224 downloads of our @SteemFiction book in FIVE days! Thank you!!!!!


We would like to thank everyone who has bought our new book Dead Silence (available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Silence-Tales-Blockchain-Fiction-ebook/dp/B07SKQLRY2

We would also like to thank everyone who took advantage of the offer to download our first book Voices In The Darkness for free (the offer ended last week). 224 people downloaded the book during the 5 days it was on offer!

We currently have 6 reviews of the first book (with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars):
Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 11.08.50.png
Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 11.09.00.png

We would really appreciate more reviews if you have read either book, please take the time to leave a review (we would also love it if you posted a review on Steem - leave a link to your posts about our books below and we’ll check them out)!

If you want a taster of the new book Dead Silence @improv is putting together an audio file of some readings from each story from the book: watch this space!

Whilst you are waiting for that you can check out the beginning of one of the stories from Dead Silence. @felt.buzz has an author reading of the first 900 words of his story The Still Blood-Soaked Path: https://steemit.com/dtube/@felt.buzz/uu9dozwc (and you can listen to the audio version on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/feltbuzz/author-reading-first-900-words-the-still-blood-soaked-path-by-bruce-arbuckle


@SteemFiction (the team that brought you the collection of supernatural tales *Voices In The Darkness) has published a brand new collection of short stories

@jeezzle, @manoldonchev, @stinawog, @giantbear, @blueeyes8960, @jayna, @janenightshade, @improv and @felt.buzz have each written a tale based on the theme of MURDER

REVIEWS of the last @SteemFiction book *Voices In The Darkness

BUY the FIRST @SteemFiction book, Voices In The Darkness on Amazon:

@SteemFiction would like to give special thanks to @jeezzle who has worked extremely hard to motivate the other writers, and to put the book together. The photograph used for the cover of Dead Silence was taken by @manoldonchev. The video and gifs were produced by @felt.buzz

Help @SteemFiction in its mission to reward its writers and publish their next book!
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Great post! Thanks a lot. Resteemed.

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It’s so fun to see the growing awareness and interest!

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It's been quiet for a few months. Hope everyone is doing ok.


It's been quiet for
A few months. Hope everyone
Is doing ok.

                 - steemfiction

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One of our writers had a story purchased by a horror podcast! This story: https://www.amazon.com/Rockin-Around-Murder-Tree-Christmas-ebook/dp/B082ZSRVRT