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Hello everyone , today i am going to write how to earn money from instagram. are you excited about it?
Injstagram is another great source of sending traffic , where you want to send the traffic? how you want to earn , just earn from instagram account.
let me explain some methods , how we can earn money from instagram.


1>Affiliate Marketing
IT is basically when WE promote a product/ material and get paid per sale(cpa) or we will get paid per install also called as cost per install. we often see many websites promoting their products in their blogs. we can do same in instagram too....

With Instagram, we post attractive pictures and drive traffic through our affiliate link , hence ultimately we will earn money.

we can work with some companies too
the companies like


WE can put our affiliate URL on our captions or on our bio. we can either use or to shorten and customize our affiliate link OR we can hook up our blog and Instagram profile so that when people purchase through our link, we get a sale. and add commission in our account.

if you are a travelller , make a affilaite link to hotels and venue , and get commission

  1. Create Sponsored Posts (Find Sponsors!)

Brand Ambassador of the product

in this method , we directly give shout out to any products, it is the act of putting advertisement in instagram and get paid.these post are accompained by hashtags and captions. and get paid

3> Sell Your Photos
add a water mark in your photos and post in instagram . when someone wants to buy it , just sell the picture.

always use right hashtag so right people willl follow you

you can put your instagram photos for sale in these sites too
Community Foap

4>Promote Your Business, Products Or Services
if you own a business , instagram can be best platform for you to promote your business.
if you want to sell any product , then post a beautiful picture of it at instagram , link it with website ,
here is how you can promote product in a creative way.

always take pictures from behind the schenes . like cake taking out from oven , jewellery carving process. people love this

start your own hashtag. so you can promote your own product to your own hashtag user. ie your own costumer.

  1. last but not least
    Sell Your Instagram Account

you can sell your instagram accounts wgetting better price , when you are tired with instagram

There’s a few site that support you with this, two of the best being:

Fame swap
Viral accounts
if you want to buy instagram account. let me know
i am a trusted instagram account seller :)

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Very nice and inspiring post man, thnak you very much!

upvoted my friend , great post :)


thank you so much

Great post!!! Upvoted!!!
Thank you for sharing the information!


thank you so much sir for your love

Great post man. I'm sure some people would have heard it for the first time that they can actually make money from their Instagram account.


yeah . they can actually make money out of if . i made 27 SBD by selling a single instagram account. they can check my wallet too

Some good advice there @sanjay2011s.
Have you heard about Appics yet?
It's a new platform that's about to be launched soon and may end up being a replacement to Instagram.
Based on the Steemit blockchain, it's designed to bring rewards to users like Steemit does using XAP tokens.
The pre sale for XAP is over but you can still join the bounty program before the launch. If you're interested, please use my referral link to join
Steem on my friend.


I have heard about it. I am using sola currently . i am sure, o will use your teferral brother. I would love to hear my mistake and want to improve. Please let me know


Well there you go... I hadn't heard about Sola.
How is Sola working out for you?


Its going good its ico is over now. Was sold for 0.1 $ per sol . i will give you my referral please sign up from it


Sure thing... Hand it over. 😊

· for sola. You have given me two links . i registered for both. What should we do now . sola is a mobile app


The two links lead to the same point... Appics.
Just grab your referral link & start promoting it too :)
I've not been an Instagramer, but I'll have a play with Sola on my mobile and see how it goes.
All the best bro.


Yeah , both lead to same . already registered .thnx for sharing


check out this article and you'll find it really helpful:


thnx for sharing , but i think i have explained all in my post above :)


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Want to wish you the best of luck


Thank you so much brother

I'm very interested in making money on istagram, my girlfriend is a fetish model.


yeah your girlfriend can try it , she can try for different outfit and sell her own product , or she can give a shoutout for different products. a tip for you, dont go out of your niche

I had no idea about it, great information, thanks for sharing 🙈

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if some one use your sevrice , you better provide some more sbd . if i am giving 0.5 sbd . atleast return 0.52 sbd . atleast 1.4$ because we calculate in sbd and we dont care about sp . thank you

wow this is interesting. i wanna try :)


yeah you need to try . if you want some instagram accounts let me know. i have some for sell :) i am a trysted seller . i have already sold accounts :)

***THANK YOU @sanjay2011s thanks for reminding me


welcome bro

Nice post , I hope it will be much helpful to earn money online


yeah , its the effective way . i am doing shoutout and selling accounts to earn :)