I am writing a service to help Steemit contest runners tabulate the votes. What features would you like to see in it?

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Recently I ran a contest. I had over 400 comments to process, when the voting period ended. I don't like doing "rote" work, so I decided to write a script to help me with it.

From feedback on the script's post, I have decided to turn this into a service, to help those who are running contests.

NOTE: I might not have used the correct tags for this post, to maximize visibility. Please let me know if there are other "contest"-type tags I should be using instead? Thanks! Also, if you care to resteem this, I'll appreciate! :)

So, instead of making an "all sizes fit one" and forcing everyone to tell their followers to format their voting comments "just so" (which is almost impossible to get people to do), I want to first ask for feedback from the community: if you have run a contest, please give me a link to that contest in a comment, so that I can check its formatting -- I can use the contests that people give me as "test cases".

The basic input variables, and what they would have been for my post:

  1. url = URL to the post;
  2. selfvote = 0, 1, or 2: whether to allow self votes: 0 means no; 1 means yes; 2 means invalidate all votes from a self-voter (2 for mine, although fortunately there weren't any!)
  3. votesperaccount = number of votes each account can cast, and if they make more than this, remove the oldest when the newest is added (5 for mine)
  4. numwinners = number of winners (50 for mine)
  5. qualify = I will need to figure out how to do this. In my contest, a votee qualified if their "(followers * 10) + STEEM Power" was < 10,000. I'll need to allow for various forms of equations, for instance not everyone will use the same formula as me. And, some contests might want to include a narrow range (i.e., perhaps "dolphins"), meaning the exclusion would be both "must be above this mark" and "must be below this mark". So this one will require some thought/feedback.
  6. Also there might be "votingkeywords" -- for instance, the goal of the contest might not be voting for other users; might be voting for certain options that the contest runner chooses -- for instance, "what color should my new car be: red, green, or blue?" So "red" "green" and "blue" would be the votingkeywords, and any instance of those words in the comments would mean that user chose to vote on it.
  7. Since some users might want to "discuss" in the comments as they normally do, might want to have a "requiredkeyword" like "I nominate" or "My votes:" which the contest runner would indicate to use in the contest instructions in the blog post. Note that even though I specifically said "no self votes" as the first instruction, I still had at least one person ask "can I self vote?" (They didn't, though, even though I didn't answer -- too many comments!)

It would then read in the contest, gathering all the comments, and parse them. The user posting the comment would be the one voting. If more votes were made than "votesperaccount", it would keep the last ones. However, a part that I had to add to my script -- if a user votes for the same account again, just discard it, don't replace, because that threw it off for my recent contest.

Then it would count the votes for each votee, and determine which were the top "numwinners", accounting for removal of self-votes (if "selfvote" set to 0), and removal of all votes from a self-voter (if "selfvote" set to 2).

Next it would scan through each winner (if the winner was specified to be an account -- I'll need to figure out how to specify "qualify" as this moves forward), and determine whether that winner qualified; if not, put them on a "disqualified" list and move the rest up, then add the top-voted account that didn't win into the lowest spot, and continue checking.

Finally, it would email the contest runner, with all details. Might have it include a CSV for each list as well, those being: winners; disqualified; not-winners; self-voters (whose other votes were included, if "selfvote" was 1, or whose other votes were discarded, if "selfvote" was 2).

A feature I just thought of: in the contest I ran, some people formatted the "@username" wrong -- the correctable one (via script) was where there was a space between the "@" and the "username"; others were missing the "@" (which I was able to fix by hand; not sure a script could, though). So it could be run as a "check" ahead of time -- if anyone's comment didn't parse properly, it could leave a comment (or email the contest runner -- or optionally, both I guess), telling the user it couldn't understand their output. It could also leave a note if there weren't enough votes -- e.g., that might indicate the instance above where the "@" had been left out, so that the voter will have a chance to fix their comment before the voting period ends. There are people on Steemit from every country on the plane, and not everybody speaks English very well, so this would be helpful and inclusive.

In fact, I want to specifically call out @soan55, who had posted this comment which I took extra care to understand -- and am glad I did! It is because of her (?) (yes, just checked her blog -- nice pictures!) comment that this service and post are being made!

(Well, several others made similar comments, but it was hers that I saw first.)

I'm a little tired today, although it is great news that the intestinal blockage has worked itself out without my needing to use the enema ("with friends like you, who needs enemas!!?!" :) ), so things are moving properly again. Which, if you haven't experienced it, is just incredibly refreshing. I'm almost positive that this was related to the visit we made to the stem cell clinic last week. Yesterday, I did the research I should have done (which my wife had already done, so we weren't going in blind (well, me only half so :) )) and then did some meditation last night (I might have a post about that soon, was my first "with cannabis" and it led to some really neat thoughts and insights), as the river started flowing again. (Too graphic? Sorry! :) )

Anyway due to being tired, I am running out of steam (heh) working up this post, so I'm just going to leave it in its current form, as I'm really in the "info gathering phase" of this programming task right now.

So: if you've run a contest, please send me URLs to the ones you've run. In fact, even if the contest wasn't yours, if there was one in which the contest runner expressed some angst about how difficult it was to count up the votes, please pass that along as well!


I haven't decided whether to charge for this, and if so, how much. If you have an opinion on what you'd be willing to pay to help save your time, please let me know as well!

Thanks and I hope everybody had a great vacation day today; well, those in the New England states anyway! :)


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You have really done a great job with this. I use to organise a weekly contest called Fatherfaith Referral Bonus (FRB). It's like most of the variables will not work for my contest. You can check how my contest look like from this link


I hope to see variables that will work for my project soon. Keep doing the good work


Wow, yeah that's quite different from mine. That said, I think I can see my way to automating each of them:

  • Your referral's account have to be approved within the period of this contest which is 13th of February to 19th of February 2018.
  • The new member must have done the introduction post which must acknowledge the person that introduce him or her to steemit
  • The username of the invited members must be dropped as comment on this post on or before the deadline which is 19th of February 2018.
  • You must upvote and resteem this post

For the last, I know http://steemd.com has this info, so I can get it programmatically. I'd imagine that the third one, the comment should be by the person bringing the referral's account in? Then that would be easy to gather. From there, the second one should be easy to find -- just look for an "introducemyself" post, and then search through it for the username (probably without the "@" as new users may not know to add it). And, once we know the referral's account name (from #3), we can determine when the account was created.

Looks like this is doable! Thanks for the input.


Welcome boss. Will be happy if each of them can be automated to make selection easy

The process of choosing winners is what have been scaring me from holding contests. It is not an easy thing to do...I prefer giveaways kind of thing so I can get it over it asap.

I will be monitoring the progress of this project. It will come very handy.

Thank you for your amazing vision.


Sure thing; it's good to find a "pain point" that I can help to resolve!

I have not run a contest but had to laugh at the Monkey Wrench Gang quote. That was a great book! Glad all "went smoothly" for you.


LOL, now I'm quoting books I haven't read yet! What was the quote? I know, in the context, I'm a little afraid to ask... :)


"With friends like that, who needs an enema?" Edward Abbey wrote the book, it is a great read. Someone else may have said it too, that is where I first heard it though.

Duuude! this is just amazing! I was modelating in my head the idea to this app, but since I'm just learning to code C# I'm monts away of puling something like this withoun SEVERAL enemas... I'll be most happy to put myself on your service once I'm confident enough with my coding abilyties.
PS: I think you should give it free or ask for a donation to a minnowsupport group, or to a comunal found for certain charity work, or delegate SP to a bot


Thanks! You know it's funny (and topical), the smaller version of your image is difficult to discern, and I often think "is he sitting on the toilet?"!!! I just clicked the down triangle next to your name, and saw the "middle" size version, and you're definitely standing. LOL!

Thanks for the pricing feedback as well, that's difficult to determine. Delegation can be immediately removed (although it takes a week for the funds to return to the delegator). Donation is a neat idea. My insurance runs out in a couple months and I'll need an income; I don't expect this to fully cover it -- and, I think my trading might be able to do so actually. But, that means I'm thinking income-type-thoughts...

I like the idea of the reply notifier. I have unfortunately ignored too many replies to comments I've made on others' posts, as they slip through the cracks because I get so many replies to my posts. Being able to differentiate the two, and especially to be able to have a better "these I've read" vs. "these are unread" (easy to do in a mailreader), would also be very helpful.

you are doing a great job sir... keep it up...👍

programming really makes life simple and easy


Started programming when I was 12 (which was back when most people, didn't :) ), and loved computers. They didn't attack me because me eye looked wrong, and when I told them to do something the right way, they always did it without fail. Of course if I told them to do something the wrong way, they also did it the wrong way without fail, so debugging became important to me.

I often wonder what type of career path I might have chosen, had I full visual faculty (and perhaps less cognitive capacity as a result).

In other words yes, I complete agree -- the programmer's life isn't generally quite as easy, but it's my goal through developing software to help make other peoples' lives easier. And for those who want to learn from my code, well, I'm able to help in multiple ways.


big thanks to you man for giving us this liberty :)


You're welcome! Still a lot of effort remaining before it's completed though, but with the feedback I've received already, I'm ready to tackle it.

i will bookmark this post so if anyone will be in need of this i will share it

thank you @libertyteeth

This is an awesome initiative. One that greatly raises the potential of community growth. Now, how to make it so, anyone at anytime can easily find this great service!Resteem

Now that is great you are helping the community in a big time which is great :)

Thanks for the explanation . I wanted to know how it works .


Sure thing! Let me know if you have other questions.

This script will help all the contest creators . How long will your contest last ? Is it monthly or quarterly ?


Well, I did post this in "contest" but that's because it's for contest runners. This itself isn't a contest. This service is expected to last "indefinitely" (i.e., as long as I do).


I mean when will the next voting begin ? I think this was your second time .

More ideas to add to the inputs:

  1. Voter must resteem.
  2. Voter must follow.
  3. Voter must comment (well, duh... :) ).
  4. Voter must send "X" (or more) SBD.
  5. Voter must send "X" (or more) STEEM.
  6. Voter must unfollow "Y" account (not sure why; I'm thinking of the angry whale and his errant bots).
  7. Voter must follow "Z" (e.g., not necessarily #2 above, which is follow the contest runner).
  8. Voter must make a post of "W" words or more (e.g., a story contest), and link the post in a comment.
  9. Voter must make a comment of "W" words or more (same as above, but just a comment not a separate post).

I'm sure there are more, @fatherfaith's requirements were neat to see!


Voters must have >x (or <) posts, followers, Reputation, SP.
I loved the 6.


Surely, there are more as we have countless contest out there with different criteria
@libertyteeth, thanks for working out ways to make things easy for contests organizers

Interesting blog realy im enjoying thanks for sharing with us ur lovely post @libertyteeth

I think the contests of 2 people are acceptable. 1: @libertyteeth and 2: @xpilar

it's @xpilarcontest link.
i hope you success. keep it up.

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Okay, I'm pretty sure now that you're a bot following me around. What to do, what to do...


By that I mean, this post is about writing a script to help other people at Steemit more easily tabulate the contests that they run. While I do discuss trading cryptocurrencies in other blogs and comments, this one has nothing to do with trading, so your comment seems not only inappropriate -- it seems like it was not done by a thinking individual, which leads me to believe it may have been done by a script.

I looked back through your previous comments, and saw that I had upvoted one, before you made this one. Then, before that one, you had made one identical to this one. I was pretty sure I was seeing something I'd seen before and not deja vu, when I posted the first comment response.

I'm still not sure, what to do, what to do...

anather lovely writing i see here its beautifull thankyou for shareing sir...

Interesting blog Can't wait to hear more UpVoting


Not certain your reading speed is believable...

Seems scripted. :) :D LOL at my joke, this post is about scripting! Okay, must be tired...


Oh cmon, he must have that godly reading speed... Nobody is scripting or spamming in the comment area on steemit! Am I right?
Oh wait...

Good post 👍👌, Please upvote back me, @hazmisyahputra, thank you.


Hate to have to tell you, begging rarely works in real life and Steemit is not much different. Create compelling content, and people will upvote you. Beg for votes, and you are much more likely to be downvoted. I'm not downvoting you, I'm just leaving this helpful comment.