Win a Free EBook Copy of Our Debut Novel!


Book launch! U.S. tour! Steem contest!

Yes, that’s right—we said “contest.”


In the midst of so much excitement about the release date for our first Steemhouse novel, we’re going to give ten lucky people the chance to win a free ebook version of High Kill before it’s available to the public. Those winners can choose between PDF, ePub, and MOBI.

High Kill is destined to become a very important book in the U.S., partly because of the controversy surrounding it and partly because it addresses a dynamic that has only recently been acknowledged by social sciences and law enforcement—the link between animal abuse and violence toward humans. It also takes an unflinching look at the social decay so prevalent in Central Appalachia, where some of the poorest communities on U.S. soil are located.

…If your way of life is destroying your children, you don’t get to treasure it, and you don’t get to hang on to it. You figure out where the hell you went wrong, and you fix it.
-----------------quote from High Kill

Five of the ten copies will be given away based on upvote—the top five voters are eligible, provided that we hear from them in the comments. Let us know you’re voting to win, and if you’re in the top five, we’ll need a way to get your ebook to you. In a subsequent post seven days from now, we’ll announce and tag winners and have some discussion about the best method for us to send.

The other five copies will be given away based on stories and photos about your rescued pet that you can leave in the comments. Stories should be no longer than 250 words, and the photo should be of your rescued pet. Tell us how they came into your life, what challenges they faced before you intervened, and what their life is like now. Even if you rescued an animal and found it a wonderful home with someone else, your story is eligible. We definitely want to hear about it! We’ll announce these five winners a week from now as well and make arrangements to send the ebook.

Good luck with the contest! We look forward to hearing from everyone.

Taylor Beckett is no stranger to corruption. She has studied it, reported it, lost parts of her soul to it. But she has never seen it destroy an entire culture—

Until now.

Three young men are dead, stuffed in blue poly drums and dumped like trash in the Appalachian wilderness. The real story is buried far deeper than the bodies. It's Taylor's job to dig for it, but her inquiry into the case takes a dark turn when a local defies the community's code of silence and becomes collateral damage at the hands of the Mountain Mafia.

The criminal dynamic of Southwest Virginia is unlike anything she's seen in her career. But Taylor has a history she doesn't share with anyone. Degrees of overlap between past and present give her unique insight. Do answers lie in the memory she fights so hard to repress? Most importantly, can Taylor face her own tragic secrets long enough to hold the guilty accountable?

High Kill takes a chilling look at the link between animal cruelty and violence toward humans. It's an inside glimpse at one of America's most closed cultures, a fictionalized narrative based on the author's real-life experiences as an animal rescuer and advocate in Central Appalachia.

The author has captured the culture and realities of so many communities in Appalachia. As I read chapter to chapter, I could picture the cases I have prosecuted over the years and the faces of the animals from these cases. Though disturbing at times, this book will keep the reader engaged and wanting more. ---Virginia Prosecutor Gillian Deegan

To learn more or pre-order your copy of High Kill in paperback, see the Amazon listing HERE

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I'm looking forward to the launch of this book! Very exciting! :)
BTW I'd like to buy the book (paperback copy already pre-ordered via amazon) rather than win a copy. Also sent you a small delegation to get steemhousepub started. Good luck with everything! :)


You are awesome, @felt-buzz! Thank you. :-)


looking forward to traveling with you (virtually, bien sûr) on your book tour! Very exciting!

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Interesting! I like Appalachian stuff so sounds pretty cool! When I lived in Kentucky things got weird out there.

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Things get waaaaay weird out here. LOL

What part of Kentucky? I'm a couple hours from Pikeville.

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Thank you, @pennsif!