How to get free limited time back bling for Fornite!

4년 전


Hey, everyone, I wanted to make a video showing you how to get the free back bling it's really simple but its limited time so I don't want anyone to miss out in case you haven't picked it up from the item shop yet get it while you can.

Reasons why you should get the free back bling

Because its free is the main reason but another reason I'm thinking about is the potential to how rare it can be somewhere down the road, I mean it might not be rare right now it's free to everyone, but its limited time you can only this weekend if epic games decide to never put it back in the shop then it will be rare one day in my opinion.

Steps to getting free back bling

1: launch fortnite with epic launcher
2: click item shop in the main menu
3: click on "Rust bucket" back bling
4: click purchase at 0 cost

If you enjoyed the video or my post please leave a comment telling me what you liked about it I'm always open to chat and make new friends. if anyone would like to play fortnite with me just add me up we can play some games together!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend love @cryptotippy

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thank you for the support i dont know what i would do with out you!