Hello From SteemFest in Foggy Krakow!



The SteemFest banners are waving in the breeze outside the Qubus hotel window this morning. It's just about the foggiest day I've ever seen, though that may be normal for Krakow, I don't really know.

I really do not like traveling, and this is the biggest trip I've taken in my life, but luckily my wife was nice enough to come with me and tell me to shut up when I complain about it. In any case, I'm very much looking forward to meeting many of the people I talk to and work with on a regular basis and talking Steem!

I'm also looking forward to my interview with @andrarchy on Day 2 of the conference (Friday) about the business aspects of building and growing a successful app, which I think are often overlooked in the blockchain space where the focus is often on technology and hype.

For those of you who are at the event, please stop by and say hi! I'll be one of the two guys wearing a Steem Monsters shirt :-P

UPDATE - The fog actually lifted quite quickly and now it looks much better! Here's an updated photo:

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Looks more like smog than fog!

Is there a gym at the Qubus?

Don't fancy my chances running outside in that soup!

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Yes, there is a gym here...but it's much less foggy out now!


Cheers. Think Im feeling the treadmill more anyways!

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Hey Matt! Just going through my app and saw your name come up. Brought me to your page and following you now. Steemfest was something else wasn't it? You guys did an awesome job and are bringing so much to the table. It was great meeting you and your wife on the first night on your way to the bathroom as I was leaving....my "Fellow Americans!"

Funny how you wrote you hate to travel, as that's my comfort zone; but it seems like you were probably so busy you may have forgotten where you were!

When you gave me that extra monster card pack I didn't realize it had monetary value until the following day listening to your presentation. I ended up giving the card to @gillianpearce. She appreciated it and is a monster fan never thinking she would like such a thing.

As much as I'd like to get into the game, I'm hanging at a pool right now in Tropical Northern Pai Thailand, and just have so much computer time I can allow for myself.

I hear rumor next year's steemfest may be in Bangkok, if so, give yourself a week afterwards, to really enjoy the country. It's my favorite country in the world, Thailand. I could show you guys around or just give you some advice on where you and wife will truly have an incredible time.

Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Checkin' in from a little Travel Pro Paradise Hot-spot! I'll catch you on the other side! -Dan


Thanks again for the card @world-travel-pro. It was much appreciated.

I'm glad to hear you've arrived safely in Thailand and are already hanging out at the pool! 😁


You're welcome Gill, I'm glad you can put those cards to good use!

you sure it's fog or is that STEEM!

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It is definitely Steem ;)

well done for making it out there. i totally understand the travelling thing. all the best and i hope everything goes awesome! go team monsters!

ha. that’s awesome. didn’t even notice them this morning.

time to go take a selfie lol

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Hopefully by the end of the event, even more people will be wearing Steem Monsters t-shirts!

Enjoy steemfest ..
God bless

Fog or not, Krakow looks fine. And now that Steem is there, it looks awesome!

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Oh waw we even have Steemfest banners ! :D :D :D
Steemfest (and Steem) is making people traveling and get out of their confort zone... :) Hope you enjoy the trip !

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Enjoy Krakow!!! Are you going to travel around a bit after the conference?

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whooot, that banners are awesome ✌️

See ya later 🤝 the INX is quite silence actually

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Have a great time at Steemfest! Just want to stop by and give my congrats for making it to the top 20 witness ranking. Woohooo!!!!!!

The Krakow Fog!

Thank you very much for supporting my post. A lot has changed for the better since I learned about the NFL reference in your name. Also, I was a massive SC Brood War player, so I jumped out of my seat when I heard about your upcoming game release. I found @aggroed right away to learn more. Nice speaking with you.

Thanks for sharing @yabapmatt ! great photos , glad the fog lifted ! Hope you and your wife enjoy steemfest and Krakow ! I really hope to go some day in the future!💕✌👍👌💁

Really enjoying steem monsters mate thanks 👍

Cool blog @yabapmatt

Looking forward to see some selections on true artists for steemfests in the Future and Music/Art to be involved more in these kind of events. Meanwhile, enjoy some of my music compositions: https://musicoin.org/nav/artist/0x52d244ce64e458b3ed0775603e582b19ff644feb Looking forward to see more involvment in upvotes from whales accounts like yours. Regards

yabs, i used the delegation on your steembottracker, it worked perfectly, thank you

where do you see steem going from here? peace


Awesome! Glad it worked well for you. I have literally no idea where STEEM is going from here, but I hope it's up!

Where is the @steemmonsters banner? 😜

Taking off in Vienna in less than two hours, looking forward to meeting you and many more! And also to seeing the SteemMonsters-Shirt 😏

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where the hell did all the bots go? i checked steemtracker there were only a dozen left ?? curious

Cool looks mystical over there. I wish you guys great conversations and a lot of fun! Looking forward to good vibes and great News Flow!!!

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