#STEEMGIGS: I will Design A 3d Coin, Cryptocurrency Design, Or Website Banner

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Hi i will design any Cryptocurrency logo, coin design, or general coin and also the any website banner for your brand

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Love it or get your money back!

What is in this GIG:

1.) Words to put on your coin or banner - attach a text file or include the words in the gig order. 

2.) The color and style for the label - attach examples if you can. 

3.) SIZE and SHAPE (round, oval, square, rectangle) of the label. 

4.) Orientation for the label (horizontal/landscape or vertical/portrait). 

Extremely high quality image

Realistic 3D design

With or without background [transparent, not all]

JPG, PNG file formats

Fully editable PSD source file. (additional $30)

I can change bottle, lid, glass colors in some mockups.

Our service include:

Fast delivery

Unlimited revisions (Package 1, 2 & 3)

Discount on bulk orders (50% on all secondary labels of the same type)

100% customer satisfaction

Please send me a message with any questions before ordering :)


I will design a dynamic front coin for your brand.With unlimited revision

Price: Starting at 15 SBD
Delivery: 3 day(s) 0 hour(s)


My requirements:

Sample coin image

Desired center image

Name of coin

And writeup

Send sample coin image and desired centre image and words to use. Thanks, you can equally follow me @airdropgod. We have great passion for our work


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