Fufunchis Adventures at SteemFest 3 (recap) 🐀🐁🐀

11개월 전

The recap of the epic adventures of Fufunchis (@yidneth 's 3 plushie rats) at Steemfest 3... Party, friends... joy! Bliss!

fufunchis steemfest haul - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com) - Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Steemfest haul... so many things to nibble, tsst we can't there is even an Amazing Spiderman comic (thx @blewitt)

STEEMFEST was very intense and this is the first time I am finally in front of my computer to share some of my experiences. It was impossible to catch a breath and break to write from the phone. Most of the pictures of this post are taken by my phone and are rather candid and spontaneous. It was delightful to meet so many friends (old and new) and I had a great time.

I performed in "A Night of Steem" along with some other talented musicians and if someone has pictures of that I'm grateful to have more as I want to write a post about it. I will write more about my own impressions but this post is a bit unconventional, Steemfest through the eyes of my fufunchis who came inside my bag and enjoyed all the sweet experiences (shhh, they didn't pay for the ticket and came smuggled inside my bag). It was a fun and sweet thing to do and I had promised my friends @pechichemena 🐖 and @paintingangels that I would do this and update them daily, so I was sending all these pics to @helpie discord server for my friends to enjoy the experience. So all pictures taken from phone, not fancy ones this time, just the spontaneity of the moments.

So this is FUFUNCHIS adventures in Steemfest

fufunchis steemfest  - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Who are fufunchis?

They are plush rat toys in memory of my three pet rats Tuula (wind), Ritva (branch) and Taika (spell). Even if they are not with me now, everyone on discord knows I love to use "rat memes" instead of emojis and my love for rats. But they were also my pets... I'll go for more when I have the chance, but kind of like to remember them this way which is fun (like they were).

fufunchis - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

So as I said I promised to @pechichemena and @paintingangels that fufunchis were going to make this trip with me and send regular reports so they can get to share Steemfest with my fellow helpienauts.

My partner @hedac has already shared a post our trip from Navarra to Krakow. Including our car breaking going to the airport, but we made it! Thanks Hector for coming with us, he knows I'm an hectic traveler and you fulfilled your mission of safe delivery there and back again. :)

So we drove from Navarra to Bilbao and arrived super early at the airport (went early because the car was misbehaving). The airport was even closed. But @roelandp told me, do not miss the flights! So Mum took extra care of being paranoid about missing the flight. LOL.

It is ok, mum brought butter cookies for the plane and tedious waiting times, after all she is a @helpie


Our stop in Amsterdam was very long but we took the chance to recharge the phone and crave for chocolate

fufunchis_amsterdam airport.jpg

We kept on checking to take our final flight to Poland:

krakow - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

As soon as we arrived we found fellow singer @edprivat and we all took an Uber to Krakow.
We arrived to the airbnb and it was really nice... But we couldn't chill for long as we were already late for our first meeting with our fellow friends.


Above: Our hotel in Krakow... nice... but Let's party!!!

So we headed to Qbus hotel and were given our badge. It was @suesa who did us the honour. And there were yummy toffee candies. This is going to be sweet.


Above: Fufunchis (Tuula, Taika and Ritva) with my badge.... I mean their badge

We were welcomed by a wizard! And he got to know us too. Mum is an elf so already feeling embraced by family. Thank you @gtg for the warm welcome and your sweet encouragement!

Krakow has some charming places, I enjoyed the bridges and though we had some issues with contamination and smog during the visiting days, there are some lovely spots. Here some snapshots walking around Krakow:


Cakes and cookies


Both days of conferences were packed up with cakes and cookies and coffee.... Above with @meno having an idea (noted lit bulb) and the piglet is @pechichemena who could not attend though @llfarms brought his "pig avatar" who enjoyed coffee and cookies with us.

Endless supply of cakes and cookies... is this heaven?

cookies and cake.jpg

The Conferences and Round tables

We did not get get a picture with @ned he seemed very engaged in conversation :)

CURIE LLFARMS - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

@llfarms from curie mentioned us as example of high quality blog, thank you so MUCH! (hmmm Justine, don't take this entry seriously... we took over Mum's feed for today)

utopian SF3.jpg

@utopian-io conference by @techslut We were mesmerised by her pink hair... Unicorn hair (Thanks also to @mrlightning for the vocal remedy)

Two of our favourite people that made our trip more amazing, @prc and @tixinhacapitinha from @dsound


We weren't too quick to grab a @steemmonsters t-shirt, sigh We listened to @aggroed speech and chatted a while with @yabapmatt about geeky things.


No card of us yet?

We met so many wonderful people. Impossible to name them all in this post but Mum is writing one on her own.

gtg  Pris and ritva - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Above: one of our favourite picture from the trip... we got to meet a wizard! Thanks for the welcome @gtg The Wizards hats will soon be a trend!

@roelandp also took a fancy picture with us... Steemfest was lit! And firey red!

fufunchis and roelandp - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

During the breaks the fun went on...! JAMMMMMM


Jamming among musicians. There were singing popular songs and @luzcypher from @openmic was encouraging all to join in.

Above: Mum singing with long time Steemian friends @meno and @camuel and signed on @steevc ukelele

A night of Steem

Mum @yidneth performed during a Night of Steem and we were on stage... has anyone a picture of us up there?
We also enjoyed the other performers. Here a picture listening to talented @edprivat

- by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-7.jpg

And Partying hard listening to @steembirds

steembirds - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Kudos to all performers of the night @katrina-ariel @greencross @edprivat @enginewitty @steembirds Thanks also for the lovely backstage parties and conversations! I like the night featured such eclectic mix of artists.

We love living the fancy life: Boat trip and tourism

We took a boat to sail over the Vistula river with our fellow Steemians.


We met @blocktrades at the boat too, though we were not aware who he was at the beginning, blush! He was super nice to us and we got to thank him and his wife for their support.
We also had a long interesting and almost spiritual journay chat with @koreanoprah

By this time we were becoming really popular and we stole the spotlight (sorry @yidneth)

famous fufunchis - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

We had a yummy lunch with @martibis and @hashcash First time we pay a lunch with Steem (faaaancy!)

fufunchis steamfest - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-8.jpg

Then partied on and... you know

fufunchis steamfest - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-10.jpg

Fast food in Poland is so cheap... good not to be on diet!


We met so many dragons!!

fufunchis and dragons.jpg

We were all tired but loving the night life, show must go on so heading to a well known pub on the SF beer route

fufunchis in alchemia.jpg

fufunchis steamfest - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-11.jpg

Above: toilets in Alchemia pub. They don't make it easy

We walked around the city... looks pretty in the night... We found a carriage for mum to go to the Ball like Cinderella, mean Ball, mean to the Karaoke organized by @coruscate @steemcafe and @anomadsoul


fufunchis steamfest - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-12.jpg

We were too wasted and tired to be on pitch though. Karaoke fail! :( despite our best intentions and squeaky voices.

Our favourite part of the trip: Wieliczka Salt mines

Sunday morning was quiet... we finally slept a lot and we went out to buy some souvenirs...

fufunchis steamfest - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-19.jpg

Then we went to the Salt Mines... just WOW!

Licking the walls of the mines... they're made of salt... yum! Tourist guide told us lots of mice seek warmth in winter. She liked us... we liked her

We lost the licking walls competition to cute @corinnestokes and @lukestokes kids though, it was two teams of three but they are bigger and faster than us! But we all agreed that was the tastier place we've ever been. Salty!


Family picture!

Priscilla, Hector and fufunchis - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

@yidneth @hedac and fufunchis (Ritva (white), Tuula (brown) and Taika (gray))

Fancy Closing dinner at amazing Wieliczka Salt Mine... Cherry liquor and vegetarian course... by the way, it wasn't cheese but tofu. And yes dinner was salty enough :)


@Katrina-ariel dragon was already very drunk... are you ok, buddy?


A group picture of @thealliance and of course we fufunchis were there
the alliance group pic - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Above: Us with mum @yidneth, @derangedvisions @gmuxx @enginewitty @elizacheng @guyfawkes4-20 @katrina-ariel @rhondak and @soyrosa

Award to cutest attendee goes to Juka @jukatravels the traveling dog. At the beginning we felt a bit shy and were stalking her trying to scan her badge, she was indeed one of the most popular steemians... But that wish became true. Softest fur ever


And then it was time to leave... we feel we couldn't meet and talk with as many as we would have loved to. When we came here we thought there were many days... but they flew and there was not enough time to meet you all. Thanks to all the ones we have crossed paths with.

trip ending.jpg

We were very tired, even if in all the planes we had subliminally got the message POWER UP

fufunchis steamfest - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-28.jpg

And after the long trip a well deserved rest... now to remember all the sweet memories

fufunchis good night - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Share your Steemfest pictures with us

If you happen to have stumbled upon me
or @hedac during Steemfest and want to share a picture of us or with fufunchis share them with us. I will be doing another SF post from my point of view during the week so if you happen to have taken a picture with me or @hedac, fufunchis or of my performance feel free to contact me to send it through my discord https://discord.gg/ryXvgt


Above picture of me performing "A Night of Steem" courtesy of @vladivostok

We will remember this experience always! Thanks @steemitblog for allowing us to have this experience. Until next time!
We feel we fell short of time and we missed to interact more with so many, but may we meet again!

krakow sunset fufunchis - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Note: There are SOOOO many more pictures, I'll try to stop by your feeds to deliver them as well with the people who posed with us.

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator


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Woow! Sin duda este es el mejor post que he visto hasta el momento de steemfest 3! Tus ratiras son adorables, es la primera vez que veo a Juka tranquila con otros animalitos alrededor 😂 Vuestra actuación fue increíble. De veras espero volver a cruzarme con vosotros pronto. Sin duda... La pareja más encantadora de todo el el evento. Un fuerte abrazo para los dos y para las adorables ratitas también! 🐁🐀🐁


Awww gracias , hahaha ya ves por qué necesitaba una foto de ella con las ratitas hahaha. Me alegra mucho que te gustase nuestra actuación y nos hizo muchísima ilusión conocer a alguien de España y más con nuestras mismas inclinaciones por la naturaleza. Esperamos que volvamos a cruzar caminos pronto... en algún sitio bonito! :)

What a great recap folks! :) Loved to meet you both!
We are waiting for your visit in Portugal... ;)


Haha "fufunchis" 🐀 took over my feed. But they agree with us that you and Patricia were one highlight of the trip. I hope you like the album, lots of love there, but encouraged to go on for next.
Sintra Palace is in my bucket list for sure. Seriously thinking about it


Cool! :) We live quite near, so when you decide to come just let us know... ;)

I love theesssee <3 best recap of Steemfest I've seen so far (and probably the best one I will ever see) :))
These guys should've had honorary Steem badges, I love their take on the whole event.

PS: We thought we were in Moria too :)) Would've been useful to have @gtg there with us, who by the way, is rocking that hat ;)


Let's do that again. Next Monday? :-D


@gtg Monday, sure! My friends have grey hats just saying ;)

Honestly I know I got to go thanks to the raffle and as unexpected as it was to attend I had a great timem

@honeydue fufunchis honorary badge, I am sure they would have loved that. I was having so much fun doing the pictures of them that I barely made of my own with people lol. I may have won a rep as a tad bit eccentric but was sending the pics real time to friends who did not come and they would ask for more. Lol

Yes, time flew

LOL - epic post dear @yidneth! You're such a great soul and it shines through everything you do here on the blockchain <3 Loved loved loved meeting you!!!


I have another post coming, from my own view, but they took over you know lol. Aw you are so sweet. Hugs

What a fun recap! Those fufunchi sure know how to have a good time. Did you actually lick the walls? I gotta make sure to meet you all soon!


Wouldn't it be lovely? Aw and Opal too

So much fun! ;) It was AMAZING to meet you and spend time with you both. Thank you for the laughter, the music, and the sweet time together. Hope your recovery goes quickly! ((hugs))


Aww, tight hug :**** love back, need to write my own article
Arg yes, will take some days to recover but we had such a great time


I'm so glad you put their adventures in a post! It's perfect!

I had a wonderful time living vicariously through them in Helpie.

I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time and made it home safely. 😍


I am glad you all fell part of it all through them

Question ... Did you manage to get back home from airport? ... I didn't meet Ritva, Tuula and Taika ... But it was great to meet you and your partner.... Glad we had you on SF3


Aww they had a great time, all the time smuggled in my bag...
We had to undo our suitcase right at the airport and look for our car keys... it was like a double bet... probably broken car, and lost car key....! XD but we found the key, and the car worked, and despite being very tired we made it back home right away, while the steemfest flue deployed its full force on us.
fufunchis flight  - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

OMG those rats!


Yes, they took over my blog this time, haha so it is a less serious post, but that is also part of me. They are quite sassy. Now you know why I plague people with ratties on discord. We wish we could have met you captain @drakos.

Haha, just read through the post it's fucking wonderful! I love you fufunchis and you guys better be at Steemfest 4!


We hope too, we would have not been able to afford if I had not win the steemitblog contest and roelandp was able to split budget for two, but we will see. This better moon before lol

Thanks for the updates ! I love all the fufu pictures.. so cute.. Pechi got fattened up and caffeinated :D Lucky piggy. So happy you guys had fun. ♥♥♥


He did gain weight, too much cake
I am glad you felt part of it all through them, sent you a greeting on stage thinking it was being broadcasted, hopefully someone filmed

Here's a cute photo of you with your per rats... They are so cute! ❤️❤️❤️

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Ohhhh I was distracted and they are stealing my dinner. I must send you mine. Thanks for the coffee. I still have no tried it because @hedac and me are dealing a nasty cold, so waiting until I can taste it. Thanks also for the pin, can you spot it in the first picture? It is there feel free to use @thealliance group pic , sending you more soon.


Oh... Hope you two get well soon! ❤️❤️❤️ We are now at Munich Airport on our way back.
Yup, Team Malaysia pin is next to Dunsky stickers...

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Thank you we are having a couple of rough days, aww you spotted it! Once more thanks for my coffee, love coffee,all sorts

Awesome picture of your trip, I appreciate seeing these and very happy you had a wonderful time and was able to meet so many in person. Thank you and be well.

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I read over @thealliance about the fires, I'm so sorry, I need to catch up with everything, while in SF everything was super hectic, sweet but fast. I thought it was a long time and then I lacked time to meet lots of sweet people. But glad of the experiences, and fufunchis party hard... and I'm quieter, I can't keep up with them!


Thank you Pris, I appreciate you, seeing the joy you guys had it's great, love those lil rat buddies. Thanks for the pictures and story.

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Hope they cheered you up a little

So jelly jelly jelly.... thanks for sharing and being your silly selves.... Love it!


they're handsome, aren't they? sigh


they are! I am in love with the sunset picture!

I loved this! Smiled and giggled throughout! What an adventure for your fufunchis! 🐀💙🐁


Awww thank you, they are very lively abd sassy and know how to have fun I miss real fufunchis but I thought this was a sweet fun to tribute them and has been going for a while.

La pareja más guapa y más guay de toda Cracovia esa semana! @yidneth y @hedac. Si señor!

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Mira que eres majo. Mándame la marca de gimbal que igual le cae al mister por navidad y hacemos vlog haha. Un placer conocerte, estamos in touch


Jajaja se llama ZHIYUN y el modelo es SMOOTH 4. :)

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awwwww ! this post is so sweeet! thank you fufus for keeping the report up <3 ! I hope I can meet you in person one day and of course your mom and dad.. I'll bring choco and cookies :D ! have coffee ready!


Awww and we will meet, but bring alfajores too😘🐀🐀🐀 hugs from all of us

this might be my favorite steemfest recap post so far!!!



Aww @meno me alegró poder chatear un poco más contigo el último día, pero comprendemos que has de hacer contactos para ayudarnos a todos. Atesoramos ese ratito, y esperamos que se vuelva a repetir. Nos veremos antes o después porque tenemos que conocer también a @ankapolo que nos faltó

Thanks so much for the mention, was so happy to see you and capture this moment. Really great to meet you and Hector ... was one of the highlights of steemfest for me :)


Aw thank you, I am glad you liked our performance and @hedac could not take pics because he was hectic in and out from stage. Happy to have the picture, I like it a lot. I love my low whistle.


glad i got to see you play live :)


Did you enjoy my three little starlets? Lol 🐀🐀🐀 😂


of course, they snuck out of the hotel the other night and came to visit me, they said they weren't tired at all and wanted to hang out, i would have taken photos but they wanted to go in the jacuzzi and i didn't want to bring my phone. they were really fun!

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It was great catching up with you at the airport and continuing the scanfest, Priscilla! :P :)


Steemfest always on... Better late than never 😘 🐀

Was a great time hanging out with you and Hector! Think the Salt Mines may have been my favorite thing too😋

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It was nice too to have @rhondak and @gmmuxx in front of me because I had barely stumbled upon them and still I fell I needed more time with them. Feel free to use the alliance group pic if you wish. @hedac took it for all of us featured in it

Most original story from SteemFest I have read - Your creativity doesn't have any limits Priscilla! Fantastic! All the best for You and all the Fufunchies!! :D


I had great fun doing it, and I was keeping update some friends with it hahha. It's a tad bit unconventional in the feed but as you see it has a back story :) too :) it's all part of me hahah too :) Fufunchis are great :)

What a wonderful recap!! I felt honored to share the stage with you, and well done to @hedac too, who was making sure that everything ran smoothly at any time, any moment, running after cars and midi cables!
My phone broke :( down so no pics from me, but I can't wait to see everyone else's pics!!!
Take care, I am pretty sure you will be sponsored for life to the Steemfest and became the first Steem superstar (and the fufunchis too)


Haha aren't you as sweet as talented?
Pleasure was ours, loced dueting backstage, wish we had had time to do it for @prc

And thanks for the kind wish,That would be a nice wish, wishing the same back to you. We may have a few pictures I will send them to you.


Well I see we should work on "Somewhere over the rainbow" and do our own version :)
Send all the pic you want! Huge hugs to you guys!

You are welcome for the comic my fellow nerd!!! Perfect write up!!! Pumped to start mine tomorrow. Hoping to crack it out in one day but there is a ton to say!!!


I still need to write my own personal impressions but fufunchis were eager to share and took over my blog. By the way, I am also a fellow fantasy illustrator and I am friend of Charles Vess, he has drawn for Spiderman officially though he is best known for drawing on Sandman and all Stardust.


I’m a huge fan of his work and have been for ages. One day I’d love to own an original piece by him. He’s truly one of the masters.

How did you end up making friends with him??? Drag his butt on Steemit! Lol

I’m totally going to check out your work as well.


We have actually coincided in several fantasy and comic conventions... I usually attend as illustrator/fantasy performer, we have actually shared conferences and such and as guests of the festival you hangout a lot. He's very humble and a totally fun guy and I'm blessed to have some of his books with lovely drawings. In fact I have an original of myself with "fufunchis" drawn by him... and Kokeneli my rolypoly pet, hahah let me look for it and I'll show you a picture. We hangout a lot there also with Brian and Wendy Froud, they were in charge of The Dark Crystal/Labyrinth design and a few other fellow illustrators, mostly fantasy.
Musically this is a good example to check my work

and about my art, all my albums are illustrated and in fact that video was made "after" one of my own illustrations, which was fun to do

I'm probably the geeky girl of steemit :/ LOL


I was telling my wife about your performance so I’ll be listening today. I’m writing in bed while she sleeps next to me so she’d kill me if I listened at this moment. Lol

This looks so awesome. Beautiful work. I can’t wait to dig in deeper.

Definitely dig out that piece. I’d love to see it. I do a lot of convention rooms but usually don’t hang with the talent so that’s pretty badass. I can tell we are gonna click. Lol

The ratty stuffies are so cute :)

That was such fun to read! It was lovely to have the dinner together in the salt mines. I have a bunch of photos but I've not gone through them yet. I've only been home for an hour went to meet my kids from school. Only one came out because my son's at drama class. Oopsie. I have video too of your Night of Steem performances. I'll get them to to you somehow. xx


It was a highlight for us too, we were looking fw to meet you, thanks for playing hector the hero for @hedac You can dm me on discord will give you my gmail for gdrive, I would be happy to have it. You can post pics on my server too

Fabulous photos and write-up! Those of us who were not able to attend really appreciate this! So glad that you, @hedac and the Fufunchis were able to travel to SteemFest and have fun! 😊


Awww I'm glad it put a smile on your face :) we are both (well us "five") happy to have made it there. I have an isopod plushie (for Kokeneli, my rolypoly) that felt a bit jealous of staying hahah some other time it will be an isopod plushie too

Great adventure for you and your family :D. I enjoyed reading about the funfunchis impressions on how things are, and of course, how cute they are as well xD.
Looking forward to see the post about your performance, I bet it's awesome :D.


They love to party too much... I couldn't keep up with them... and I still have countless of pictures I haven't shared XD I'm even considering to do a video slideshow just to include more. I'm yet to see more pictures of my performances, I know my friend @camuel took a few as well as video and I'm waiting for him to send me some, and I guess a few others will be here and there, just need to dig a little :)

Now it all makes sense :)


It was fun and we were keeping an entire discord community updated almost real time as some people there could not make it, it was fun for me too. Maybe it looked a bit nutty and still had a great time. Those rats party a lot

Fantastic write up! :)


Thank you, your kids are very cute.

Ohhhhhhh this looks like so much fun :D Thank you for sharing :D hugs


I got several hugs on your behalf hope you get them back, here a few already ((()))


My goodness, those are well traveled rats. I think it's cute that you have them in memoriam to your old sweet pets.


They have been also to our America tours and a few other travels... and a few hikes... and they were super fun. I know I will have more but I don't know I had a great time doing these for some friends and on @helpie they were like send more, send more... hahaha :)

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Fufunchis !!!! They're extremely amusing :-D and one of my favorite steemfest pictures!


Fufunchis are super happy to know that :) I posted my own recap and I didn't have half of the comments,and that's because they are so sassy and are little ratty starlets... honestly it makes me happy to see people having fun with their chronicles.


Send my love to fufunchis! I am their new fans :-D


Ohhh I will, they are really happy of the attention, little plushie starlets

It was great to hang out with you all in Krakow. I think it was a special experience for everyone. Steem on!


I agree and pleased to meet you as well.
How are dealing with the lurgy? Raging on in us


I'm a little better today, but not up to singing at the pub. I don't want to infect my friends.

Did you bought this with steem?

Posted using Partiko Android


No, they were all freebies from steemfest


Awesome, someday I'll be there

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