Semblance - A game that hooks you with its simplicity

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A game that hooks you with its simplicity


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Hunter's comment

Semblance uses a fairly common formula in platform games. The game is divided into worlds that in turn are divided into levels in which we must advance achieving goals. The main difference of this game that concerns us with others of its category, is that it lets us choose which worlds and levels we do first and which ones later, and within these we have the same freedom to face the puzzles that we find inside. The levels are represented by trees, which we will access through its trunk. Each tree has a branch that holds a light, in principle turned off. Upon entering that level our goal will be to find and collect each of those lights to return to the tree the life that seems to have lost by using our ability to jump and to deform the world around us.

All this is achieved with a smooth handling of the character , through controls that respond to your orders in a precise and perfect way.



Hunter: @afifa

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This game looks very simple but at the same time very interesting due to its unique game mode, in which you can access any of the worlds and then to any of the levels, eliminating the problem that it is sometimes compulsory to start with the low levels since they are very easy.

In addition its graphics are excellent and it is perfect for equipment of low yield.

It is a nice game especially for lovers of course games.


  • Great eye-catching designs
  • Flowing game
  • A game that connects people to themselves and is not boring


  • None

I like it to be of genre platform, besides the levels look fun good hunting greetings

Definitely I will try this


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