This song was a freestyle I did at the studio i was so excited at the last @steemgigs show @surpassinggoogle talked about himself in the show well i went back and studied about him and what he stands for well i can't talk About it that now, you will see it on my next post.
Am glad to be a part of the steemgigs family and you should too.
And am ready to join the @SurpassinggoogleMovement
Music and pet project is my specialty so am dedicating this song to all member of @steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle one of the greatest inspirations of all time.


verse 1
don't be Afraid to speak up
Everyone got something to offer
Bring out the you in ulog
Theirs this uniqueness in your lifestyle
Cos love e no get gender
Love no get color
Steemgigs is the place to love us all
Lets put our heads together and
Try surpassinggoogle
I guess that is the name that you chose to be called

this Steemgig na Ele le o
Ele le o o o
Ele le OOO
This Steemgigs na Ele le o
Ele le O o o

verse 2
be a part of this family
Cover the weakness in you and me
Let's build a bridge in the distance between us
So we can both coexist
Cos am not black
You are not white
Who would you be without
The labels
Cos steemit is here to stay
So let us do it together

Repeat chorus

I hope you enjoy it vidro editing was done by me
@princessvanessa and if you think there is anything i could improve on do comment cos their is room for improvement
Thank you

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Keep it up dear

wow its was so nice and good theme song suited to ulogs!


Thanks so much

wow inspiring


Thanks so much

We are all looking forward to you been given a much bigger platform to showcase to the world what's inside you. I love the theme song and I'm very certain @surpassinggoggle will love it also. I can't wait for tomorrow's show so you would sing it live. Thumbs up @princessvanessa



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Good post @princessvanessa.
Thank you for sharing us.


Am glad you like it