[@cheihuey's @SteemFleaMarket] Amazon coupon giveaway: Christmas Talking Hamster! Cute Gift! [UPVOTE-GIVEAWAY]

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Seller: https://steemit.com/@cheihuey

Website: https://chei.co


All you have to do is to upvote and leave your comments at https://steemit.com/thanksgiving/@cheihuey/new-member-here-today-this-is-your-thanksgiving-gift-you-will-absolutely-love-it, and I shall provide you a 1 time coupon code to get this for free in Amazon.com for the first 5 comments, subsequent 20s will get 90% OFF and incremental till 50% OFF. All fulfilment will be done by Amazon.com, hence you should have Amazon.com account.

Product description


★ With soft fluffy plush outer and ABS gear inside, no pilling or wrap.
★ Repeat everything you say. If you giggle, he giggles; if you sing, he sing back to you!
★ Material: plush and ABS
★ Net weight: 130g/4.6 ounce/0.3lb
★ Measurements: Diameter:7.8cm; Height: 14.5cm
★ Can imitate female and male voice
★ Repeats what you say in his own critter voice
★ Makes a hilariously fun gift

User Guide:

1 Install 3*AAA batteies and replace the cover
2 Keep the switch in ON position and talk to it, it will repeat everything you say.
3 Keep the switch in OFF position when not use it.
4 The switch is on the bottom.

Friendly Note:

● The Talking Hamster works with high power consumption, please use new batteries once the batteries run out. Batteries are NOT included.
● A screwdriver is required to open the battery compartment lid to replace batteries. Screwdriver NOT included.
● Please allow minor color difference because of the influence of lights and different screen displayer

Note: I promise you will receive this before Christmas if you upvote and comment before end of Nov2017.


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This is awesome @steemfleamarket! The @steemthat Team has more projects and products like this they are working hard on to bring them online.

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Thanks @steemfleamarket! The more the merrier~

I try to post an item for sale on steemthat.com, i failed in the form, but when i try to post it it say:Failure! AssertionError: Expected version 128, instead got 9

Could you help me?


This is because steemit.com was having troubles again earlier on, could you try again? Https://steemthat.com/easy-flea it should work now.


How to add picture?

I think it's such a beautiful gift


Isn't it!? It's perfect!

Thank you for the SBD My friend!!! Right when I start to loose focus, there you are with a little monetary encouragement! I like the format that you have set up your account around. Not only is it unique but it also puts emphasis on the importance of community. As we all know, community and family are the two most important things in this world because Love pivots from those two sources and from Love, creativity is allowed to bloom and trive. Thank you my Brother.

Awww the video is so cute haha my baby boy would love it! He's 15 months now :)


15 months baby boy... this will totally grab his attention for a while... :))

It's Really Very Beautiful & Cute Gift for the Kids and I am sure the Kids will Love it !!!

Great post

thanks for this post

I really need this! For my son. With all that's happening in my life, budgeting for christmas gifts is tough. This would surely help me out!

so cute baby, dear friend i have upvoted you post