Leviathan - Affordable Aquarium Automation

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Affordable Aquarium Automation



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Hunter's comment

Leviathan is a circuit board I designed that will allow you to easily monitor & control nearly every aspect of your aquarium. It can track temperature & pH, set your lights to dimming schedules, monitor & control your water level, control all your equipment on schedules, & much more!


It looks pretty cool circuit board that automates nearly every aspect of aquarium. It is fully customizable letting users to add as many features as they want in addition it comes with it's native opensource software.

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It allow users to control their tank temp tank, ph level & 3 separate temp in addition it also send you alerts & with this users can program / automate their tanks lighting cycles to dim and bright through out the days.




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A nice project for all those aquarium lovers to automate all your lighting and other requirements of your aquarium. Not only that that you can also monitor your aquarium too. I hope you will get this project going and get it to cleaner and more finished look to final product.

very cool, those who love to have fish at home, specially kids can ensure a good environments for fish to survive in. Although I hope it can also help control feeding besides all the points you mentioned


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