STEEM Gearing Up For Take Off: $20 Billion Industry In Sight

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The power of STEEM just keeps growing.

Today, it is with great excitement that I share how we are near the release of a platform that can go after a $20B industry.

How do you think the prospects of STEEM will expand with this development?

LIke most things on blockchain, this allows for the removal of middlemen and platform providers who take a large chunk of the pie.

How do you think independent developers will feel about getting paid as long as they keep making updates to their creations?

Do you think users will like the ability to not have to pay nor download anything?

Like most things on STEEM, payments come via upvotes. Now, we have a platform that really caters to the independent developers, a group that were repeatedly taken advantage in this industry.

What is the $20B industry? It is gaming.

@steemgg announced they are very close to going live with their gaming platform that will allow creators to upload their games and have users play them for free. The concept is no different than what Steemit did for bloggers. The reward system allows for upvotes which will reward the content creators, in this instance the game developers.

One unique feature @steemgg will add is the ability for developers to get paid passed the 7 day window. As long as they are updating their games, payouts will continue.

The goal is to create an independent gaming community that extends outside the reach of the STEEM community. Free games usually require downloads or having to endure annoying ads. @steemgg will have none of those. The platform is a HTML5 format with the ability to play online games without the usual hassle.

This is another major application that has tremendous potential. Blockchain is still a young technology. It is often said that the early adopters of newer technologies, and a large reason why they go mainstream, are the porn and gaming industries. By having a gaming platform which encourages independent developers, this could be a major boost.

The benefit to all Steemians is that anything which adds value to the ecosystem enhances the value of STEEM. This will expand the reach of the STEEM blockchain while offering the potential to bring a large amount of users.

Of course, as we are seeing all over the place, the thought is to add a SMT to the platform when the time is right.

There already are a few games on the STEEM blockchain. However, having a platform that exists specifically design to cater to the needs of gaming developers and users is outstanding. This really could elevate the visibility of the entire ecosystem while bringing millions to STEEM. The interest in gaming, among millennials, has already passed traditional sports. It is a growing segment that is only expected to increase as virtual reality is introduced.

Each week we are seeing more development that is utilizing the content/reward system that is inherent with this blockchain. It is hard not project how things will be when there are thousands of different applications coming out each year. This is the potential we have before us.

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I'm a gamer and gamedev myself. So I'm excited to see this kinds of project on steem. Will check the @steemgg out.

Thank you for such an informative post and helping us in spreading our ideas. I have resteemed your post.

We aim to use STEEM blockchain as a new technology to provide a new way for game developers to be rewarded for their work, and also give back to the gamers without whom game developers would not exist! Let's hope that our effort will help take STEEM to the heart of the gaming community!

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Please make something like Steem Gallaga or Steem Defender :D

Many of us remember how exciting it was seeing "Steem Retro" offer the first Steem game you could earn steem from playing, and it was Steem Pac Man and it ended after only being available for a few months...


That will be up to the game dev community to do it! Initially we will be concentrating on providing the platform that game dev can provide their games. But, we will be making tools to make it easier to have the game economic system tied onto STEEM. And if at the end, no one is making a Steem Defender, may be we will consider it :)

we just need one application on the steem platform to go viral and it'll bring the price up for all of us, I just hope the price drops more so I can load up

This move will take steem price to $7-8
Let's see it coming

I remember hearing something like gaming is a bigger industry than the movie and music industry COMBINED! And it's growing every year, very exciting!!!!

@taskmaster4450 I think Steemians like Mark @exyle and @ezzy will be BIG FANS of the Gaming Platform on Steemit.............Get your STEEM Power while it is still inexpensive.....................

Steemit community is growing so fast.

Thank you for sharing this important news. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что поделились этими важными новостями. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Everyday we see new developments coming to this steemit community. Once SMT is launched, this will surely take the steem to the moon.

I need to correct you on one important fact. The gaming industry isn't worth 20 billion, it was 108 billion in 2017 and growing. Just the battle royale genre alone is expected to hit 20 billion market cap soon. So yeah, your estimate is far too humble. :P If you were talking about USA's numbers only though, then that 20 billion is accurate.


I believe that is the case:

If you were talking about USA's numbers only though, then that 20 billion is accurate.

  ·  2년 전

Gamification in general should be a huge potential for our blockchain, so I'm looking forward to see the implementation by @steemgg. Ty for reporting, i would have missed that one.

I can't wait for this to go live...

Peak cheeto dust in couch life mode on !!

This sounds awesome... I’m working on a game, but been struggling to figure out how to turn playing into “mining” rather than hijacking the CPU or something lame...this might be a cool way to implement a reward system.

I will definitely do some more research here...thanks!