Frigondas reverse microwave - Instant cooling and microwave technology

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Frigondas reverse microwave

Instant cooling and microwave technology




Hunter's comment

Hi all!

Microwaves are a revolution in convenience for people looking to heat up their food in a hurry, but what about when you need something frozen quickly? There hadn't really been an answer to that question until now which comes in the form of Frigondas, the most amazing home kitchen technology to be released in years. It can cool and freeze food and drinks in mere minutes, and it even doubles as a traditional microwave.

Top features

  • Uses an environmental friendly refrigerant
  • Tempature can go ask low as -32 degrees
  • Has a touch screen 4.3" LCD UX interface
  • Has heating and cooling capabilities

In bid to make the world greener, frigondas uses an environmental friendly refrigerant that does not add to the harmful emissions in our atmosphere.

With such a slick interface (4.3" LCD UX), setting your desired freeze temperature or heating tempature will be as easy as it gets and you can't do wrong with the timer as it is very easy to set.

If I say it will be a cold day in hell, that is clear a figure of speech. But with frigondas you can actually turn hell into a cold place in a matter of seconds. With a 700W stirrer fan, heat and cold air microwaves are scattered and distributed more evenly throughout the cooking chamber, to prevent the instances of hot spots or cold spots that would heat/freeze your food up only in one area, while leaving the rest cold/hot.

Should you want to know more about Frigondas FW 102, I reckon you visit here



Hunter: @addempsea

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Cool! I want one! Especially cause I live in the desert!


😂 😂


That's for the general Frigondas, I was talking about a particular product. The FW 102.

Interesting. That's pretty fast