Gets lots of upvotes and rewards now! Steemfollower

3년 전

Steemfollower is this great website that connects with your steemit account. It helps users get upvotes that are worth a good amount and get curation rewards.

Steemfollower is not a bot, it is real users with great content just trying to help out new users!

A simple summary of what you do on this site is:

  1. you like other peoples posts, which you choose ( you only get to like 10 a day because of your steem power )
  2. Other users of this post like your posts with high steem power, which gets you a good amount of rewards
  3. You get followers from other people who like your content and you get to find other users with good content!

It is very easy to use and helps everyone out a lot
sign up with my link to get free rewards and it helps me out:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Bro, Is it real and authentic?