CopyClip 2 - A lightning fast clipboard manager for your Mac


CopyClip 2

A lightning fast clipboard manager for your Mac



Hunter's comment

We all while working on our desktop need to use copy command many times. CopyClip is Mac software for all your copy and clip management. You can either try for free or buy it for US$7.99.

CopyClip 2 is a lightning fast clipboard manager for your Mac. Running discreetly from your menu bar, the app stores all that you have copied or cut in the past, allowing you to easily find that snippet of text you need.


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I use a Mac. This looks like a useful app. I am not sure I would pay $7.99 for it though. I keep it in mind for the future if there is a real need.

seems pretty expensive. Don't think if i need to pay this much for just copy, clip management. But yep it might be very useful for those who are looking for such software.

It is very much useful tool mainly for students who are gathering their data (notes) online, so they can easily copy from multiple sites and gather it at once.

A great clip management tool for mac user. Is there any thing like this for windows user also???
7.99$ for lifetime is not that big amount, considering the utility it offers.

WoW pretty cool utility to level up copy and paste game. I really like it coz it lets users to do a lot more to highlighted text than simply copy and paste it in addition it stores multiple snippets of text in clipboard making it easy to copy and paste a lot of different snippets of text. Excellent Search

Not a bad hunt. Brought something new my way! Much appreciated!


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i was looking for something like this, i have a problem of forgetting and Some time it create a huge problem with me, while working on computer Copyclip-2 will allow me to see which text i have previously copied. Amazing find.

I am mac user and this seems to a be good tool for me. Mac is not featurefull like windows so such tools are so helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Mac users are facing limitations with such productive tools while there is a lot for windows users. This clipboard manager is a useful tool and I am happy know about it being a mac user. nice hunt.

Great Hunt! A very useful app for mac to make your work easier with copy-pasting because of the awesome features that it stores the past data in the clipboard to save your time nice hunt

Mac users will love this , great and easy to use Mánager . Great work hunter

i dont use mac its pretty difficult thing for me but i know once i use it then surely i will be ( use to ) of it :) i have heard many functionality of mac os is that right ?

Great hunt dear friend
It will be really helpfull for the mac users which make it easy for them to find their cut and paste text. It will be a great if they extend it to windows.
Thansk for sharing with us

Great for professional user. The best thing is it is cheap. It will help to save a lot of time and efforts. Nice hunt

i don't use mac


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