Nutale GPS - Compact and accurate tracker that secures everything you love

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Nutale GPS

Compact and accurate tracker that secures everything you love






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Hi all!

There is a saying I always tell my friends " in this jet age, nothing is truly lost". Can't remember where you left your car keys, still looking for that remote control or are you having headache because you can't find your cat? Well, Nutale GPS is here to lay all your woes to rest.

Top features

  • Long lasting battery and memory ( up to 30 days)
  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Emergency button
  • Custom safety region

That you need GPS to find your stuffs shows you don't remember little things like to charge the Nutale GPS. With the ultra lasting battery feature, you don't have to worry about forgetting to charge this device as it can go 30 days without you have to connect to an electrical source.

With the Nutale GPS connected to your iOS or Android phone, you can pinpoint the location of anything you are looking for in a matter of seconds, so far you had integrated the component with the Nutale GPS.

Say you are in danger or you need help, there is a little button on the Nutale GPS which when held for five seconds notifies all other connected device about your SOS situation.

Nutale GPS let's you create an imaginary fences for your pets or any of your belongings. You could set a fence for your dog for a five mile radius within your house. Should the dog go beyond this custom fence, you will be notified and you can safely retrieve your dog.

Should you want to know more about Nutale GPS, I reckon you visit here



Hunter: @addempsea

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  • Real-time locating
  • Battery lasts really long
  • Accurate


  • not available yet
  • price of 70$ for a GPS tracker


  • Energy autonomy
  • User friendly
  • Large target group
  • Imaginary fences (amazing feature)
  • Danger button included (another great feature)


  • Price

Great hunt!

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The pros

  • its a great technology which keeps you safe especially during tourism.
  • Its easy to get and readily available.
  • the battery is awesome

The cons

  • it is expensive
  • its still unavailable
  • gps tracking especially in Africa is not 100% accurate.

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