How to reforest the world, it's remarkably simple

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Project purpose:

 Through Steem, to plant at least 1 million trees and foster broader biosphere consciousness.    

Date: 18th of July 2018. 


It started with planting one native tree in Northern Peru by @intrepidsurfer [read about it here]. The SBD rewards earned from posting on Steemit enabled us to do so. The response was phenomenal on Steemit and tree planting quickly up ticked in pace. It was quickly understood this movement is bigger than just one person. It involves everyone and Steem is the tool that enables this. 

  (First Steem forest tree ) 

Within weeks, the Steem forest giveaway started up. Where the weekly reward pool is  shared with people who plant in our Steem forest . Eleven weeks into the giveaway and over 30 plants have found a home in Earth. We have also had the honor to support the further planting of over 200 trees in Lobitos, Peru. Have we mentioned this works with people's upvotes and generous donations of SBD/Steem.  

Goals and Objectives 

The goal in the project statement is: Through Steem, to plant at least 1 million trees and foster broader biosphere consciousness.  

Achieving this leads to the following framework of objectives and are in order of implementation:  

1) Steem forest publications come as three types of posts:  


 (The team planting our Steem forest all over the world)

Steem forest giveaway:  A rewards based post system, where anyone can participate. A tree or perennial shrub planted, validated and a post published on the Steem blockchain. The weekly SBD or Steem pool shared amongst all participants.  


  (@intrepidsurfer helping to reforest Lobitos, Peru. One tree a time) 

Steem forest initiative: Supporting and showcasing reforestation projects via, posts videos and @intrepidsurfer the face in front of the camera. These will be larger reforestation projects and all of which contribute to the Steem forest. Focus placed on vetted projects supported by @steemforest via post promotions, direct SBD/Steem contributions and upvotes.  

Biosphere consciousness: Basically another way of saying education and raising awareness, but in line with current "buzz" word trends. An example would highlight international day of Earth, Oceans, World food, no more plastics etc.    

2) Activating @steemforest- Will be the first step of formalizing the Steem forest project. All Steemforest publications will in a phased manner, transferred and operated from @intrepidsurfer to @steemforest.   


3) Implement,  repeat and grow- The Steem forest grows on the block-chain too. Once @steemforest Steem Power is equal or exceeds 20,000 SP. Any extra Steem created on @steemforest used to open for example @steemforest2 and then can become more locally orientated. Management will be local, with feet on the ground a pre-requisite. This is a form of Steem Basic project support, but dedicated to environmental grass roots projects.    


 Are many and not limited to:  

  • A simple, but common goal that we can all unite behind and support. A goal that has no boundaries and brings us closer together.   
  • Grassroots driven.  
  • Positively returning back to our biosphere and offsetting our consumption.    
  • Encouraging and nurturing permaculture.    
  • Partly offsetting the Steem block-chain carbon footprint.   
  • Rewarding people for their participation, fostering positive reinforcement and a sense of community.
  • Preservation and enhancement of natural landscapes.  
  • Enhancing our collective biosphere consciousness.   
  • An opportunity to all types of Steem users a chance of rewards and therefore providing encouragement to participate in the blockchain as a whole.   


Transparency, key to maintain trust with all participants. All aspects of @steemforest is open source. We are aware, it isn't simple as just planting and walking away to let it initially grow by itself. Plants must be nurtured until they are properly settled. In order to monitor the sustainable growth of the Steem forest, we propose three tools: 

  Follow up reports: On occasion we will contact regular participants to visit the plants they gave to the Steem forest and write a post about it. This will include photos and post writers are offered a % of the post SBD earnings.      

  Google Earth: Shortly everything planted in our Steemforest will require geo-tagging with a mobile phone. This data, incorporated within a Steemforest Google Earth Skin overlay and over time, with the history tool, viewers can scroll to past satellite imagery to observe the Steem forest growth. A monthly post is written to showcase this tool and report on growth visually: Globally and locally. 


 Steem forest map of all our trees on the planet.   

@steemforest gamification: Think Pokemon go, but imagine you adapt that for the Steem forest. For example using augmented reality, one could search out plants globally, check up on actual forests, trees or shrubs and potentially get rewarded for it.... this is just the tip of iceberg.    


Today the Steem forest oversight team has grown to two people to cope with the increased workload:

Creator/Full time: @intrepidsurfer has over 12 years in the field international development. From grassroots initiatives to national master plan design for the United Nations and a variety of international government ministries.  

Full time: @silverlining1 has experience working with the 501c3 approved H.U.G.S (Humans Unifying Global Solutions), a passion for plants stemming from spending most of the last 3 years working with plant medicines that relate to shamanism and a background in neuro linguistic programming.   

 How we are funding all this: 

Simply put we will be operating on receiving rewards in the 50/50 format. All Steem will be used to power up the account. All SBD will be used to support the Steem forest giveaway and initiatives. The team are currently supporting this project with their time and will receive upvotes from @steemforest . The number of daily upvotes dedicated to the team would be a maximum of 4 out of 12 daily.   

If this project grows to the point where we need to expand. We will revisit our position in regards to withdrawing a small % of daily rewards. This would be well published prior to this action taking place and would require positive feedback from the community.   

 Want to help out? Easy: 

  • Plant a tree, but if you can't.. 
  • Follow our cause to reforest the planet using Steem. 
  • Spread the word of our project in any way you can. 
  • Tap your index finger to upvote this post.   
  • Donate SBD or Steem to be used to replant the world. 
  • Delegate some of your excess Steem Power to @steemforest . We will us it to upvote many vetted environmental grassroots projects working on the Steem blockchain.   

 Links to previous steem forest giveaways: 

 1st ever post about @intrepidsurfer tree planting: 

 First Steem forest giveaway:   
 2nd  Steem forest giveaway:   
 3rd  Steem forest giveaway:
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 5th Steem forest giveaway:   
 6th  Steem forest giveaway:   
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 9th  Steem forest giveaway:   
 10th  Steem forest giveaway:
 11th  Steem forest giveaway:   

Never must we forget who helped make this happen.

This would have never been possible without the following: 

@jaybird @world-travel-pro @lukestokes @ashe-oro @artwatch @bleedpoet @lizelle @yankee-statman @offoodandart   @jedau   @randomly    @suerisue   @theywillkillyou   @jpphotography  @heyitshaas  @pennsif   @pit-bullion   @loveself   @world5list @chefsteve  @jeffjagoe @cecicastor @gold84 @basilmarples @milhail.tsvetkov @brentssanders @world-travel-pro @da-dawn @cryptocatz @judejulius @gideonedemekong @pv-p @criptokingko @lifemovedbysteem @sumatranate @minnowsupport @branusko @derovict @vavvvav @andrest05 @zovra-lidell @aldenvs @natureofbeing  @ddschteinn @youareyourowngod  @thereceptionist @mazzle @imperialaussie @unusualconfusion @tersuppgeders @ribooripi @joepike  @hoosefreedom @erinn @brizhorticulture @christinevenus @conradino23

Please, please remind us if we missed your name out.   

Plant a seed and a forest will grow. Our Steem forest. 

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This is by far my favorite project on the Steem blockchain

So cool to see your project growing so well! Like a well cared for tree!


So cool to see your
Project growing so well! Like
A well cared for tree!

                 - chefsteve

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Awesome project my friend. Truly inspiring. Wishing you the very best of luck! From Kiev Ukraine! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

Wow truely a great post and your right we can do it one tree at a time steemforest thanks


thank you @garrettwallace for your kind words and support.

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Next level #steemforest using the steemforest handle!

Always count me in, in times of planting or growing a tree project is part of me and my little support will be donated. i appreciate your kindness, you are doing an enormous job worth emulating so as to have a conducive habitable environment. Thank you for being good.

Great to see this post is finally up! It's been a long time coming 😊 Let's build the momentum as @projectgiving is ready to post our post just need some extra bits and bobs as mentioned before 😉

This sounds like it’s gona be epic. Especially that VR idea. That will be cool as fuck!

Your project is amazing @intrepidsurfer! Let me known if you are ever planning on some travel related posts/contest that we could support with @travelfeed!

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