕

There we go, my second victims before the fest start 🙃

I will see you all very soon 🖤

** Nervous I'm so nervous 😬

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Thanks for the yummilicious boba milk tea... Those who are in Bangkok, should get here and try it before the opening drink tomorrow...
And the grilled pork... Yummy...
Uhm... Don't see myself being victimize here... 🤣🤣🤣
You are not nervous at all... 😍😘

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