SteemGig: Help Me Crowdfund Steemit University Bags

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Hey there, Steemit Community!

At my university we usually pack gift bags for the first semester students, which contain lots of goodies and stuff to help the students have a great start into their academic career.

While planning the bags for the approaching semester, an idea came to mind: We could get Steemit themed paper bags to advertise the platform to a new group of potential users.

The only problem is, as usual, money. Even if we only start with the about 100 new biology students, printing the bags can cost up to 400€ (design + printing + shipping). And if we want to actually add more information than just the logo, we are probably at 500€ for the whole thing.

I'll be using this post's rewards (the Steem Power too, if possible) to pay for the bags, so if you want to help me promote Steem you can just upvote this post!

If you are an artist and want to help design the bags, leave a comment!

Should this post get more money than needed, we might be able to include additional goodies like keychains or something else, but that depends on the payout. Photos of the bags will be posted as a proof as soon as they're printed and delivered.

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What kind of goodies are usually inside?


Whatever we can get from sponsors, energy drinks, food, notepads, pencils and condoms are regular things. If we raise enough money, we could add some steem gadgets and would have free reign about what to include.


Eyyy safety's first, can't forget the condoms!

I am a designer :) I would like to help with promoting Steemit! @nicolemoker


That would be awesome! If you want to get in touch:

I can help you out with this. Here's my Steemgig.


Cool! Talking to you on discord.

Wonderful initiative.

Upvoted! Lets get this kids ready for school with some nice gifts!


Well, it is university so the students are mostly adults ;)

Would printing Steemit stickers/labels and applying them to regular, cheap, paper bags be more cost-effective? Steemit designers could still come up with designs for the stickers. Just a thought - I don't know how much specialty bags would cost! Can't wait to see the finished result, whichever direction you take it!


This was my first thought when seeing the cost of printing on the bags. This idea could at the very least be a "plan b" option if you do not reach your target goal. A cool sticker with the logo and site address would be just as good. Possibly better because if you just put them in the welcome bag they can stick it somewhere forever versus tossing the bag in the trash or in a closet.


I agree. My water bottle is covered in stickers that means something to me. If I had a steemit sticker on here, I'd never not be promoting this site!


Ooh and then people could put them on their laptops too! Steemit stickers might be something to look into beyond this...


Great ideas in this thread! Will definitely keep an eye out for stickers.

Fantastic idea. The demographic seems perfect for new steemians!

Well done - very good idea

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That's an amazing idea to advertise like that mate! Great initiative for further success of Steemit!

What about, instead of printing the bags, have the Steemit community make them? We can incorporate Steemit logos into cool designs, and each person would have a personalized bag, plus we can put a slip of paper with our blog name and some information in the ones we do, also, what about Steemit pencils? They would be pretty cheap to buy right?


That is a really cool idea but I think it will be a logistical nightmare to coordinate 100 people and have them send bags from all over the world.

Pencils are definitely planned

That such a cool idea! :) Unofrtunately I'm not a first year student and I'm already a user but maybe I can get one? :D


Well if you really want one, help me make this a reality and come to my university to get one ;)

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Great initiative! got my upvote :)

Sounds like a worthwhile venture to me. I have resteemed your post, good luck!

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great initiative

followed and upvoted !
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