#STEEMGIGS: I will make a layout design for your tarpaulin

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Hello everyone, I am @lakawero and today I will help you design a layout for your tarpaulin or flyer needs. I am not a pro editor and I only know the basics of editing but I will try my best to deliver to you the design you want. I will be sharing to you below the past layouts of my previous clients as part of my portfolio.

My logo layout design for Winner Mindanao Group.

Their event ticket pass layout.

And this is their event invitation layout.

My Tarpaulin layouts.

This are my previous layouts from different clients.


Since I have a full time work, I will work for it during my free time. We can talk about the layout design you want via discord or facebook so I can have the full details. What you will get is a High quality PSD and JPEG version of the layout outcome in a zip file. I will give maximum 10 revisions for each project.

We can always talk about the pricing just don't hesitate to bargain. ^_~

Price: Starting at 3 STEEM

Delivery: 0 day(s) 5 hour(s)


The requirements I need to have is high quality photos of the images you want to be included in the layout. Like for example birthday tarpaulin. I would want the pictures of the celebrant in high quality.

You may also want to include the birthday cake design of your choice in PNG. Just look for it in google in PNG. But that is optional.

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you say not a pro but it looks like you know how to do it well


Thank you @glitterstorm I am flattered to read your comment. hehehe

This is amazing work! I'm sure @baa.steemit can give you pro tips and tricks, even possibly help you with utopian-io submissions...