#STEEMGIGS: I will write a professional and enticing steemit blog article for you.

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I write for several online sites. I can create professional and enticing blog & article content for anyone & on any topic. Articles will be, filled with SEO, links, top Google engine public photos, videos, titles with popular Google keywords, tags, researched and correct information, professional opinion if desired, and edited. I can even create small designs for your article or blog.



All projects include up to 3000 words, editing with Grammarly, and free revisions up to 3x. Longer articles will require a very small extra fee per 500 words.


  1. SEO
  2. highlighting
  3. videos
  4. embeds
  5. sources
  6. links
  7. Image credits

Any requested small designs can be included upon request for free, but require extra time. Articles can usually be completed, with revision, within 4 hours. I can get articles completed in 2 hours for 1 extra SBD.

Feel free to take a look at my blog and news site links for my most recent articles and content, as well as my social links.

Writing Sites:






Social Links:






Price: Starting at 5 SBD

Delivery: 0 day(s) 4 hour(s)


Requests may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Article topic
  2. related links
  3. product information (if necessary)
  4. special colors, fonts, and designs
  5. Good communication on day request is made
  6. email for your proofreading, and editing of article
  7. Immediate payment upon completion and acceptance of project
  8. 1 SBD regardless of acceptance of article for time committed, as articles will be professional


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Whoahhhhh~! We need a prof writer like you for Kryptonia/SuperiorCoin articles. I need to talk to them about it.


Thank you. That would be great!

This is good @authorcolinbmw. I might consider bringing you onboard for my website, especially the SEO part. Are you also on Fiverr?


That would be wonderful! I am not on Fiverr, but I will look into it today! Thank you!


I guess this is a time for good bye.. Thanks for making my day filled with curiosity.


sir i already done my witness vote for you & you are my one & only witness vote. you are legand sir. i love @steemgigs

wow! Looking forward for that professional and enticing steemit blog article for steemgigs :)

Nice contribution here in @steemgigs and a unique writing ability. Keep it up.

Whoah, writer in the house. Thank you for offering your services, I will definitely keep you in mind in case the need arises.


Thank you very much. I hope I can help you out one day soon.


Would you please also upvote, and resteem, if possible? Thank you so much @Yadah04!


Well, its not everyday you get a professional writer and and auditor on steemit. I like your works, please keep it up.

I envy people who can write. I have everything stored in my head but can't get it to a paper.

Very good job for a steemgigs post. I hope you get lots of takers.

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name. I normally do not take offers the require resteeming, but I decided to do a trail of in on Sundays for a few weeks to see how it goes. I have 3700 steemit followers, so maybe this will help your visibility.


Thank you very much!

Colin posts high quality content on various topics, highly recommend you make contact with @authorcolinbmw when needing a helping hand in writing.

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This looks useful, could very well be that I'll be using your services at some point.
I could see a group of writers forming a community, each with their own speciality.

Kryptonia : poco_loco

This is impressive! You just gave an opportunity to a lot of steemit users. Upvoted and resteemed! Kryptonia id is @mgadin

Nice post my friend


Great idea and services... @mattandkami ... resteemed

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Very interesting. You make it affordable. And I envy you your obvious skill.

But I am curious: why would a person pay you to do the very thing they get to do by joining this site? Did we not join this site to do it ourselves and then get curated by fellow Steemians, helping us to improve our skills?
Would a better quality of writing help me to get more responses or upvotes?
Do you curate, giving tips on how to write better?

Kryptonia: @reonlouw


Go ahead and read several Steemit posts. Many writers on Steemit are subpar. Their grammar is atrocious, or they make no sense. Many writers on Steemit need help. Also, I don't just offer Steemit post writing. I offer writing for anything. College student papers, technical writing, book and product reviews, and more. Thank you for asking this important question. I can curate, yes.

Wow..great writer😄 and you have a lot of writtings.
Thank you for offering from jason21 of kryptonia

Awesome! This is a good service and I hope that people would get interested to this and contact you or maybe a publishing company why not.
Got you from Kryptonia @wilsonblue5

Great idea. And paid in crypto. Very nice. 3K in 4 hours! My hats off to you! Upvote, resteem courtesy of @Jerry32 at krytonia. and best of luck!

Good to know you offer quality writing service. Upvoted, resteemed, read and commented Kryptonia: deathly_horror

Great post and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

Good luck with your plan. Id: alejandromata

Awesome job! So lucky, you are gifted with words and bright ideas. Read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

Nice post!
Would try to check on your offer soon

nice. steemgigs really helps people to show their special skills.

Thanks @ deanolad

Everything look available in this blog. You are an expert writer, man. Try to learn it.

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nice post :)
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Nice post.thanxs👍👏

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Good post! From Kriptonia

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I hope this service works out for you. I have been wracking my brain noodle on how to earn steem.

uvas23 from Kryptonia, spreading some love.

Great post!

thanks for sharing
kry id iulianpatache

Cool mps01k1@kryptonia.io

nice job you have!

you are offering a great service. keep it up.

great article and service. I wish you well.

Great write up.

Interesting service, thanks!!

Good luck with that sir :)

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nice post
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Nice post

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nice to read all of articles, vauable,

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Wow! A writer in Steemit! 😊 Cool!!! 😊

Great post :)

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Whooa that would be amazing

Wow.. Great idea. Been been planning to post some articles soon.. @coachjuvymae

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Nice! we have a writer from krypto and steemit :) Keep it up!

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very fast offer and interessting opportunity
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Great post. You are very talented sir. keep it up.

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